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  1. That story Eddie just shared! OMFG. And it happened recently! If you’re not watching AFL 360…Eddie was at a public swimming pool, holding his baby with his other children playing in the pool when a lifeguard approached him and told him he has to leave the pool immediately. The reason? Because an elderly white couple complained to the lifeguard that Eddie being in the pool was making their grandkid uncomfortable!!!!! WTAF???
  2. So much to unpack, so little time. Firstly, you sound scarily like me. This is the kinda stuff I usually post. In fact, if not for my disdain for cats, I’d legit think I’d posted this. And Faulty has a twin brother??? So, effectively we have TWO Faultys/ Faulties? Seriously Luci, thank you for the welcome distraction, even though it’s likely only fleeting.
  3. I read it the wrong way. I probably wouldn’t have had it been anyone other than the AFL.
  4. With the explanation? Sure. But that’s where the help ends.
  5. And by “people” you mean me, right? Well DS, you won’t have to tolerate people getting their bloomers in a bunch any longer. WCW out.
  6. Don’t forget to come to PRINCES PARK on Sunday to watch Casey play in the VFL Grand Final. Start time: 12:50pm Our AFLW round 4 match vs Brisbane is also being played this Sunday. Start time: 4:10pm at CASEY FIELDS.
  7. Believe me Daise, the red and blue is not a problem. It’s HOW MUCH red n blue that’s the problem.
  8. You’re likely the only bloke who goes to Hooters for the buffalo wings.
  9. Don’t take this the wrong way BBO, but I’m not sure I’d wanna be seen with a nonagenarian in a 7XL red n blue Kaftan with matching red n blue crocs. Soz.
  10. Whatever. I’m done. Clearly nothing’s gonna change. Sad really, he’s such a nice person and certainly doesn’t deserve to be personally bagged. Nor does his “pesky” kid.
  11. How am I to know you were being sarcastic, when I’ve read so many similar (and similarly ridiculous) sentiments, ie. Melksy only gets a game coz he and Goody are mates. And these comments are actually serious! Why is yours any different??? And @dazzledavey36 you can FacePalm all you like, but you’ve had it in for Melksham since (at the very least) I’ve been here. Probs since he first came to us. You all need to quit the personal attacks. Seriously.
  12. Some of you people are just nasty. Purely and simply NASTY. Scroll to the top of this thread. See the title? It’s the ‘Trade and Free Agency Rumours’ thread. Seems it’s becoming yet another thread that degenerates into a Melks bash-fest. Why is it ok to insult Jake’s son? And @A F… I’m not so much angry with you as I am disappointed. I really like your posts and almost always agree with you. But this? Really? You’re better than that. And before anyone rolls out the tired old ‘if you don’t like it then don’t read it’ crap, I opened a thread that’s titled ‘Trade and Free Agency Rumours’ and I understandably expected exactly that. How about ‘if it’s nasty and mean spirited about ONE OF OUR OWN, don’t [censored] post it!’
  13. Another positive from season 2022: My precious little bantams, Febes 1 and Febes 2 were sweating bullets up until Friday night as they knew should we go all the way, they’d go from this… To something like this…
  14. ALWAYS unicorns! You just gotta believe.
  15. I’m the parent, and my son is the moody teenage boy who would rather stick knitting needles in his own eyeballs than be seen in public with me. Apparently I’m embarrassing.
  16. There’s a reason for that QD… Scrolling through Demonland while at a Parent/Teacher isn’t a good look.
  17. Totally agree. I understand how she must feel though; missing her son and wanting him to live close to her and… dagnabbit, I can’t keep a straight face. Sorry Ms. Jackson I am for real… Try having a son who lives on the other side of the planet and doesn’t have bazillions to visit his mum frequently. *sigh* Anyways I apologise for always banging on about this. Once the deal’s done and he’s gone back to Perth, I shall whinge no more. I promise.
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