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  1. So he’s presently unsigned for 2024. Thanks. No-one’s immune from trade discussion this time of year. He’s not Charlie Curnow ffs.
  2. You have quite the wit. You should consider stand up.
  3. Lol that’s hilarious. Old mate HeartBeatsTrue can’t even get their information correct. Casboult is unsigned for 2024. Not only that he’s an unrestricted free agent. Doesn’t even affect my argument but you’ve got to chuckle at some of these mouthy posters who do nothing but take potshots from the sidelines. They can’t even get their basic facts straight. From AFL website:
  4. What system is that exactly? The one where 'current incumbents' TMac and BBB can barely get on the park and when they do they produce stuff all? You've got the definition of crazy wrong. It's saddling up with the same plan and the same cattle thinking you're going to get a different result. You have to plan for injuries. You have to have depth. Or, as we found out, you get found out.
  5. Is that an official court order? The bloke is on a rolling one-year contract. Big deal!
  6. It’s a cut price potential option in a shallow market. Ideally I’d like Tom Lynch but you’ve got to look at alternatives. Casboult would offer more than TMac and BBB. Not every player in a premiership winning 22 is vying for a spot in the All Australian side. Put forward your idea/s if you’ve got something better or more interesting. Easy to pot shot, harder to come up with solutions.
  7. That might be too much logic for a few of them to handle in one post Dazzle. Ease it back a bit 😉
  8. Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t aware that all player contracts are unalterable and fully binding and that players are no longer allowed to leave for other clubs mid contract. That’s a new situation in the AFL I wasn’t aware of thanks for the update.
  9. So should we have been ‘wary’ of Luke Jackson because of the go home factor? No, we were bold, drafted him and he was pivotal in our premiership success as a result. Okay, he went home but we’re getting adequate compensation for him three years later. A strong club backs itself in and takes the best available kid. A weak club worries about what everyone else is doing and compromises its card hand as a result.
  10. First rounders now get automatic three year initial contracts. Gives kids more time now to really settle in, form strong friendship bonds and so on. If McKercher or Sanders sign a further extension during that time then it pretty much wards off Tassy completely. I wouldn’t let that situation cloud our drafting in 2023.
  11. Played 41 of possible 45 games for the Suns over 2022/23 so durability is in his favour. Pretty good no frills option I reckon. Good ruck chop out, too.
  12. Good small forwards don’t expect or need balls delivered on a silver platter. They create chances, take advantage of half chances, find a way to get involved in the game. Spargo doesn’t do any of that nearly enough. 7 seasons in he’s not improving his numbers. Can’t keep carrying low possession forwards who don’t kick goals.
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