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  1. Not liking tonight’s banner content: Uncharacteristically aggressive for us.
  2. Is it just me or does it feel like forever since our last win?! It’s been three weeks, feels like three years. Anyways, huge news for anyone who knows the second love of my life (after the Dees of course. Soz sons, should’ve got into footy)… my chooks. This morning- MELKSY LAID AN EGG!!!! This is the first egg laid since we tragically lost our last brood to a fox who clearly didn’t get the memo about being nocturnal. This would DEFINITELY be a good omen since Melksy played superbly last time vs Carlton. It’s a shame he’s this week’s mandatory Melbourne suspended player. 😭
  3. Perhaps Red was referring to the album title. (?)
  4. Just realised you clearly know the song since you just quoted a line from it. Or was that a coincidence?
  5. Lyrics from a song by a very much underrated Australian band called The Avalanches.
  6. You know it’s gonna be a loooonnnggg GameDay when we start talking about [censored] like coffee and the Lion King. 😂
  7. The skinniness is genetic. No amount of bulking up attempts will change his body, particularly his limbs.
  8. Coffee ban? Why? WHY?????? Yeah nah, good luck with that Layz. Wish I could do the same. I would except there’d likely be a spike in random homicides in the western suburbs.
  9. You callin’ me old, Layz? edit: before you answer that, know that I’m on my third coffee already and as is the case every GameDay, my hair-trigger emotions are off the charts and I will hunt you down and it won’t be pretty. K? K! 😆
  10. ‘Trying’ in this instance being an adjective or a verb?
  11. I think it was around long before that since my grandad used to say it and he’d be like 1000 years old were he alive today. 😁
  12. ⬆️ This. Except in a much nicer way, and not disparaging birds of any kind.
  13. Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle… I’m not a Melbourne supporter after all! 😁
  14. How can that be, Layz? You’ve got every man and his dog kicking a hatful tonight! 🤣🤣🤣
  15. Kozzie to ⭐️ on this special day… his 22nd birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOZZIE! ❤️💙
  16. That was someone else’s prediction, not @Dee Zephyr’s. DZ was also on the money re Salo’s return.
  17. It’s still more than some of our fans will give him.
  18. Thank you. ❤️💙 PS: on the subject of balance, please post more often.
  19. Didn’t know you worked in our FD. Coz you do, right? I mean, why else would you be so sure?
  20. LOL. They rate Melksy more than our fans do. Not LOL
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