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  1. Interesting as an observation compared to 3 years ago we can now hit a target and our skill level is now such that it’s expected that we will make good choices and execute also good to see the Pies have a win they are definitely a top-17 side
  2. Not sayin it’s over but I’m worrying about my money on Sydney
  3. I remember one of the players being discussed having a crucial shot at game end that didn’t end well. if I can remember it it’s likely he hasn’t forgotten Bringing him back to the senior level in a game like the next one could be the right time to reinstate his place in the firsts and build the confidence that will be necessary later in the year (likely)
  4. I know those guys They’re on the Richmond Match Committee and they were studying the old replays as an educational document trying to understand where their mojo went
  5. It’s a small point but an important one it’s ‘wringer’ ii you misspell it people might possibly misunderstand what you mean
  6. Melbourne to develop the mentality they’ve lacked for many years - to not back off when they’re in front but to pressure on and win in a way that the opponent won’t forget quickly
  7. The only thing I will say is that it’s difficult to lose money betting on the team playing Melbourne. I’m not sure whether that practice should be termed gambling
  8. History remembers those who are talented AND nice , like Ghengis Khan for example
  9. We pay the MCC/MFC full membership for our five (grown up and with mortgages) children as well as for me and the old fashioned Guest ticket for my wife. I start taking Valium in August One thing you do get with the full MFC is a nominated child to be a member and with 13 grandchildren only one of whom is unfaithful (poo and wee) there’s no shortage of candidates to take up the membership. In a couple of years my 50 year membership of the MCC comes up and the annual premium becomes $50 a year which means I might be able to give up work
  10. Yesterday’s Australian is full of letters rejoicing in the previous day’s article which explains why those silly scientists are all wrong about rising carbon dioxide levels. Can anyone provide a non paywall version of that article?
  11. If Jesse doesn’t go this trade period and I hope he doesn’t, every media event next year will make his life a never ending circus with questions and speculation. Maybe even if he has said to the FD that he wants out next year, he could be persuaded to sign a (three year) contract extension to keep the dogs away in 2019 with the FD agreeing that they will enter negotiations this time next year. This would give him a calm footy environment for the year and place the club in a (more) sound negotiating position instead of the frantic mess we are currently witnessing. Supposition but
  12. Apologies looked for it and couldn’t find it will try harder
  13. With the much publicity about the trade deals swirling around Jesse Hogan, especially in view of the fact that I noticed an article about this in a tabloid lying in a really cheap cafe I happened to enter today, I’m a bit surprised by the black hole of commentary by those who might be most interested. Maybe the Grand Final could suggest that power marking forwards can be essential for team success (forwards not forward). Maybe Jesse’s not feeling the love. A casual observer might suggest that Jesse has developed his capacity to play different roles this season and in a talented
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