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  1. I realise that. But she’s heavily invested in all MFC teams. Why should she be expected to address this issue when the firsts are no longer alive, but the seconds and the girls still are?
  2. Next Sunday, Sept. 18th at Ikon Park (Princes Park). First bounce at 2:30pm. Tickets are $20 for adults, $15 for concession/pensioners and for kids under 15yo it’s free entry.
  3. If only more people on here could see it this way.
  4. How about letting her concentrate on the other two: Casey and our girls?! The season’s far from over, you know.
  5. Awww, ditto QD. Now that’s one broken heart mended. Can you do anything about the other?
  6. Ugh even that one-minute vid was too much. I only got to 15 seconds before wanting to kill somebody.
  7. But I actually DO have a giant head… it houses my giant brain.
  8. Sooooo… I’m a moron? Is that what you’re saying QD? And here I thought we were besties. Having my heart broken twice in 24 hours is, well, heartbreaking.
  9. On some occasions such as the Fed Square pre-QB match celebration and the open training at Gosch’s before our QF, Zurich were handing out flags and mini-figure key rings and plastic beakers. My guess is that it’s not done at the ground anymore because much of this free stuff is left after the match and ends up as rubbish.
  10. I’m gonna tune in tomorrow night as I do every week but not sure I’ll make it to the end. It’s still too raw. I’ll take the advice I’ve been given so many times on DL and just leave (the podcast, not DL. Wouldn’t wanna give the haters the pleasure ). PS: Even a coroner lets a body grow cold before beginning a post-mortem.
  11. My son showed me some that he’d found. Absolutely vile and totally unnecessary. But I guess that’s the world in which we live.
  12. So I messaged Ryan and in typical fashion he turns the praise onto others and always claims to be just a regular Dees fan. Spoiler: he’s not. His reply…
  13. I’m not a mod so I can’t decide what posts are acceptable. But I’m just asking nicely for negative comments to be posted elsewhere. Please. Let’s just keep this one thread for positivity only. It’s not a huge ask.
  14. This is so heartening to hear. Thank you. I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve barely stopped crying since Friday night. To read these sentiments is heartwarming. Personally, It’s not just the usual sadness this year but I can’t stop thinking about people like Ryan and Dylan and so many others who are so invested in our Club. We can’t just leave on the siren, ever. We’re usually there ‘til security gently tell us to leave. To see our DA members openly crying and no one was talking as we packed up the flags and floggers and giant heads. It was the saddest scene. The people in the cheer squad are [censored] awesome. Yeah, you could call it blind adoration but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Again thank you, thbt. I’m gonna message Ryan right now to tell him that story about the ladies behind you. He’s actually super modest but I think he needs to hear things like this. And the boys like Dylan rarely get feedback for their absolutely tireless efforts so ima shoot him a message too.
  15. THANK YOU FOR THIS THREAD!!! It’s likely the only thread I’ll open for a while since it’s hard to read and cry at the same time. I fully appreciate all the above mentioned positives. In particular, the end of the Carlton match… sublime. My contribution to this awesome thread is of course regarding the Demon Army. I wanna post this pic of a young kid named Dylan. He’s only 20yo and is arguably the most passionate Dees fan I’ve ever known. And that’s saying something since the DA is chockers with psychotically devoted (and yes, maybe delusional) diehards. Dylan lives in Yarrawonga but makes it to every single match. Every week, interstate included. He is by no means well-to-do, he works full time for not exactly huge wages but he invests so much time, money and emotion into the Dees. He combines his two passions in life, those being the MFC and vexillology (appreciation of flags) which results in some truly spectacular sights. The flag in this pic was first used at iirc the Carlton match. Dylan bought the material and paid a professional flag-maker to create it. He chooses to forgo a seat in the first few rows with us and instead sits towards the back of the bay so as to maximise the effect of this spectacular flag… I want @The heart beats truein particular to see this since he recently made mention of how awesome it looked. And THBT, I told young Dylan and it brought tears to my eyes to see how much the praise means to him. I also told Ryan what you and others have said about his input and he was similarly humbled. Dylan’s is but one story about the incredible folks in the cheer squad. There’s no end to the amazing people therein. And, as per every single match, win or lose, not one nasty comment is made about Goody and/or our players. Ever.
  16. Yay!!!! We’re doing a show of the banner! Be sure to take notice! It looks magnificent!!!!
  17. Be sure to order extra anchovies on your pizza, BBO. Lots and lots of anchovies. Related: 9 out of 10 pizza-related deaths are as a result of choking on anchovies.
  18. Technically Irish. Came to Australia as a kid so I’m about as Aussie as they come. Does your partner still have his accent? Folks from Northern Ireland are so hard to understand. Case in point… https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=981322425376901&_rdr
  19. Just curious: why the FacePalm @Dalrot? I ask this as someone who was born in (the republic of) Ireland to extremely patriotic, devout Catholic parents and who was raised from birth to abhor the Royals. Do you not accept a show of respect for the Queen? Because I reckon if I can, pretty much anyone can.
  20. I instantly felt sick when I first heard Joe Daniher was out for personal reasons. My first thought was of Neale and that the worst had happened.
  21. Anytime. But we’d better quit before we’re told to get a room. On the Sunrise live crosses, I’m hoping like hell you have to do them next week since if you’re not, it means we’re no longer in it. So set that flippin’ alarm for 4am next Friday!!! Stat!
  22. Never a problem for AFL players no matter their looks. But yeah, can’t dispute your 2nd point
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