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  1. Then why play Clarry? Run him as sub and start brown on the field. Make Clarry earn a full game.
  2. JVR 68 percent time on ground tonight. Weird
  3. Me too, 3 hour drive up. Feeling quite nauseous about it. Will be in the lions members section.
  4. Yep. I've seen this movie before. Trying to ice it with 6 mins to go
  5. Leaving Oliver on. Are we tanking? Poor kid 10 minutes of game time. That's just cruel and stupid
  6. Love it. I reckon it was "make it look like I passed out in my undies at a 21st and my drunken mates have got stuck into me with a couple of Nikko pens"
  7. Man he's cooked. I don't think he has the speed or endurance
  8. I agree. He would have been better as our sub and Brown should be out there.
  9. We'd have to miss finals for it to be considered I'd say.
  10. Geez Norf supporters would be vomiting at that 50 to Carlton
  11. That's the tricky bit. It's all about leveraging exposure for their partners Totally agree we shouldn't watch it. However, we want to support our club and attend or watch games where we can. Maybe it's less Kayo and attending more local footy matches. It's still a wonderful game to watch, it's just becoming a complete dog's brekkie at the highest level.
  12. Just woeful standards. Nothing to see here. https://www.theroar.com.au/afl/video/thats-a-clanger-jimmy-bartel-raises-several-costly-umpiring-blunders-in-pies-huge-comeback-1359910/
  13. In the last few minutes, there was a North player leading in an open chase for the ball heading towards their half forward line. The chasing pies player just blatantly pushed him in the back sending him sprawling. Two pies player's just scooped the ball up and took it forward. Pushing in the back is rapidly disappearing as a free kick as well.
  14. I swear he blew the whistle and started to pay it and then just called play on.
  15. There were two htbs right in the Roos goals not paid and then the 50m paid or not paid? The ump should have called it back and set the mark with the 50m paid I thought. 14 frees to the pies to 3 to the Roos in the second half. Heartbreaking for their fans.
  16. Love to know what the second half count is. The umps are doing everything they can at the moment
  17. I'd be really enjoying this if I could just obliterate last week's memory
  18. I think you're spot on @Watson11 and the AFL will be right on to this as soon as the work out how to "leverage a revenue stream for their broadcast and corporate partners" They could have the diagnostic equipment sponsored by someone like NIB or Medibank and have boundary riders like Campbell Brown and Joel Selwood in the rooms interviewing the injured players reminiscing about the tough ol days when they or their team mates just played through it. They could ask the injured players insightful questions like "gee that must hurt a bit" player x "Yeah Brownie it does a bit yeah" then cut to an "NIB injury of the week award" or "Nurofen numbed up player of the week" For concussions, I'd recommend each suspect player just does a short 3 minute interview with BT, if they can stay in the conversation for more than 2 minutes without looking bewildered, they're obviously concussed (Note: This method may not work for Hawkins). Sorry, just trying to lighten the mood, it's been tough watching our season sink and watching what's happened to Tracc. Quite horrible really. So, yeah, if the AFL won't fix goal line technology, what's the chances they'll spend dollars on player welfare? - they bloody well should. And yep I'm not a doctor, and yep hindsight makes everything clearer, but with 4 broken ribs around his kidney and spleen area the poor bugger really should not have got back on the field. Lot's of players at the club seeming to play through injuries or underdone that you've got to query, May, Clarrie, Petty, Lever, Kozzy a year or two ago etc etc. (yes I know that's football) It's all very sad and I hope Tracc has the rest of the year off to get himself right. What horrible outcomes from the last two Pies games. Feels like Norm's back.
  19. Nice summation by Titus Collingwood (89) v Melbourne (51) Against a Collingwood side with more injuries than that time I decided to do some of my own electrical work, Melbourne made everything look hard. There were just so many poor decisions, and not just the players, even the medical team got in on the fun, sending Christian Petracca back out when he was clearly too injured and at risk. To be fair, it turned out he only had four broken ribs, a lacerated spleen and a punctured lung. Much has been made of Melbourne changing their game style. I personally don’t see it. The gameplan for the last three seasons has been to dominate play, but then butcher forward entries with a consistency that must be intentional. When someone occasionally does take a mark in the forward 50, they seem unsure of what to do next, and so usually kick a behind. They then let the opposition waltz up the other end and kick a goal. People keep saying Melbourne have more talent than most other teams, but I’m not sure you can say that based on the evidence. To my eye, Collingwood have more talented players than Melbourne, you saw it every time they hit a target, while Demons players repeatedly clanked it into an opponent. I don’t think you can say you’re a talented footballer if you can’t hit a target, or make the wrong decision 80 per cent of the time. It has been this way since the Premiership, and nothing has changed. All this talk of changing the gameplan over the off season is just nonsense. Collingwood on the other hand play with a ruthless efficiency. They run to support each other. Their skills are good, and they have a clear vision of what they want to do. Each player knows not only their own role, but their teammates, and the seem to also like each other. Add in some outstanding players and it’s not hard to see they are Sydney’s greatest threat this season. As for the Dees, they will talk about ‘working on things’ and ‘wake-up calls’ but all the fans hear is ‘we have no answers.’ Let’s not keep kidding ourselves
  20. There were two kicks where he wheeled from 60m out with two team mates inside the 50 against one pies player. He kicked it to the pies player's advantage both times. There was also the early smother from Howe when we was outside the arc and had loose team mates to choose from He has no defensive pressure and jogs after opponents when the ball is being slingshot back out of our forward line. He really seems to be lacking the grit to dig deep for the team. Schwarta was spot on. I just watched Goody's presser. He's like the Rudi Giuliani of the AFL. A big step forward off a cliff.
  21. What if the grub or one of the other players, deliberate or not gave Tracca a solid bump or collision in that area when he went back on? It could potenitally have been career ending if he'd copped another big hit. He's probably our future captain and close to our MVP at the moment. It just seemed absolutely reckless to put someone back on when he was flat out walking off at half time.
  22. We seem to be determined to play injured plays after getting away with it in the Granny. Such a different context. Yep disgraceful really.
  23. He's been coaching at the club since 2013 and forward coach since nov 2020. One good year in 4. We've been completely disfunctional the other 3. The pies did alright with a depleted forward line yesterday.
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