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  1. It's happened before - Gee I miss these two
  2. I noticed that today. Tackling has come on in the finals which brought us undone this finals campaign as our fantastic run and carry game got smashed through pressure. Today's game was all about tackling and pressure but you could say the same about our granny win last year. The women's game is progressing really well. It's just not in a straight line as coaches finesse their game plans and players adjust. Give me a close, hard fought grand final any day. Even if it's scrappy.
  3. Well done umps. Ignore a heap of head high tackles in general play then pay a softie directly in front to give the lions a premiership.
  4. North are looking out on their feet They need a goal. They won't hang on. C'mon Roos. I really dislike Davison btw
  5. Demolishing a perfectly good stadium is just insane. Building a 'temporary' stadium at the show grounds is insane. Replicating a stadium next door to an existing one in Hobart is insane. The Lions should just play at Metricon. It's underutilised and actually not a bad stadium to watch footy. The Brisbane Olympics are going to cost an estimated $7,100,00,000,000. let's say 8 billion conservatively as a true cost. at 14 days for an event running maybe 18hours a day works out about half a million dollars a minute I think. AN obscene waste of money. Schools, health, aged care, housing. Naaah, Olympics maaaate
  6. 2 years in a row the aflw granny has sold out in a snap. Why isn't the game moved to a bigger venue?
  7. I thought the crows would have a better chance of rolling the lions but really happy to see Norf get up. They tackle really (and don't get rewarded). Just didn't take all of their chances. Some crazy push in the back frees not paid to Norf in the last. Really glad they got up. Will at least give me a team to barrack for next week.
  8. What an incredible game by Presparkis. We should have shut her down much earlier. Gillard into the ruck in the last worked really well and Goldrick finally came into it Not sure why you'd swing Pearce forward. She just a hopeless kick. Great last quarter by Zanks and Hanks. Umpiring was just horrible in that last when we were coming at em. 2023. What a complete waste of a season for this club. After the blokes, the girls gave me so much joy to watch. What the hell happened this year? I'm not sure if something is going on at the club or not. But geez, we just seemed to disintegrate.
  9. They're getting ball, kicking ball straight down their opponents throat though. More accountability as well? No blind kicking.
  10. Pretty good summation. Really lucky we got that goal on the siren. Do we need Banno right up the field to try and break the lines. She seems wasted deep in the forward line. Not sure how we spark our midfield. We're really not handling the extra finals pressure well, yet this team did exactly that to win a flag last year. We are capable. We seem mentally fatigued. What will Stinnear do to fire them up?
  11. Yep. Remember when we used to strangle teams? We're choking big time.
  12. That kick to Fitzsimmons through the centre. She had 3 cats to beat Pffft
  13. A cliff seems like the perfect analogy. I'm perplexed. It wasn't just the opposition, we were playing amazing footy in the first half of the season. Our drop off across all lines is just mind blowing.
  14. How is our kicking out of defence? Crazy bad
  15. Down is SA for the weekend doing a big birthday and winery weekend. Saw the score before the replay, so didn't bother watching. Geez we've dropped off a cliff in the last few games. We looked cooked. The only positive I can see is the opportunity for Mich and the team to pull transform their game and find a way to bring clean attacking footy back into the play. Not confident but fascinated to see if they can turn this horrible form around
  16. She was really striking some great form. Bugger.
  17. I really liked a lot of the articles the roar put out about the Dees last year. Definitely more independence and critical thinking. The mainstream media is more like a drama filled 3 year old just wanting attention
  18. If Hanks goes for that tackle it will really hurt us. And..... Make me feel like the aflw is quickly catching up to the ridiculousness of AFL at a fast rate. We did score a goal in the last remember. It was reversed by another stupid free kick by the ump that paid a dangerous tackle to the lions in the third.
  19. A lot of the revenue comes from the media, so you could argue the AFL is the Media's [censored].
  20. I've got faith in this team to learn and rebound. Really need to get our midfield humming and our run and carry going again.
  21. Breathtaking. Dropped it like a school case
  22. Has anyone noticed the clock is not stopping at all this quarter?
  23. Depends where you're playing. Adelaide will not be pretty. That last dangerous tackle decision was just atrocious
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