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  1. It’s amazing how often one really good team wins one game and next time it’s the other’s turn if we win tomorrow it doesn’t auger well for the Grand Final
  2. I’ve been watching a lot of football for many years and I actually think we saw something beautiful and almost spiritual last night At the beginning and to the middle of the game the Port Adelaide supporters were acting like almost feral Subhumans - as if they were talking their cues from Peter Weir in one of the Lord of the Rings films. (of course it goes without saying that I am not and would never be suggesting that they are subhuman - merely that they were acting as if they were - no doubt with the motive of inspiring their hitherto adored local team) but it could be seen that as the night went on they began to calm down a little and become more reflective - quieter - and I really feel that by the end of the night they seemed to have learned a deep lesson : to appreciate what is like to behold a truly wondrous team triumphing over their lesser one and to appreciate the fact and the beauty of it The Australian nation could well be spiritually richer because of that game last night
  3. We should start a petition to Fox that they offer a broadcast option that has no commentary but does broadcast the umpires whistle and calls that would enrich the viewing experience enormously
  4. I fully realise this could be our only chance for a tilt this for the next sixty years but it’s fascinating to hear the commentators referring to Luke Jackson ‘as the big man’ To quote Redgum I was only nineteen
  5. Does it sound twelve times? but only right eight times?
  6. Given the kick would likely have been after the siren can the game situation be reconvened and the Melbourne player (not sure who) be awarded the kick he should have had? I will return the money I had on Adelaide
  7. For what it’s worth The public acknowledgment of the incorrect call is very important because the officials must get the message that if they make blatant errors they may be called out. Failure to do so means that bowing to fan pressure comes without consequences and accordingly will continue as it has been. It would be a tokenistic step in the right direction
  8. possibly could add deliberate out-of-bounds to that list ?
  9. There’s an umpire-induced desperation about Melbourne’s back half disposal in the contests that is making Adelaide look good in their approach to goal
  10. Just whets the appetite for the upcoming articles on the machinations of the Collingwood succession and the ‘Why Richmond fell off the Pedestal’ finale to the trio They will (especially the latter) prove her fearless credentials as a journalist
  11. Interesting as an observation compared to 3 years ago we can now hit a target and our skill level is now such that it’s expected that we will make good choices and execute also good to see the Pies have a win they are definitely a top-17 side
  12. Not sayin it’s over but I’m worrying about my money on Sydney
  13. I remember one of the players being discussed having a crucial shot at game end that didn’t end well. if I can remember it it’s likely he hasn’t forgotten Bringing him back to the senior level in a game like the next one could be the right time to reinstate his place in the firsts and build the confidence that will be necessary later in the year (likely)
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