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  1. I'm really enjoying watching our women's team. Not only in the way they play but the culture they seem to have created. Not only do they seem really tight together but they also seem to really be enjoying their football and being part of our club. Back on the field for the start of the third quarter, only 2 points up in a qualifying final and they're in a huddle and having a huge laugh together! Two minutes later, they're back into it in a ferocious manner and smashing the reigning premiers. It made me reflect on what seems to be a different culture between the men and the women. Would the blokes get away with having a laugh on the field like that? Would the media make a big storm out of it? I know the blokes are under much more scrutiny, but footy must be a grind at times and this team seems to be really enjoying what they do. This must help build a team first culture. Is there a couple of leaves that could be taken out of the women's team book by the men's team? Mick Stinear and his team seem to have done a great job at building culture and even adjusting game plans from last seasons grand final defeat to how they play now. It's all happened very quickly and even the changes made throughout games seem to be quick and effective (probably a slightly different tangent here I guess or maybe not). Taylor Harris has stated a number of times along the lines of "I'm just happy to be on the field and do what's asked of me as best I can". It's going to be a shame to lose someone like Daisy from our club too I think. She definitely seems to be part of that bond between them all. I reflected on the punch on in a french restaurant last year. Maybe there's an extra level of competitveness and sledging that's (generally speaking) just part of male culture? Maybe some demonlanders closer to the teams can give some more insight. If you're not watching the girls play yet, you really should. They're a team this club should be really proud of.
  2. Oh man how good is it without all that crowd activation stuff where you can just have a normal conversation. That was a wonderful tough game of footy. Glad you got along and enjoyed it Binman.
  3. Holy [censored] they must have been mounted when they wrote this.... First... Gritty Kangaroos and classy Lions win through to AFLW grand final Then later..... Richmond will now meet North Melbourne in the AFLW grand final only a fortnight after the Tigers drew with them to deny the Kangaroos a top-four finish. Amazingly bad
  4. Great article about a team always just missing out and how we've built a great core and game style https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-10-21/melbourne-demons-aflw-premiership-window-wide-open/101555732
  5. I thought that was a real breakout game by Mackin tonight. Goldy is one of my favourite players for pace and taking the game on but Mackin was just at another level for breaking the lines. The game isn't as skillful as the blokes but I've really loved watching our progress over the last few years. We're as tough as nails and just going in hard and running for each other. Some fantastic passages of play tonight. Really fun to watch us strangle a good team and break the lines once we settled down after the first. It's great we've got the week off now to rest and reset. There's a few niggling injuries in the team by the looks and that week off will really help. We should have a fitter faster team to have a crack at the flag this year.
  6. Aggression attack attitude and..... He can take a bloody mark and kick straight. He should go alright in the seniors this year. From what I've seen, I reckon he's ready
  7. I do love going out to see a band and then hunkering down at midnight to watch a delayed match. Sounds like a great night
  8. We're in the northern Rivers NSW. We'll be there
  9. The Tote turns forty in a week or so and if I was in Melbourne I'd be going to see the evergreen screamfeeder on Friday 4th. They've just put out another album and it's glorious 90s guitar pop sunshine. Another bloody brilliant Brisbane band HITS play Thursday 10th. they're sensational as well.
  10. Nice win. We laid some really hard tackles and hurt them today. I think the last quarter arm wrestle was probably good practice for us before the finals. I thought Paxy might have been on the slide after last season but Gee she's playing well this year. One of her best games I think. How do you win a footy match by outscoring the bombers by a multiple of five and yet lose the free kick count 11 to 16? Baaaaaall!
  11. I've watched John Spencer make rock and roll love to the theremin One of the great live performances on live TV, ABC recovery.
  12. Imagine Selwood coaching Viney. Would love to be a fly on the wall for that. We shouldn't be letting Daisy go. I think she's one of the best leaders this club has had in recent times.
  13. We were that club before intervention and Paul Roos. I really feel for their supporters. They don't deserve this. Rebuild then rebuild then rebuild then rebuild. Sound familiar? They're not irrelevant, they are essential to a vibrant competition as are Norf. Be angry at the clubs that seem to get gifted a ride by the AFL. Maybe there's a new thread. Would the demons have won a flag without AFL assistance? Mmmm
  14. Thanks Mark great job. I really hate Geelong too Can we get Rawlings back?
  15. Haha, he would have been slaying them at Casey 😁
  16. Equal parts of sadness and happiness watching Liam weave his magic
  17. It's been nice to see she's still been part of the playing group throughout her injury. Great to see her coming back
  18. I think she's just the best player in the comp now. No-one seems to pack mark better, hit players harder, kick longer and now she's one of the best rucks in the comp. She's a dead set weapon. Her game has just come on leaps and bounds in the last 2 years. Defenders must be scared (censored) when they know she's flying into a pack. She's just fearless. Is there another player in the AFLW that can consistently kick 50 metres? She allows Bannon to get free and play the second forward role really well (like BB should in the men's team if we had a good key forward). Great result today. The team is just humming. After so many years of being really competitive, we deserve to snag a flag. Great to watch.
  19. Yep 17 frees to Freo to13 Dees when they were beaten by 5 goals was crazy. Great to hear the Melbourne supporters on the TV. Stinnear's changes are great to see and kept Freo on the back foot. This team is just continuing to build and after watching them be so competitive since the start of the AFLW comp, they really deserve to win a flag. Hopefully a nice clean run into the finals. Go Dees
  20. Karen Kennett has a much better ring to it than Jeff. A "bump in the road" according to Karen. What a leader.
  21. The game is becoming more and more about speed and transition. A shame to see him go. Another downside of not giving young players enough opportunities?
  22. Why word you? It's there to be rorted.
  23. BT mentioned it would be the first Smith to win the Norm Smith. Fun fact. Oh and the only player out there with long socks just kicked a goal.
  24. Yup, goal. Imagine playing a sub. Crazy
  25. Alright, 13 mins left. Murder them Geelong. Beat them by 100 and make them never want to play footy again. Swans just pathetic.
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