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  1. This week’s banner is the first “regular” banner since I’ve been here. No Big Freeze, no Pink Lady, no milestone matches. Just red letters on a blue background. Simple… but magnificent nonetheless. 😁 Amirite?! You bet your a$$ I am. 😜
  2. Yes, Jontee! I’m so over having to go back to pick up the breadcrumbs.
  3. I meant that they shouldn’t be complaining at all. They have a cheek complaining about ANY aspect of ANY game that is played at that pimple on the face of the earth.
  4. LOL, this is a great point. I have (too) many Essendon… excuse me for a sec… 🤮… supporters in my life and they’re currently enjoying the season knowing they have no hope of making the finals. They still go to games but are super chill about what’s unfolding. KEEP THE FAITH, CATS FANS! YA NEVER KNOW!!! 😜
  5. Yes, but they’re not complaining about the venue, are they.
  6. So cool to get this feedback. We hadn’t planned for the ‘Lever’ chant, that came about as a result of their fans booing Jake every time he touched the ball. So we began cheering loudly to try to drown out their booing. Then we just got carried away and while doing a ‘Melbourne’ slow chant it morphed into a Lever one. Great to hear this was appreciated.
  7. And this week we’ll be extra angry and therefore extra loud. Not only having to grace that hole with our presence, but having to pay $60 for the bloody privilege! All good, it’ll be taken out on their sad n sorry hides.
  8. Thanks Loges! Now it’s just my voice that’s got to return. I must’ve left it somewhere in Radelaide. Last I heard it, it was singing Grand Old Flag extremely loudly and possibly drunkenly out side someplace somewhere in Adelaide with a bunch of drunk lunatics aka DA psychos. 🥴
  9. Thanks for the reminder, chumps. Only serves as a rev up for our boys. GIVE ‘EM HELL, DEES!!!
  10. Mr. and Mrs. Fritta loved the hair-raising reference on the banner. They had a choice of either that, or High-Flying. They chose wisely, since Fritta loved it too. Scott (Dadda Fritta) was so pleased about the fam (14 of them) being invited to raise the banner, he sent us this message this morning. Note how he signs off. 😁
  11. In case anyone missed the banner today… And that’s Pauline and Scott (Fritta’s parents). ❤️💙
  12. Fritta doesn’t know his whole fam is here at banner raising ❤️💙
  13. Oh, I’m sure I’ll see the game. The question is… from where? Front row on flogger/Giant Fritta head duty, or from the local lockup (D & D). I’m loud and proud as it is. + alcohol = “security!” 😁
  14. I’m having a beer! And it’s a BIG one. And it’s my second! And I seldom drink. YOLO 🥳 And then there’s this… it’s an Aperol spritz. YOLO again. Or is it YOLT ?? And then I’ll be carried to the match! 😄
  15. I won money three weeks in a row. I was FILTHY!!!
  16. Yep, hard to miss. Front row today. Probs on flogger duty but Ima try to snaffle the Giant Fritta head to wave like a maniac. Might have to wrestle Pauline for it. Spoiler: she wins. He is her son, after all. And Speaking of the Fritsch fam, a few of them are joining the banner crew out in the middle today for Fritta’s 100th. 😃 They’re raring to go…
  17. I got them at $5! And I thought THAT was good.
  18. I’m waiting to board and there’s a group of sadsack Carlton supporters. I thought, look at those poor chumps, dejectedly going home to Sadelaide having attended last night’s match. But now I just hope that’s not me tomorrow. 😬
  19. This is crazy talk! Heat of the moment, Ang. Take a deep breath and think about what you’ve just said. It’s ESSENDON!!!
  20. Yep! Especially when any of the boys are unduly disparaged. 😉 🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️ JK, of course. But M Brown, the walking vomit emoji (on DL, anyways), is one such player. Shazza Neal-Bullen is very fond of “Mitchy.” Join the dots. 😁
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