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  1. I don’t live in the tropics - well, some days or even some hours in a day I do coz Melbourne weather - nor do I wear the scarf so I gave mine to a 13yo who didn’t get one in the kid’s pack. With this in mind, there should be an individual choice as to whether or not you want a scarf included.
  2. Apparently the kids’ membership packs differ based on the type. Eg, Junior Demons and Young Demons, one with a scarf, one without.This has happened to several DeeArmy members and by all accounts it’s pointless to email/phone the Club about it.
  3. Layzie is never inarticulate! Nor silly. Especially when he has anything SpongeBob related in his head. For SpongeBob holds all of life’s secrets. BTW, why are we referring to you in the third person???
  4. They make money by having an extra round in the season, be it magic or stupid (I vote stupid) while 86-ing a pre-season practice match. Practice matches don’t make any money. Seems they’re weaning us off it. Currently the plan is to go back to the old way of announcing the entire fixture at once for season 2024 but let’s not hold our collective breath.
  5. I've heard so many stories involving a DA-er politely asking for a pic with one of the men only to be met with a sigh, an eye roll or both. One player in particular is notorious for this. On one such occasion he treated the DA-er to the deluxe combo of a deep, audible sigh, a 360-degree eye roll and an unconcealed look of disdain. And was heard to mutter under his breath, “another one!” as he reluctantly posed for the pic. And it’s not like she was in the shower recess at his house or anything, this was at the Men’s B&F! The very place where players expect to be approached by fans. Cannot for a millisecond imagine any of our girls coming anywhere near this level of disrespect.
  6. Yes but I always deign to pop back to my plebs.. I mean, my peeps on Demonland having descended from the lofty heights of hobnobbing with the likes of a roomful of Premiership players. Yes, to name-drop, but also to check if anyone’s noticed said name-dropping. And you have. Thanks muchly. Seriously though, coz the girls are so approachable and have so much time for us, it’s at a point where there’s no more fan-girling, autograph hunting etc. It’s pretty much like buddies running into each other.
  7. This was a hot topic at the B&F too. I said to Banno how there was never gonna be a repeat of her magnificent six-bounce gallop down the wing that day. She said, “Six?! I wouldn’t have even got one. You bounce that ball and it’s staying put, that’s how spongey it was.”
  8. That’ll be next on the list after our current project: getting BBB to bun-up and quit Krusty-ing. He is the one player who actually wears the bun well.
  9. Two headbands gone in as many months. Kozzie and Spargypants will have to shoulder the burden alone.
  10. Well I was gonna sing your praises like everyone else here but you hadda go and post a pic of bald Langers with zero warning. JK when it comes to mods you guys are THE BEST! It can’t be easy to maintain a website at this level of excellence while juggling jobs, kids, other interests, etc. Your tireless efforts are all very much appreciated.
  11. Practically bald, possibly going the short-sleeved jumper. Why Ed, WHY? What’s next? Cosmetic surgery to tone down that smile?????
  12. Is nothing sacred anymore?! I’m questioning everything that’s good and holy in life and I don’t know what to believe. #RattledAsF
  13. It hurts to see Weid’s name on an Essendon list.
  14. The thing is WWSW, the AFL could’ve released the round 1 fixture as early as last night yet they chose to wait until mid-Socceroos match. The only reason I can think of is that they couldn’t announce it last night because of the fact that it was a HS exclusive. But if that’s the reason, why announce it at all? Anyways let’s see how they handle the release of the magic round on Tuesday and then the release of the entire season on Thursday, just hope there’s no pesky clash with other sports.
  15. Some feedback for @Brownieand everyone else who attended the GF… And this is interesting… Should’ve piped up BEFORE the game, Craig.
  16. Funny thing about last night was how many times you’d see a player’s mum take the premiership medal out of her handbag to show it off. Also noteworthy was Pres. Kate’s speech. As per usual she spoke entirely off the cuff. She is so genuine and passionate and she never forgets anyone when it comes to thanking ppl. I especially love that she also never fails to give the DeeArmy a shoutout. Even if last night’s mention was an acknowledgment of “that rowdy table over there, oh of course, it’s the Demon Army.” Kate is adored by the players and coaching staff and this is so evident in every single acceptance speech by award recipients. Now if y’all will excuse me ima go back to lying in a dark quiet room and elevating my leg coz hangover and sprained ankle. I deserve both so defs not looking for sympathy.
  17. Tonight was so much fun and Katie Hore is a very deserving winner. Hanksy 2nd and Liv 3rd. The girls all looked sensational and were having a lot of fun. No surprise as to who was best on… yep Maeve didn’t disappoint
  18. Hmmm, not a lot of folks online right now. Glass half full me says maybe they’re all getting ready to head on over to Gosch’s for today’s Premiership celebration. Glass half empty me says the lazy bastards are still asleep. To those who are coming today… thank you! You’re in for a wonderful fun time. To everyone else… there’s fun to be had ‘til 1pm so get your sorry ar*ses outta bed and come on over. Please. I’m here now and the VFLW girls are training and the weather is so pleasant, so get down here!!!
  19. I’m sure the visage is just as smart now as it was in your army days. Just don’t ever be tempted to cross over to the dark side and cultivate the man-bun. Because a man-bun coupled with a trimmed full beard would mean that you’ve entered Hipster territory and we wouldn’t want that now, would we!
  20. I have friends who’d jump at the chance of being kid-less for a few hours. Some of them would even be down for a few weeks.
  21. I believe he’s currently sporting a man-bun which is worse. A ginger man-bun there’s something about them. I wince whenever I see one.
  22. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling… So I posted how Blaithin thinks she slept in her flag GF night but wasn’t sure. It’s since been confirmed and she’s very grateful to Banno for folding it up and taking care of it ‘til Blaithin was back in the land of the living, so to speak. I also posted about what Goldie is gonna do with her flag but I’m so touched by this that ima go ahead and mention it again - Goldie is gonna get it signed by all her teammates and then she’s gonna send it to her mum and dad in Dublin… my flag! That’s of course now HER flag. And if you think I’ve told every single member of my very large Irish family and their friends and neighbours and even their pets many times over, you’d be dead right.
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