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  1. I may have gotten a little carried away with the Hawks’ current situation perhaps although I hope I would never be accused of dancing on their grave because people near and dear to me hold them in high esteem
  2. I wasn’t supposed to say anything about this and my source at AFL headquarters had sworn me to silence ahead of the Media Release but clearly it’s out there now and although the little boy may have been effective with his finger in the dyke there’s clearly no holding back this tide. The overall plan is that with HFC sidelined as an entity the 18th team can be created in Tasmania without disrupting the balance of the schedule, finals or the ladder. congratulations to all involved in this strategy.
  3. I recall seeing him playing as if demented in our loss to the Filth about two years ago on the Queen’s Birthday clash - he played with not only aggression but an astonishing amount of spite with which our players seemed unable to cope and on the day were not equal to. Jeremy is a loss, looking back, that we can not only cope with but perhaps view with a degree of satisfaction. C’est la vie and arrivederci 🙋🏽‍♂️
  4. He could be the needed conduit to facilitate our absorption of Hawthorn into the new amalgamation of the two reams with the new name The Melbourne Demons whose new jumper is to retain the current colours and to have HFC printed under the back collar
  5. The whole land of Mordor is a dark territory and at its heart is the evil genius that is controlling everything. Thus there is one reason why the descriptor doe not apply to Geelong
  6. Sincerely thanks for this And I will watch it tomorrow but tonight I need to watch the replay again because I have this unrelenting nagging feeling that there is a handball somewhere that I have not committed to memory
  7. I have confessed previously to consenting to an accord with one of my sons-in-law that the progeny of the mixed marriage would be brought up to barrack for whomsoever might be in the higher position on the ladder at the time and time goes by so slowly…… but my second most favourite Russian proverb comes to mind for some reason that I can’t explain: If you live long enough you will see the body of your enemy floating down the river
  8. You mean like the miracle of the loaves and fishes?
  9. I had the privilege of speaking with Ray Shaw recently and discussing the Grand Final - he’s pretty impressed with the current ream and its youth I think it’s fair to say. I was curious as to his take on the Harmes to Fritsch goal that started it all - if that hadn’t happened would Melbourne inevitably won anyway? His take : absolutely not - momentum is a huge thing in football and if that hadn’t happened quite possibly the game would not have turned the way it did (he also observes that the 6-6-6 rule prevents the other side from blocking the game up as would have happened in years gone by). so for me - Bayley Fritsch’s first goal half way through the third quarter when we were 19 points down after our bad position at half time had actually got worse - with an special and honourable mention to Harmes.
  10. It’s interesting isn’t it that these threads generate heat when there’s sniping and dirty play. Our team played great honest football - I can’t think of any action that was below the belt and unless pressed would say the same for our opponents Having been at 2000 and seen a larynx-crusher delivered to - not sure - Brad Greene (?) it is reassuring to think that football can be played and won without resorting to grubby tactics Well played to both sides P.S. we have worn out the tape watching the replay so watched the MFC website Road to Hell and back series today totally fascinating authentic footage of a footy club being rebuilt from the ground up the series is only half finished - the best is yet to come - but this week’s result absolutely was NOT a random result Great people building a great club
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