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  1. He could learn a thing or two from this thread. I hope you told him that.
  2. Define ‘OK’ Just because I appear to be alive and well, doesn’t necessarily mean I’m not mentally scarred beyond reparation. 🤪 I’m only up to page 33 and the bananas discussion has only just taken off. But I tell you what, Tim… this thread should be made compulsory reading for students of advanced psychiatry. Seriously.
  3. In this case, ‘significant’ is debatable. Remember, she’s the one who was outraged about having to wash her own hair while in hotel quarantine.
  4. He’s missing his front teeth, that’s all. l mean, even Bernard Tomic has a girlfriend.
  5. This is striking with just about every post-match interview. The players always acknowledge us supporters. They all seem to ‘get it’ which is incredible since they haven’t lived through the pain felt by so many of us through the decades. Maxy says for him it’s been 11 years and immediately mentions how it’s been so much longer for others. And it’s totally genuine when they say this premiership is for us. It’s actually heartfelt. ❤️💙❌❌❌
  6. Where’s the girlfriend we were all hoping he’d have by now?????
  7. Oh man, this just never gets old. Every time I watch this (and any other post-match footage) it’s like I’m seeing it for the first time. I don’t think I could possibly love this team any more than I already do. ❤️💙
  9. 🙋‍♀️ That’d be me. Thank you for such a well-written explanation. 🙂
  10. To answer Tim’s question: yes, LitD did have something to do last Wednesday. It’s not that he forgot about it; he jumped the gun and did it on Tuesday.
  11. Will NOT let this thread slip into obscurity. At least not until round one. I was thinking about the whole club culture thing and I remembered something I wanted to share on here. At the GF replay on December 5th after proceedings had wrapped up I got talking to a lovely couple. They told me how they emigrated from England about 20 years ago and at the insistence of friends they became Essendon supporters. They were both decked out head to toe in Demons regalia. I asked them what made them change allegiance and they told me it was when their son started working at the Club. Turns out they’re the parents of Oliver Herd, MFC Footy Analyst. I asked them if he was happy working for the Club and they couldn’t have been more glowing in their praise. They said Oliver absolutely loves his job, and everyone he works with and it’s an awesome environment in which to work. His mum was so proud when she pointed to the coach’s box and said, “he gets to sit up there with the coaches!” She also told me the players are all really nice to him. He even sometimes hangs out with Tracc and Salo socially. He must like the Christian name Christian. See what I did there?😁
  12. It shouldn’t be a stat. It’s too subjective. @Maccaexplained this perfectly (above).
  13. Every time I see Nick McCallum (or Clint Stanaway) on the news I wonder if he’s still feelin’ it. Then I think, Of course he is! It’s the Demons!!! 😁❤️💙
  14. That’s astounding! Even if it just pertained to round one it’s surprising.
  15. Wow! Thought this was gonna go down to the wire. ❤️💙❤️💙 Dees ninth consecutive win!
  16. She’s kicked three of our four goals. So I hope they’re paying her well.
  17. Is the breeze keeping the temperature bearable, or is it hideously hot out there?
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