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  1. Yeeew You watch Essendon Carlton Geelong and think you really hate them. Then you watch the pies and realise there's a whole new level. Thank you Freo Hope cox is ok pffft
  2. Why is Grundy playing for Freo?
  3. Their Guernsey looks like an extention of their tatts. Their pressure is quite incredible
  4. Nope. I think we did the right thing with those two. JJ and Grundy, probably better off still having them. I wonder about Tomlinson too. I can see him leaving and doing well elsewhere. Gee I miss you and your hard work off half back Gus. Starting to twitch at the thought of the KB game.
  5. I think that's part of the problem yeah. Casey's form in general is falling apart compared to previous years. There's no-one banging the door down much at all. Macadam and Billings appear to be duds. BBB is shot. Petty, I'm really uncertain about. Unless we are incredibly lucky to find another Caleb Windsor amongst our youngsters at Casey this year, I think we're going to finish 7th or 8th.
  6. Our whole forward line, Fritsch included, have provided absolutely no defensive pressure. Goes straight in and straight back out.
  7. We'll go down by under a goal I reckon. I can feel it in my bowels.
  8. We're feeling the scoreboard pressure now! 😁
  9. Schofield and Pav. What a class act. May as well just stick a mike in the eagles cheer squad
  10. Credit to the Suns, they ran it out pretty well. I've NEVER wanted to stay up to listen to an opposition coaches press conference before. But I might have another beer and hang in there.
  11. Can we please play another quarter.
  12. That was a great shot of the Geelong cheer squad then. He was on his 15th Canadian club and was looking like he couldn't find his way to the loo.
  13. I'm finding it very therapeutic.
  14. They all look very sweaty and fatigued right now. As does the coach
  15. I thought they may have had to check people's phones behind the goal then for that review. Just awesome
  16. This is so good. Missed the first half playing trivia at the local brewery and winning an ice cold slab of beer. Cracking a couple of cans now withy wonderful wife and having a quiet chuckle. Gimme more coach box vision!
  17. Maybe they didn't like the font on his 45 slide PowerPoint presentation on where they screwed up.
  18. Must have been a fantastic lecture by Scott during the week. Seems to be making a really good impression. His jocks must be riding right up his clacker.
  19. "We take the opportunity to educate our clubs and in turn be educated." I'm sure the AFL were well and truly educated by that whining pratt. I pity gold coast who are playing the cats this weekend.
  20. Exactly If Kossie can kick his own ball forward to a pack and then crumb his own kick to kick a brilliant goal on the run, why can't Max? A couple of sprint sessions this week to get him running faster than Mach Pickett and some 50km endurance sessions in the afternoon. He'll be cherry ripe come Sunday. Or maybe send him off on a run this arvo across the Nullarbor to Perth. Harden him up a bit more. That way he'll avoid the physical degradation of those horrendous 4 hour flights. Love you Maxy 😜 Go Dees
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