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  1. There's been quite a few land outside today. I don't understand why they persist with bounces. Just chuck it up
  2. I've never seen him hack kick it so much. His disposal is usually so sweet
  3. He has to shoulder the load so often this year when we lack intensity like this.
  4. It's not the amount of frees, it's where they pay them. Gee, there's a lack of intensity at the moment
  5. Kane Kornes is the David Brent of the AFL. The AFL will try and sweep this under the rug because that's what they do. Maybe a high profile suspension of a player for high contact this coming week (we don't take this lightly)
  6. `Ridiculous management. Surely you'd wonder if the doctor was pressured at the time. Gee 2nd positiion is looking very achieveable.
  7. Hope they pull 9th again. It's their sweet spot.
  8. I watched him today and thought "there's our next Norm Smith medalist" He is made of steel
  9. He definitely looked like he was stuck in the couch and couldn't get out. I hate that feeling
  10. I think they had Kochie's cash cow check em both out.
  11. https://youtu.be/SBcADQziQWY
  12. It would be like putting money on Kyrgios
  13. Who would be your favourite boxer of all time DD?
  14. Haha love it. That last fight was just brutal in the way he destroyed his opponent.
  15. Milli moved way too well for her. Very hard to land a blow the way she danced so well Didn't enjoy watching one of our players getting beaten pretty hard. Credit to Tayla for taking the caper on. Really enjoyed the lightweight title fight beforehand.
  16. Clarence Oliver does not "do Casey" 😁
  17. I still think he's carrying an injury. He looks quite impeded and off the pace the last couple of weeks. But I've only got a TV screen to judge by. I think it could be a major worry for us if he's not fully fit.
  18. Inspiration from John Birmingham's wonderful book "he died with a falafel in his hand"
  19. Great game by Viney again. Chandler really putting his hand up. Those that wanted Koz dropped are a little mad. Gee we've had some lapses over the last two games. Hunter's disposal is about as clean as a uni student's share house fry pan. Still happy we've banked the points and we're generally improving at the right end of the year.
  20. Yep, I think we have to have a tall beside JVR to give him that help. If not BB it probably has to be Grundy
  21. If only there was a Sportsbet multi for those dot points. Dead set certain. Time to put the foot down Dees. Really happy to finish comfortably 4th and play the Pies first week. Let's do it.
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