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  1. Someone could put a gun to my head and still I won’t watch Dangerfield get a premiership medal.
  2. You mean the one wearing the Filth scarf?
  3. It’s a great song. It was just brutally murdered in cold blood.
  4. Clearly blew 99% of the entertainment budget on Robbie
  5. I’d much rather watch something like this right now…
  6. Ugh, two hate-able sides in a GF so the only consolation is a nail biting finish. And now we’re not even gonna get that!
  7. Substantially better than Geelong’s but still NOTHING like we would’ve put up. our DA WhatsApp chat is going nuts. The biggest sook-fest ever. The game’s well underway and we can’t get past the shi*tty banners.
  8. Ya call that a banner?!?! For this pathetic effort alone they deserve to get comprehensively thrashed.
  9. OK, last pics in the slide show then I suppose we have to focus on THAT game today. This was at THE BEST match this year. Vs Carlton. Me and my DA buddy Pauline (Mrs Frittata) with a couple of minutes left in the match when the game looked as good as lost so may as well take a selfie. Then a couple of minutes later when Kozzy goaled. She’s so cute… she holds up the giant Fritta head no matter what’s happening.
  10. Oi! I barrack for Melbourne NOT Collingwood! And I must remain anonymous coz we can’t have me being mobbed at matches next year now, can we?! The other DA gals might get jealous.
  11. Also at Ikon, but this time it was last Sunday before the VFL Grand Final, I lost my bearings and look who gave me directions… note we have THE EXACT same colour hair!
  12. If this cheers up even just one sad sack on DL today, I’ll be happy… Last night before our match at Ikon (which of course is Carlton’s home ground) for shi*ts n giggles we defaced this sign by plastering it with Demon Army stickers. We were sure our Carlton counterparts would love it. We didn’t get to cover the entire thing since when you hear security coming it’s best to leg it. I’m maintaining anonymity lest this pic one day ends up being ‘Exhibit A’. Remember, CFC has those MacDaddy lawyers who can perform miracles. For this heinous crime I could end up doing 25 to life in the Dame Phyllis Frost Women’s Correctional Facility. edit: on our way out post-match we noticed it had been taken down. If only their girls were as quick and successful in taking down their opponents, amirite?!
  13. LOL, I was just thinking exactly that! I reread what I’d posted and thought geez I sound so bit*chy. Well, bit*chIER.
  14. More disturbing than that picture is dude’s tenuous grasp on grammar. He’s 2 for 2 with misspelling names. He’s got the whole their/they’re/there thing up the [censored]. He’s left a word out (‘is’) and he’s used a comma instead of a period as well as another comma that shouldn’t be there. #Proofreader’sNightmare
  15. I’ve NEVER cared less about a grand final, ever.
  16. Glen wants to get in touch with you. Please reply. This is for HIM and NOT for me. 

  17. Out: regular rope gal In: WCW (debuting on rope)
  18. 1. Jake Melksham will be sh*t-canned on DL. 2. Jake Melksham will be sh*t-canned on DL. 3. Jake Melksham will be sh*t-canned on DL. But you know what… I don’t care. That he’s being sh*t-canned on DL means he’s with us for another year and that he’s with us for another year means the usual pot-shotters will be most aggrieved. And this amuses me no end.
  19. Ponchos are tonight’s must-have accessory! Hopefully there’s no repeat of last week’s banner raising… It’s a good thing we use soooo much tape. Lil’s 50th was still readable, though. So there’s that. Lauren Pearce’s 50th tonight. We’ll be cheering extra loud for Loz!!! GO DEES!!!
  20. LOL… forever having his thunder stepped on. I have forgotten what the issue that overshadowed his story last time was. Do you remember, AmDam?
  21. Looking forward to seeing how she goes tonight!
  22. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-news-2022-hawthorn-hawks-racism-report-other-clubs-conducting-external-reviews-sydney-swans-michael-oloughlin-fremantle-dockers-all-18-clubs-response-eddie-betts-call-latest/news-story/370963711da2f1571b22c9aad4f32ce4 Two clubs have already agreed to having reviews conducted.
  23. Then he’s got what he doesn’t deserve, in your opinion anyways. Of this you can be sure!
  24. Today we made two banners for the girls. One for vs Carlton tomorrow night (at Ikon Park. Y’all should come for an old school footy experience!) and one for vs Freo next week. Fact: of the 18 AFLW sides we are the ONLY club to make a banner for every single match. I’m so proud of our Club. Some clubs make a banner on some occasions. And sadly, some clubs never make one. I feel sorry for their players.
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