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  1. I use WatchAFL to watch every game in the UK and it’s fine for me. Might be more of an internet quality issue than an app issue
  2. Haven’t had the opportunity to watch a game in person, I will get to Melbourne eventually, but the last loss I watched on TV was Collingwood last year. Was working during the GWS and Bulldogs games and never bothered to watch the replays.
  3. Just got back to my local pub after being in London for the game, the drinks are still flowing here. Did today actually happen?
  4. @Demon in London great to meet you too, hopefully we’re there next year as well!
  5. I’m pretty new to the world of Demon memberships so apologies if this is common knowledge however I’m wondering if there is an overseas membership option, or something similar, as I would definitely be interested in purchasing one next year if they exist?
  6. I’m going to be there as well now. Taking my fiancée to what will be her first experience of AFL - hopefully I come out of the day with a Demons win and someone else to watch the footy with.
  7. Yeah - you need to book in London as well.
  8. I’m just outside London, I’m probably going to watch the game at home but I do know Belushi’s are a chain of sports bars that are popular with Aussies and are definitely showing the Grand Final. There’s 4/5 all over London to my knowledge. Hopefully that’s helpful.
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