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  1. We definitely are permitted to bring chairs. That ridiculous no chairs rule was overturned.
  2. Maybe I’m more cynical and less trusting than you but I saw this as a swipe at Goody. Also, mental health professionals may be answerable to Goody but I highly doubt they’re instructed by him. That’s like saying the mental health professionals instruct Goody on coaching a footy team. Two entirely different vocations.
  3. I never did get around to getting that tattoo, T. I will though. I met a Suns supporter at the VFL grand final last week and he had a huge tattoo on his thigh of a premiership cup. It was so detailed and a beautiful representation of the Cup. There was only one thing missing and that was who it was won by. He said he’ll get that added when the Suns win their first premiership.
  4. I took umbrage at the poster’s comment that “other clubs have managed lesser players with bigger issues for a longer amount of time.” How on earth can one compare such a multifaceted situation from one club to another??? Who decides what issues are “bigger”??? And a “lesser player”??? I assume (and hope) the poster means a lesser-known player. Regardless, does it make any difference how high-profile a player is? An issue is an issue is an issue. Further, the comment, “If Goodwin and co aren't equipped to deal with Oliver's personal issues, then we have an issue with Goodwin and co.” is simply ridiculous in my humble opinion. “Aren’t equipped”??? What does this even mean? “Equipped” as in having in their employ psychologists, counsellors and other mental health professionals? Coz I know for a fact that our Club has those people and that they’re accessible 24/7, 365 days of the year and from anywhere in the world. Finally, to whom is the poster referring when using the term “Goodwin and co.”??? Is it so that if Clarrie can’t be helped it’s Goody (and whomever “co.” is) that are the issue? As far as I know Goody doesn’t have a degree in Sport Psychology. “Co.” might have, but since I don’t know who “Co.” is/are, I can’t comment on their credentials. Quite frankly a FacePalm was being generous. Should’ve really been a vomit.
  5. Well it can’t hurt. It’s important for the players to get on well with him and that’s more likely to happen if he’s a nice person.
  6. Then why post on this thread at all? As Grapeviney has made clear, no hints or rumours to be posted.
  7. How do you know this? Genuine question. Unrelated: Thank you @Grapeviney for editing earlier posts with a reminder to not post hints/rumours. You might need to periodically re-remind folks.
  8. The general consensus is that footy is 90% between the ears; confidence, self-belief etc. We have a very experienced and accomplished player at our Club and people are questioning the decision to keep him on. 🤷‍♀️ Despite being routinely maligned by fans of his own club, Jake is extremely well-respected and highly valued by his teammates and coaching staff. He is much-loved by the players, in particular the younger players who look up to and admire him. This will undoubtedly be an asset next season, even though he won’t be playing. Nobody at our Club would consider him a waste of a spot on our list.
  9. Can’t speak for everyone here but a feel good story is very welcome right about now.
  10. Of course prevention of a similar incident is welcome and expected. But the damage has been done. And the damage is huge, totally avoidable and sadly, irreversible. Things impact people in ways many and varied. Probably for most Dees fans there’s the feeling of disappointment, to differing degrees. Personally, it goes beyond disappointment, lightyears beyond. The AFL is synonymous with terrible decisions and the Maynard outcome is yet another in a very long line of outrageous outcomes. But this one is different. It’s taken many years and many instances of the miscarriage of justice but I fear this might be straw/camel’s back. I’m hoping this is temporary, but as of right now I’m not sure I can muster the enthusiasm and passion come next season. I hate what Brayden Maynard did as much as every other Melb supporter. But it pales in comparison to how much I despise the AFL, for a raft of reasons, but primarily for potentially breaking my spirit. Genuinely happy for those who aren’t as adversely impacted. Just wish I could say the same. 😔
  11. You could add up every single transgression of every single MFC player past, present and future and it still wouldn’t come anywhere near what Maynard did. So, unfair comparison right there. And yes, I do jump down people’s throats when they say things like, “Brayshaw is an unfit slob,” or “Harmes to cop a week? I hope he gets two weeks.” And I’ll continue to do so, much to the chagrin of people who make these insulting comments because they’re not said in the heat of the moment and even if they were, they’re hugely disproportionate to whatever it is about which they’re being criticised.
  12. … but will they? The Maynard incident tells me they won’t. Why would things get better when the only driving force to make things better is if there was $ to be made in doing so. And that’s seemingly not the way it goes.
  13. Do you think for even a second that the poster actually wishes Maynard was hit by a bus? Things said in extreme anger aren’t always meant. Even if the poster did wish for it to happen, it’s not like he’s threatening to drive a bus, hunt down Maynard and run him over. I empathise with the poster because I know only too well how much it sucks to be told to calm down when calming down is the single least likely thing to happen.
  14. This is what I’d hoped for: someone bringing it back into the news… https://au.sports.yahoo.com/sports/brayden-maynard-afl-premiership-triumph-backlash-angus-brayshaw-incident-092117468.html?guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS91cmw_cT1odHRwcyUzQSUyRiUyRmF1LnNwb3J0cy55YWhvby5jb20lMkZhbXBodG1sJTJGYnJheWRlbi1tYXluYXJkLWFmbC1wcmVtaWVyc2hpcC10cml1bXBoLWJhY2tsYXNoLWFuZ3VzLWJyYXlzaGF3LWluY2lkZW50LTA5MjExNzQ2OC5odG1sJnNhPVUmdmVkPTJhaFVLRXdpTnNPZldwTmFCQXhYSmsxWUJIUXh4REdJUTNjZ0plZ1FJQWhBRSZ1c2c9QU92VmF3M0Y4aWswNExJaEtuZVBLVFhLYXBNMA&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAFnTllUD9mtCuRNo-uQdTaNawtmiWSoCPRTEQNF82S8yh98_I5dMX_LO2dLe4a2bC4_sAARK_N4dKV4W5FF9-OFja9N7gv3I594EjfW81UlcFcvgBQv-QZsf6Bfw7vwp1xNcHVdGBeq1s-GMPxPge60LrVAY0FZ9rN8f1hiuzmZg
  15. Maybe you were gonna take a break from Demonland anyways but please don’t let the reason be because you’ve been told to calm down. You don’t have to calm down. You have every right to vent; that’s one of the best things about this forum. 💕
  16. But how does anyone know we don’t call things out? Is it because it’s not splashed across the media? For all we know our Club does call things out but nothing is done about it.
  17. This is EXACTLY what I’ve discussed with other DA members. It’s gotten to a point where you (unconsciously or not) hold back celebrating a little lest a goal be overturned, for example. Or someone takes a great mark but there’s a possibility it mightn’t be paid for whatever reason. It’s like the lid can’t be fully let off “just in case” which goes against the very nature of what we do. Tentative cheering just isn’t the same. 🙁
  18. Wouldn’t hold my breath. He made a very brief visit to us in the cheer squad during our AFLW Round One match and he was like McLachlan’s ventriloquist doll. Sadly, nothing will change imo.
  19. Last December they released the first part of this year’s fixture. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be in December this year, for as we know, the AFL will do as the AFL pleases.
  20. From the point of view of the AFL it’s been a fantastic year. Lots and lots of $$$$$ From my point of view it’s been arguably the worst year. Up until Maynard got off, it was the usual level of not trusting nor respecting the AFL. But that whole debacle sees the AFL sink to an all-time low. Yes, there’s always been corruption and favouritism etc. but it seems they no longer even bother to hide the fact. It’s open slather, they don’t even afford us the respect of trying to rationalise or at least cover up such injustice.
  21. I’d be happy to have the entire fixture revealed at once. The floating fixture isn’t necessary post-Covid.
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