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  1. Uncultured swine. Only two words in their collective vocabulary: BOO! and BALL!
  2. WCW also starting in the guts. (banner raising). 😁 I reckon I’m more nervous than the players. Biggest crowd thus far 😬
  3. I got to choose which giant head I’ll be waving. I could’ve picked Hunty my fave but I thought in light of what happened yesterday I’d go the Ed Head #PositiveLingers
  4. I’m also surprised by the reaction of a substantial number of people on here. Using words like “stupid” and “dumb” and “silly” among other derogatory terms is unnecessary. I personally find Ed’s candour refreshing. Besides, his comments weren’t overly inflammatory.
  5. On the subject of booing: it’s likely Langers will attract more than his fair share tonight. Maybe only for the first quarter or part thereof, since average Collingwood supporter = attention span of a moth. I hope they boo him loudly and often as that’d mean he’s getting a lot of the ball. That said, we (DA) will try our damndest to drown them out. Hopefully all Dees peeps join in! #LotsaLoveForEd
  6. Slim pickings right here, BBO. Personally I’d LOVE to offer you post match accommodation at mine, except I’m allergic to rude, irritating, pompous, overbearing, belligerent, obnoxious, abrasive people.
  7. Defs not preaching here, but for those still in two minds, or those who CAN go but choose not to, remember how far out of his comfort zone this man went for our Club on many, many occasions… #BeLikeJim
  8. And hey, should we lose tonight (except we won’t), but if we do, let’s all NOT point the finger at Ed. To suggest that the outcome of a match can be even partly attributed to the pregame words of one player is foolish. #PositiveLingers
  9. “Upstarts” - Can’t think of a more fitting description. Well I can, only every second word would be censored. We’ll get the job done tonight and we’ll revel in their misery. 🍻 GO THE MIGHTY DEMONS!!! ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙 #PositiveBinners
  10. Methinks a quicker getaway would be to NOT park at the ‘G. Perhaps you could park at a train station (eg: North Melbourne) and from there it’s a relatively short train ride to the ground.
  11. I’m here at the Reach Foundation atm making the banner for tomorrow night. Bit of a sad vibe here tonight. 😔 This is what greets you as you walk in… ❤️💙
  12. Why not get your bespoke tailor to make you one? 😏
  13. I remember this because he was so flippant at the time saying that after meetings the coaches etc. would shake hands and say, “TANKS for that” and the like. He thought it was funny until as you said he was persuaded to change his tune.
  14. Curse you, BBO! You’ve put the mozz on me… I bought one this morning ($1.90, for just one!), just cut into it and it’s all green and gross on the inside. I should’ve gone the soggy newspaper route. 😡
  15. On a lighter note: it seems tomatoes are the new bananas… ❗️❗️❗️
  16. Trying hard to not put too fine a point on this but perhaps it’s a corked lower buttocks? I mean, in terms of applying an ice pack, where does the buttocks end and the upper leg begin? And does it matter? Ie, is there a difference regarding recovery of such? Serious question as I’ve never had a corked anything. Regardless, I hope he fails the fitness test today.
  17. These grind my gears: Dessert/desert Councillor/counsellor Principal/principle These keep me up at night: CHAMPING/chomping at the bit. One FELL/foul swoop. EXACT/extract revenge. These make me forget all that’s good in the world: Lackadaisical pronounced LackSadaisical. Often pronounced off-t’n (there’s a reason it’s called a silent T). Succinct pronounced S’sinked Appreciate pronounced app-reese-iate Penchant pronounced pen-chant. (Yes, it’s a French word, but so is genre and we don’t say Jen-reh, now do we?) Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrnd robwllllantysiliogogogoch pronounced Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrnd robwllllantysiliogogo-gotch. (Have some respect for the Welsh!) 😁
  18. She’s always sounded somewhat hoarse but yeah, last night she was struggling. She was once described by a caller on 3AW as having a “bloodshot voice”. 😁
  19. Seems any opportunity to mention Melbourne tanking she grabs with both hands (and both feet). Worse yet, even if it’s not an opportunity, she’ll somehow turn it into one.
  20. Should you have given me your coat? Why would I have needed your coat? Am I missing something here? I’m confused.
  21. Yeah nah, not getting it. What is the correct answer? Is it that there is no misspelled word in the sentence? If so, that’s not really a riddle. It’s basically just a lie. 😁 Oh, I just got it! But technically the word “misspelled” should be in quotation marks.
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