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  1. He’s not injured and hasn’t been playing for Casey. What’s happened to him?
  2. Have the pies cleared space now to launch at Trac for 2022? Are they already there?
  3. It's almost time for a new recruit from Adelaide FC. What say we look at Taylor Walker for a few years?
  4. If he wanted a window club and swans looking to deal, yes or no?
  5. Could Jake Neade be worth a look as Nev Jetta’s understudy?
  6. I'm thinking this as our Geelong of 2005 - only they got a bit closer in their prelim.
  7. Say we don't get Gaff, would we consider Tom Scully back if he became available?
  8. So hogan is playing well tonight? Anyone?
  9. This is not a knee jerk to Sunday's game but I've now thought for some time in Hogans absence that our attack is better, more unpredictable without hogan than with him. Sure he is great one-out but it's the second efforts, pressure acts and body language that he lacks that lets us down. At risk of causing the biggest outrage since we traded woewodin, I think we should be pulling out all stops to recruit Leever, trade hogan and play T-Mac forward permanently with Weid, Pedo and watts on the wing/flank. If we don't get Leever I still stand by trading Hogan at season's end provi
  10. Provided he plays Sunday and next week, he's on track to play his 150th against Sydney on Friday night at the MCG. Dont want to look too far ahead and milestone games often tend to backfire but this bloke does deserve a bit more glory.
  11. Kurt Tippett is a ruck- forward which is what we need. Charlie Dixon showed last night what a weapon a huge unit can do in the fwd line. We all probably agree that gawn-pedo is our best ruck combination with either one able to rest forward but for some reason pedo only gets a go when we are desparate. Taking this into account plus Pedo's age, if Sydney footed part of the wage bill why wouldn't we look at tippet as an upsize for next season?
  12. TAC - welcome aboard! #freekickselwood
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but I recall Garland and the Prince being in last year's group? I'm thinking this year's group will be: Jones, Viney, Gawn, Lewis, Jetta, T McDonald &... Watts Can anyone improve on this?
  14. Watts and Gawn made obvious decisions over the last off season to harden up and play 2016 with more aggression and vigour. It got me thinking about what Trenners needs to do to get back in starting 22. I think he plays too 'safe' and needs to get closer to the line with his aggression on the ball (like Viney) and on the man (like Vince). Jones, Vince, vanders, Jetta, Gawn all play with the required level of mongrel - Trengove needs to take a leaf...
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