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  1. Oooh that could have been easily an ACL, good decision by the umpire. He said. Ump 22 and BT. What a combo
  2. We got ripped off during the week so much, I think we've forgotten about Marchbank cheating and that bogus review. Just another reason to bury them by quarter time,
  3. We do have a forward system @beelzebub, it's called "kick it to the clump!"
  4. After travelling from northern NSW to watch us shoot ourselves in the foot last week. Getting abused by the clowns that actually won. How can you be so angry when you won? Watching one of our champions being smashed and then denied justice, maybe it's time now for things to turn for us. Maybe everything will click somehow. Despite our injuries, we are running out games really well. Please breathe fire tonight boys. Lower your eyes Take a breath and kick straight. Against the odds, let's smash the blues and let's smash the AFL. A premiership is still there for us if we want it. I hate this league so much right now. I love this club.
  5. Last week after we had 26 shots on goal for 7 goals, I posted a great article by the roar about our disfunctional forward entries. They've nailed it again with this piece. Just so incredibly accurate. Most of the media just made excuses. This mob expose Maynard for the thug he is https://www.theroar.com.au/2023/09/13/brayden-maynard-the-guilty-man-found-innocent/
  6. Yeah, it happens all the time with players and umpires getting "deck chaired" by supporters at local footy games (joking) Seriously, what is the likelihood. The AFL are soooo special.
  7. Hibberd did a pretty excellent job on Elliott
  8. Sorry Kev, there's no precedents at the MRO. It's all over the shop. They are corrupt. We are not Collingwood. If Viney tries this on Friday night and does the exact same thing, he'd be out for 3 to 4 weeks. Dead certain. This is about Carlton vs Collingwood and the grand final and tv ratings etc etc. I am so proud of this club and we're we've come from over the past few years. The odds are stacked against us. They'll tidy this rule up next season to demonstrate they're taking action.
  9. Why would she care? Why would Gil care? Why would Dillon care? Why would Christian care? They get their money no matter what. Football loses, fans lose. Litigation brings some justice to the likes of Frawleys and Brayshaw but yeah nah. The game is lost to the dollar. Go to the local footy and support your club. In fact, write a letter to one of their major financial partners as they matter the most to the AFL hierarchy. I sat next to a table of AFL execs on Friday and it's all about their partners interests.
  10. I thoroughly recommend watching our Women's team chook. They are wonderful to watch right now. https://www.afl.com.au/aflw/video/1030305/aflw-match-replay-gws-v-melbourne?videoId=1030305&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1694379600001&references=AFL_MATCH:5758
  11. Gil McLachlan, what a legacy you've delivered. Match day experience is horrible. The game is becoming a mess The MRO is a farce. Roy and HG have been calling you the murderer for years. They are spot on. You've killed this game for many of us. But not your financial partners hey.
  12. Breathe fire this Friday boys. Please breathe fire.
  13. So yep, roughly .25 of a second to not only react but play the shot from a fast bowler. Answer to How fast does the batsman need to react to a 150kph ball? by Sajit Nair https://www.quora.com/How-fast-does-the-batsman-need-to-react-to-a-150kph-ball/answer/Sajit-Nair-10?ch=15&oid=59324104&share=b8005139&srid=hVtjez&target_type=answer
  14. Yep, the premeditation here is all from the AFL. We'll go hard, suspend for 3 weeks but here's a get out of jail card under the table for the appeal. Because AFL ❤️ Collingwood. Because AFL ❤️ controversy Because AFL ❤️ their broadcast partners and will protect them at all costs. This league is corrupt and a waste of time. Do not rejoice at the suspension. It will get overturned.
  15. My biggest questions are. 1. While deliberation has continued, have they provided Maynard with a colouring book and crayons? 2. Is it a Collingwood colouring book so he only needs one crayon and doesn't get confused having to choose different colours?
  16. After I smothered the ball ?.? I looked down and thought sxxt he's there = Gus's fault for somehow getting in Maynard's way by the looks.
  17. They'd both be ripper blokes and good mates of MC I'd reckon
  18. I watched the replay yesterday KDF and I'd agree it flattened us but we were pretty much on top of them from 10 mins to go right through to the end. That's what made it so gut wrenching to still lose after dominating for more than half a game.
  19. I think Mundy has really summed it up well. Better than almost anyone. It would have been an awkward collision and most likely they would have ended in a tangle. He had time to think, turn, and tuck his shoulder in for impact. Gone
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