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  1. As Dees supporters we can all relate to this one ⬆️ right? 😭 Thanks for compiling this, Luci. ❤️💙
  2. Beside the point, I know, but just wanna thank you for your post (above). Somebody actually listening to the other side and then acknowledging the merit of what they’re saying just doesn’t happen often enough. 👍🏽
  3. Great idea. But will never happen. Money talks.
  4. You’ve answered your own question there, FTB. It’s that “F” word… FINAL. I’ve said this before but it bears repeating (imho, anyways), what pi*sses me off no end is that these people who aren’t turning up for H&A matches for whatever reason, are oftentimes the selfsame people who will definitely attend a FINAL come hell or high water. All those problems that stymied them during the H&A season: fear of catching covid, night matches, rain, cold weather etc. are seemingly magicked away come September. Funny, that. 🤔
  5. Same here, Dr. G. I watch the replay every week, win or lose. I have to if I wanna know anything about the match since you’d be surprised how much is missed by the members of the cheer squad due to having to concentrate on so much else. But this week it’s different. I just can’t bring myself to watch it, nor even the highlights. 🙁
  6. It’s amazing how one little word says so much. Had JT said “we’d” (we would) instead of “we’ll” (we will), there’d still be a question.
  7. I thought Ima try not to cry when they chair off JK. Siren sounds. Me…
  8. Josh Kennedy’s all class. His last game of a 17-year career and he’s kicked six goals to 3/4 time. What a legend. edit: eight goals now.
  9. Seems it’s a hammy that will likely end his season and possibly his career. But the WCE JK is easily my favourite non-MFC player. No fuss. So humble and unassuming. Just gets on with the job. He’ll be sorely missed.
  10. Fritta’s now the only player in the league to have kicked a goal in every match so far this season. So there’s that.
  11. No I didn’t get done for D & D!!! Who told you that?!
  12. You waited ‘til Sunday morning to check if I’m ok after Friday night?!?! It’s a good thing I’m not lying in a gutter somewhere strangled to death by a Collingwood scarf! Nonetheless, thanks for your concern. 💕
  13. Thank you for creating this thread, @Deenooos_. I for one will NEVER concede at this juncture that we’re no chance to win it this season. When you lose hope, you've got nothing. ❤️💙
  14. Right?! They’re pathetic. Someone should start a new thread about this. 😉🙃😆
  15. Same. But when we don’t win, watching the likes of Essendon win makes it more painful.
  16. I’m with you BDA. Why voluntarily watch Geelong dole out a hiding. But there is ONE good thing about this weekend of footy… Essendon lost. And that’s never a bad thing. 😁
  17. Or Jeremy Howe. I think his heart still beats true for the red and the blue. At the very least, part of him does… I know for a fact he was wearing red and blue jocks last night. ❤️💙 Thank god the edit button hasn’t disappeared. The Howe suggestion wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. I just thought it amusing that he was wearing red and blue jocks while playing against us. Carry on.
  18. And please stop with the name-calling. It’s both unnecessary as well as forbidden on DL.
  19. A magpie Neanderthal came down the aisle during the game and spewed forth a torrent of verbal abuse directly at one of our DA members: a 20yo sweet-natured girl who’s probably not even 5ft tall. And this guy was huge. He looked like a Collingwood supporter who’d swallowed another Collingwood supporter. Idk what his issue was but we just had to take it. A couple of our guys stood and yelled at him in her defence but were quickly told by the rest of us to knock it off as it’s not worth it. Sure enough, he retreated when he realised he wasn’t getting a bite back. But in my three months with the DA I’ve not seen anything like this. And he wasn’t the only one, either. Throughout the match they’d come dragging their knuckles down the aisles on either side of our bay purely to mouth off, not at us in particular but clearly to stir us up while we we chanting etc. Vs other teams the oppo fans sit in the bays on either side and behind us and yes, they’re loud and obnoxious and they hurl abuse, but they don’t come down the aisles to do so. Last night was quite the experience. 😑
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