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  1. $2.7 million worth of merch in a four-week period, and that’s BEFORE the grand final win! That’s nuts!!!
  2. I liked when BT said about Tracc, he kicked a Dusty-like goal earlier, he’s just kicked a Daicos-like goal. When you cross Dusty and Daicos you get Petracca.
  3. It really didn’t matter much what he answered in words. That look on his face spoke volumes. I kept stopping it to go back to look at his expression several times. It’s priceless!
  4. Yeah, you heard that right. Kate said she’d love this to happen asap, as soon as restrictions are lifted. She said we’re not the sort of club that says ‘Don’t touch the Cup!’ She reckons it’s already been dropped and knocked about quite a bit, already got a couple of little dents. Another thing about Kate: you know how every so often you stop and think, ‘did that really happen? Did we really win the premiership?’ I know I’m still doing that, probs will be for a while yet. Well, Kate said that’s happening to her, and it takes for her to see a pic of herself and one of the players holding the cup for her to think, ‘yep, that really happened.’ Very relatable.
  5. I was gonna ask you why you assumed it was a complaint. No need to ask now, turns out it is a complaint. Oh well. I personally emailed him yesterday to thank him. Each to their own.
  6. Ima take it one step further… What’s the difference between a man’s wife and his girlfriend? About 25 kilos if I’ve offended anyone’s sensibilities I apologies in advance.
  7. LOL when Maxy was on the podium, pleased with himself for “nailing all four” sponsors.
  8. No, you’re not alone with that one. I am sooooo curious. It went on for quite a while and by the look on Fritta’s face it was like Maxy was saying something rather devilish. 😉
  9. Agree with you on this. His head literally bounced off the ground.
  10. Pics, or you never got one. When tattoo parlours reopen, that is.
  11. Defs Lever. He’s got this commanding presence about him.
  12. It’s interesting that incidents like this, and the May mark in the 2nd that wasn’t paid, among others, aren’t picked apart when it’s a 74-point thumping.
  13. Nor have I forgotten! I’ll be there for Round 1 and I’ll be bearing a couple of “Ziggies” as promised. And I’m definitely leaving my decorations up ‘til November 1 much to the (likely) chagrin of my Bulldogs neighbours. Sorry (not sorry). 🙃
  14. Quick question: being new to the whole My Awesome Team Just Won The Premiership thing, one wonders for how long does one leave one’s house decorations up??? Sadly, I’m familiar with the etiquette of a grand final loss (in particular, 2000) whereat one takes one’s decorations down as soon as it gets dark, all the while crying. Well, that was me anyways. Related: Just like the annoying Toyota ad… ”I’m still feeling it!” ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙
  15. Hey Cassie! You’d better be typing this with a Sailor Moon ‘do A dare’s a dare. 😆
  16. Watching the replay, second quarter, from the point where I stopped watching it last night. That Petty smother of the English kick was something else!
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