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  1. Every week I find something new to be impressed and deelighted by this team. What a wonderful team.
  2. Haha, fierce ugly crying! love it. Yeah, that's been one of the wonderful things with this team. Being part of watching them just get better and better. The evolution of their skills and game plan has been so good to watch. Remember when we couldn't score even though we'd dominate games. That wasn't so long ago and it's now a thing of the past. The demons of 2023 would smash the demons of 2021 yet we're a pretty similar team personnel wise. This probably sounds a little condascending but it does remind me a lot of watching my local footy club. Watching a great team of juniors coming through from U17's and by the time they hit the seniors, you've got a gun team that you've just watched grow in confidence and skill. Very excited for the rest of this season. Home ground advantage for the finals would be awesome.
  3. I can't help but reflect on the blokes and the differences between the two teams. Campbell and Pearce have found their groove tag teaming in the ruck. I wondered last night why we expected Grundy to be a goal kicker. These two women aren't really expected to score that much, they just do their job really well and rely on a high functioning game plan and forward entries to creat the scoring opportunities. I wonder if we just expected too much of Gawn and Grundy to somehow band aid our forward line woes.
  4. Haha yes. Witnessing my first dees premiership in the flesh. An unforgettable moment ❤️
  5. Bugger. Running an open mic session at our flood recovery/ community hub on Saturday arvo. Will be watching on delay later that night by the looks. Enjoy the night. Go Naarm
  6. I'm with you @Palace Dees. I was thinking the same thing in the last quarter. Battle for top position and we were just incredibly relentless. Both in our tackling and defense but I also loved our attacking. Until we iced the game, every opportunity we had, we seemed to just turn and play on. We just kept moving the ball forward as fast as we can. This is the best Melbourne team I have ever witnessed in my life time. Better than our 2021 premiership team. I'm off to the culture thread. How cool was it to watch them laughing and dancing as they left the field after destroying a decent opponent. Btw. We're in northern NSW and would love to see them play Brisbane in two weeks time. But we don't know when or where they'll be playing. @WalkingCivilWar any ideas?
  7. What an incredible welcome to country that was. I've only had a little bit of time with elders, that fella covered so much from what I've learnt from them. Mentioning children born on their land are considered part of their country and from their country is beautiful. Loved it.
  8. Makes you wonder hey. Saw a fair bit of footage on fox last year showing our forwards being very static. You do wonder if the bomb into a pack is the last option because there's no-one in space worth kicking to. Bringing it to ground and trying to score from a stoppage in the forward line seems a very low percentage option to me. Can't completely blame the mids, can't completely blame the forwards, or the injuries or the kicking. A bit of everything really. Whichever way you look at it, our systems need a refresh. That's something completely under our control. It cost us a place in the grand final this year I reckon.
  9. I reckon we really miss Paxy through the middle at the moment. Maybe more than anyone else who is out at the moment
  10. It's a really good question. To blame it purely on goal kicking is simplistic. It was definitely a factor, however. IMHO Because of slow ball movement, our forward line was typically congested with defenders and our forwards weren't leading into space or moving much at all. Delivery therefore was typically a bomb to a clump and our forwards were continually smashed in packs (maybe more injuries and wear and tear at least). Our small forwards were then trying to snap goals out of stoppages and through traffic or we were trying to take shots from poor angles or from 40 to 50m out. I was really jealous of watching other teams move the ball quickly then centre those kicks to a forward leading into space 20 to 30m directly in front. It hardly ever happened for us. So, I think it's a mix of Fast ball movement, good delivery into the forward line and good leading and finishing by our forwards. Simple really I guess. it's on Goodwin to fix this and... It's on Stafford to tell the coach what's not working. I think Stafford needs to go and Goodwin needs to stop being so stubborn. this "just pure numbers of forward entries will win us games" stuff is a rubbish way to look at things. I wonder how long Petty and JVR will want to hang around if they spend another season or two standing under bombs and getting smashed? you want to see Pickett reach his full potential? let him work out of the goal square one on one with space around him like Charlie Cameron gets. He'll beat almost anyone one on one. Teams have worked us out. Come on Simon, stop being so stubborn and loyal to your mate. Make some changes. We lost a flag this year because of our delivery and forward set up. Steven May is bloody spot on.
  11. We might need the percentage at the end. Looking for a big win. Go Naarm
  12. I've just found there's a firm called Petty Sampson who specialise in immigration visas to smooth the way for Harrison to immigrate from VIC to SA. I'm sure it's run by a close relative. Can someone email Tom Morris to check? No response will mean he's definitely going. https://psilawyers.com.au/contact/
  13. I don't think it would be awkward for them at all. The arrogance of Maynard is well and truly surpassed by the arrogance and double standards of the AFL. They'll make up a couple of lines to spin and bury it. That what a political party like the AFL does. I'm concerned that Gus' future is now in the hands of an AFL panel.
  14. You could argue that GWS may have been the best side playing finals. I think they came closer to beating the pies than the Lions and played with more pressure. Not receiving one free kick in the last quarter is really going to make it hard for you. A Brisbane supporter summed it up for me. If you're playing the pies in a final at the MCG, you want to have them beaten by 3qtr time. If it's close in that last quarter, the crowds and the umps are almost always Gunna get them home. P.S. we really need to sort out our forward entries and faster ball movement. If we were kicking it into an open, leading forward line this year, we would have had a lot of teams done by 3qtr time. Inaccurate kicking is a secondary thing because we'd be taking more set shots in better positions with a better open forward line.
  15. He didn't call them "guys" It started with "P" and sounded like "tricks" Good on him. Time to put RDBs quote into action.
  16. That down field free kick for a late bump by Harris which wasn't late was ridiculous and a killer for us. Paid right in front of goals. Adelaide did play well. Losing Paxy hurt us and Pearce seemed to have a crook shoulder after a knock in the first half. Bring Georgia Campbell back in. Did Mackin come back on? Goldy was in the trainer's hands in the last minute too. They knocked us up a bit.
  17. Drop an email to Kate Roffey. I'd hate to see a lovely family atmosphere get ruined the same way the men's game does. There's nothing wrong with a bit of peace and quiet and a chat with your mates and family in between quarters.
  18. Some players do well when the team lifts. Some players lift the team when the team's not doing well. Jack kept us in games when we were struggling.
  19. Yeah, I've been quite worried with Grundy's depature what would happen if Max got injured. Maxy continually gets belted and our weird and slow "kick it to Max on the wing" strategy means he get's belted even more than most talls. Sounds like a good get. Geez I hope we take on a more offensive and direct style of play through the corridor to take the pressure off Maxy having to take pack marks all bloody day. That we play fast into an open forward line with Kozzy and Fritta sitting in there one on one with space just like Charlie Cameron does.
  20. Yep, we all pay for that [censored] back track performance. One way or another, ticket prices, tv subs, memberships. 2mil wasted on 4 X 70 year Olds miming and pretending to play.
  21. meth dealers rejoice in Collingwood tonight.
  22. No matter how far it had gone, they just needed to call it back. Keep blowing the whistle. But nah, it's the pies and it's the show case of our game supposedly. What a wonderful summation of where our beautiful game has gone. Gil your are the murderer. God, I don't know what I'd do if I was a lions supporter at the ground. I'd want to torch the joint.
  23. Should have started a brawl at 3qtr time and punched Cox and maynard
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