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  1. For me, there's some admiration for where Richmond have come from and what they've built over the past decade. Geelong just seem to get a free ride with home games, umpiring etc etc. They have an arrogant sook for a coach. I'll acknowledge their recruitment has been really good and they have rebuilt while staying competitive. Wouldn't be surprised if they're rigging the cap to do it though
  2. Are you suggesting we tank? Hahaha
  3. Yep, if we're going to win a flag, we need to give up the habit of relying on other results.
  4. Get permission from the government and then save $ by only opening up small sections. They could just open up certain gates and bars but ffs let people spread out.
  5. It really still smacks of us not being mentally tough and switched on enough. We roll the tough teams and switch off and lose to the bad ones. The same can be said for our first quarter efforts being our weakest of most games. Makes it hard to predict. Every good team still has a slump at some point. I reckon we'll drop the bombers game, the sky will fall here, and then we'll straighten up to finish third or fourth. We'll beat the cats at their home and I will love every second of it. Viney and BB need to get in and fire. If we can play every final at the MC
  6. Don't forget soccer. It's probably an even bigger threat to afl
  7. What a free kick against Sparrow, how? why? and then handed to Pendlebury.
  8. I think we're doing it deliberately today to find space. But that kick from Gawn into the pocket for Pickett was nonsense
  9. He's had a "quietish game" according to the commentators
  10. Jackson has a pretty bloody good game so far. He's a cracker
  11. Watched a few pies players grab the ball off us when it was our free as well just to slow it down. No 50
  12. I'm positive we're being lazy. I'm positive we're being outcoached I'm positive we'll probably lose this by a poor umpiring decision and a kick I'm positive this may be our mid year slump I'm positive we're much better than this Time to lift Dees . #stayingpositive
  13. Black and Gold sausages cooked on a stolen bbq, white bowl busting bread, sauce and a couple of meth pipes before the game. Go pies!
  14. Richmond are gaining momentum over the last few weeks. I think they are our biggest threat this year. Finals experience is everything. We dont want them top four.
  15. Umpires influencing this result too. BS free on the goal line and then two saints players held down on the mark and the ump just brings the kick back when it should have been reversed
  16. I think it's amazing how quickly Geelong players can recover after ducking into tackles and then flailing around on the ground until the free kick is paid. So courageous
  17. I really hope Geelong win and we get to obliterate them in a final again.
  18. What an incredible bloke. How good would it be to see Neale at the Granny when we lift the cup. Btw his biography is a great read too.
  19. Yes, they won't even have to adjust their game plan. Down the line all day.
  20. I reckon we have to be a good chance to make the dance. Richmond are starting to hum and have that finals experience. They'll be the toughest to beat come finals I think. With the disruption to the VFL season, I'm wondering if the Burgess factor can help us again. There's a heap of players on the fringe that we may need (Jetta, Jones, Sparrow, Brown x2 etc etc) that we need to keep match fit. We have the best in the business to help keep them super fit. It may be a real edge for us come the pointy end. Go Dees!
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