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  1. This had me really worried. I think Chocco and Yze have made a world of difference. I truly believe we can win it this year! Cons: Umps - if you can watch the last two minutes of the first quarter do it! A disgraceful effort of trying to even up a contest. Weids - still not convinced but hope the goals gave him some confidence Langdon - we'll miss him. Hope Sparrow comes in, he so deserves a run at it (not Baker) Crowds - sorry everyone down south has missed out on being there to watch this tonight live. Pros Pressure - just continual pressure across th
  2. Please let Sparrow have a crack. He really deserves it.
  3. Our only weakness. We need to bury teams
  4. Tmac did not move off his mark. The dogs player was well over the mark when the tackle happened. BS free
  5. He needs to hold a mark first and to be honest he really hasn't held them properly in the NEAFL
  6. Yes! 1:45 left on the clock at the centre bounce. 1 free at the bounce, then a block. Lever took a mark not paid and then holding the ball against Jordan when he didn't have it. Completely outrages. If you get the chance, watch that last 2 mins and tell me they weren't trying to give the Dogs a goal to try and make a contest. Hope we hit the Sullivan line next quarter. Go Dees!
  7. He;s excellent at bringing the ball to ground
  8. and of course they just paid it against TMAC. Influence by the crowd I think.
  9. Please don't give it straight back this time.
  10. HTB Not being paid tonight! Great goal Trac!
  11. What has BT done to his hair? Looks like someone's p***ed on it
  12. Oops, sorry misread an article on the guardian. Yep one from each game only.
  13. If it's logged in AIR - Australian Immunisation Register (via your Medicare details) it will appear in your My Health Record (if you have one) So....there is a system to use already
  14. Yep, Indian variant. 50% more contagious than UK variant. It would be very Melbourne for us to thrash the dogs this Friday and then watch the season go down the toilet haha.
  15. Yep, my bad, government warned months ago and a formal pre-budget submission tabled three months ago. Not 12 months https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/apr/09/frustrated-experts-say-australia-could-already-be-producing-mrna-covid-vaccines-if-it-had-acted-earlier Anyways, this is skewing away from footy. Hope it all calms down.
  16. Had the first AZ shot on Monday. A bit wonky yesterday but fine today. Most people don't know anyone that's been seriously sick from Covid. I think that's one of the big drivers for complacency. This study on the neurological effects of Covid made up my mind pretty quickly. 1 in 3. https://www.ft.com/content/beb407c0-03a3-4aae-ba4b-7f66390d7409 Heard a federal MP banging on about the latest Vic outbreak and how people should have been vaccinated pffft. And yes, scientists recommend to the feds almost 12 months ago to ramp up onshore MRNA manufacturing capabilities
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