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  1. Fritsch high fend against, Kozzie gets nailed in front of goal by Moore, play on
  2. Pickett is running so hard. Two posters for us. Dammm
  3. This is better than listening to BT. One of the true highlights of following this club was this blokes post match interview. Please just play for each other and do this for Gus.
  4. No-one seemed to be into my "let's rookie draft Tim Tszyu for one game dream", so my latest dream is that - Maynard is collected by the whole team and carried by his cruits in a rolling Maul all the way to section M33 and then thrown with gusto into the pies cheers squad. That would be a great way to start the game. Go Dees
  5. Except all 3 of them are getting older. How do we keep him for another year or two to step in as those three start to fall struggle with older bodies. I question if Maysie is fit enough to be out there at the moment. (He'll probably play a blinder) Tommo is a vexing issue as I think he has the capability to be a permanent rock for us down back. He's just a very close run 4th at the moment
  6. After 50 odd years of following this team and the "we're going to come out hard or our culture is strong talk" tiresome. Won 7 Drew 1 Lost 14 In an era where we've been pretty good. Talky talky talky. Do it for Jimma, Do it for Troy, do it for Neale, do it for RDB, do it for Gus. I'd love to see us destroy them the Pies and Maynard. It would be great to even just even beat them by a point. I know it's the entertainment industry, but enough with the talk from the team. Close the doors, hunker down and get it right. WC and Freo were just not performances of a club displaying a strong culture. Do it for absolutely everyone at the club (as Gus said after the Granny). When all is said and done.....
  7. It was one thing to go through the experience of watching Gus get ironed out, losing by a whisker and then being abused by pies supporters after the siren when they won anyway. It was icing on the cake sitting next to the AFL marketing team at lunch in a restaurant the following day. Their complete focus was not on the final series but how they could leverage maximum value for their commercial partners. I appreciate that's their job but seriously, half of them didn't even watch the whole game the night before. It really turned me off going to AFL games completely. Still love the game, local footy and the Dees, but I'm not up for the whole bombastic BS they offer. Go Dee's and love ya Gus
  8. I think last week when they were hanging in there with the cats at Taxpayer haven, the commentators said that Richmond had now played every player in their squad in the seniors this year apart from a kid (a gun basketballer recruit) who was playing his first season of footy ever! Let that sink in, when we use lack of depth for an excuse and how we performed against Freo and WC. Richmond are at least competitive and I'm really happy for Adem to be doing so well with such a decimated team. You can see that attacking fast style of play coming through. The Lions used to be my 2nd team to barrack for when we were out, but I really dislike them now. I think I'll be going for the Tiges for a while now. Go Yze!
  9. He really looked cooked out there fitness wise on Sunday. It's to be expected. I really didn't think we'd have him back at all this season, so I guess we've gotta be thankful he's playing footy at all this season. He's definitely only Choo and not Choo Choo at the moment
  10. Petty is moving like a guy in his early forties who's had a backyard vasectomy the day before Matchday ??? 😕
  11. Steven May is moving about as well as a 90 year old that's just had a hip replacement. He is not himself at all. I'm not sure how he'd go forward at the moment unless we just plonked him the goal square in a lazy boy. He's giving it all he can but he looks really really sore to me.
  12. Yes woke, they're always awoke because of all the kids they're all having. Time for a bonk ban. Players with no kids are not woke so much. Let's get Toby Green and Maynard in. Tommy Raudonikis can coach. Andrew Bolt for Ceo. Probs solved.
  13. The Kolt needs to step up and step out with Goody!
  14. No I was not serious. Well Maybe about Maxie, he seemed to be distributing more out of the centre than some of on ballers. Chasing our opponents is what we excelled at for about a decade a while ago. It was like a trip down memory lane.
  15. This for me too. Incredibly disturbing when combined with Casey's form
  16. I thought today was another whole big step down.
  17. I think Max may have been out best midfielder today. Full credit to the boys, they chased their opponents around hard all day.
  18. Jordan Lewis just aying the same. Coaches making no adjustments
  19. TMAC forward. Woohoo, season saved!
  20. And Yze will get a fit team and be challenging for a flag
  21. What is a top 4 team doing 100 points down?
  22. Wherever he is, he's probably jogging and not putting any pressure on his opponent
  23. This has so much "Neeld feel" about it. Remember when you're highlight of a game was a good chase down tackle? When you just had to be happy to watch a young bloke like Windsor bust his guts? I've really got the Needs nostalgia going here It's like a Trainwreck and I just can't seem to turn the tv off.
  24. The legalisation of shoving players both hands in the back to get them out of the way to take a mark is driving me quite spare
  25. I've really enjoyed watching Casey in the last few years but just haven't watched much this season. The fact that it seems like AMW maybe the only one right now who could step into our AFL right now is quite disturbing. In years gone past, you could see similar game plans and systems across both teams and a number of potential candidates pushing for selection. Casey's performance this year is really setting alarm bells off for me
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