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  1. Then you should have said this in the first place - not that I agree with you btw but at least this comment is tolerable - instead of your first two ridiculous comments. I mean, come on: “Pendlebury's opinion is likely informed by his understanding of what actually happens on the AFL ground.” Surely even you see how silly this comment is?!
  2. Just what Lincoln McCarthy did on Friday night is enough to make me wanna see Geelong smash them. This successful Berry appeal just solidifies it.
  3. I can’t believe Pendlebury is excusing eye-gouging!!! https://7news.com.au/sport/afl/left-field-rival-comes-to-jarrod-berrys-support-ahead-of-tribunal-decision-for-clayton-oliver-eye-gouge-c-8211933
  4. What part of Demonland’s post (above) do you not understand???? BTW, come to Princes Park this Sunday and tell the players and their families and the fans your thoughts on winning a VFL premiership. But then that’d mean no computer screen to hide behind like a coward, so I guess you won’t be there.
  5. Tickets can also be bought at the gate on the day. Don’t forget… it’s $15 for pensioners/concession (as opposed to $20 for adults) and kids under 15yo get in for free.
  6. INCOMING!!! I’ve got so many positives from 2022 y’all are gonna be wishing for the sweet release of death by the time season 2023 rolls around. 🫢 So I’ve mentioned before that our cheer squad members are OTT passionate and fully devoted. Just as important is the harmony. I’ve heard about some other teams’ cheer squads experiencing disquiet, infighting, inflated egos and even power struggles (stop laughing, we take this seriously ). And some having a not so good relationship with their club. But not ours. We are all on the same (harmonious red and blue) page. I believe the unity of the cheer squad is a reflection on the club. Welp, that’s today’s 2022 positive. Be sure to stay tuned for the next. You’re all very welcome
  7. My thoughts exactly. When a team is the minor premier and have only lost one game all season, while it’s not a given, it’s usually the case that they’d have more than just two players in the team of the year.
  8. Why is it that when a positive thread is created it’s not long before it’s hijacked by the perennial gripers??? Anyways, this WAS a good year in terms of being able to attend matches. After experiencing 2020 and 2021 it was a joy to not have to watch games from our lounge rooms during lockdown. No crowd limits. No mandatory mask wearing. And the QR thing and the vax certificate stipulation were jettisoned fairly early in the season. See, it’s not so hard to see the positives.
  9. Must. Keep. This. Thread. On. Page. One
  10. What Nicko said. I can’t believe I made it through all six pages without wanting to get a contract put on someone’s head.
  11. God forbid we don’t see every single plunging neckline. The starting time change still doesn’t help for those who’d like to attend both this final as well as the our AFLW round 4 match which is scheduled for 4:10pm at Casey Fields. Our cheer squad has to split into two which is a shame.
  12. STARTING TIME CHANGED VFL Grand Final is now scheduled to begin at 12:50pm (previously scheduled for 2:30pm) 2022 Smithy's VFL Grand Final details confirmed
  13. One of my fave moments of season 2022…
  14. Aesthetics, Roy. Aesthetics. Our esteemed leader Ryan designed Friday night’s banner. I love the cityscape backdrop and the overall sombre tone.
  15. Another HUGE positive… Our AFLW team is 3 - 0 and look to go all the way this year. Hey @DubDee! Check this out…
  16. Oh, nor am I! Like I said, when you’re the product of two extremely devout Catholics and you were born in Dublin, you have zero choice in terms of loathing the Royals. It’s just the words some people use. And while my parents fully brainwashed me and my many siblings (Irish/Catholic, so yeah many siblings ) to their credit they never uttered a vile word about the Royals. It can and should be expressed without the disgusting element.
  17. I may not have heard of him, but I’ve got a feeling I know him. He just goes by another name.
  18. Very philosophical and very thought provoking. But who on earth is BL???
  19. I realise that. But she’s heavily invested in all MFC teams. Why should she be expected to address this issue when the firsts are no longer alive, but the seconds and the girls still are?
  20. Next Sunday, Sept. 18th at Ikon Park (Princes Park). First bounce at 2:30pm. Tickets are $20 for adults, $15 for concession/pensioners and for kids under 15yo it’s free entry.
  21. If only more people on here could see it this way.
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