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  1. We'll thought out and very articulate. We'll done Daisy. The pasting she's copping on social media is disgraceful. Bit more of a thinker than BT, Rex and Carey
  2. It's disturbing to watch Dangerfield outsprint his opponents most of the night. Interesting to watch these old blokes going harder than some of our young players tonight
  3. Come on Lions, at least injure someone
  4. Yes, they really deserve a flag. Surely this year.
  5. Volume off. Getting drunk watching weaker teams play for a spot in the Granny. Geelong pulling frees like Bill Wyman pulling you know what. I repeat, turn the sound off and some cruisy music on.... Go Casey. The only real joy left this season
  6. Such a great post. I was really disturbed watching Steven May getting more and more abusive with his team mates on Friday night as things went pear shaped. Really poor behaviour and leadership. Might be back to the bathwater again.
  7. Yeah that was really sad for Rosman, he's had a pretty solid season. Casey have been the silver lining in the last 3 months of a sliding season. I'm really pumped to see our team succeed, especially for a couple of the older leaders such as Munro and White. TMAC and JVR are great to watch together in the forward line. We've been a great cohesive team at VFL level as compared to the frustration of watching games slide in the seniors and opportunities getting wasted in our forward line.
  8. should have definitely been given the second franchise. A big successful sporting club.
  9. Just imagine if it had been a match winning move made sometime in the third quarter. Would have been extra nice for Petty after getting sledged all game.
  10. Great move by the AFL to introduce club / supporter centric commentary. I watched the whole game listening to how good St Kilda we're because I couldn't find the Naarm channel! Great win Dees. Big game next week. It should be the curtain raiser to the vfl granny.
  11. That's interesting. I watched Casey do the opposite yesterday. Michael Barlow I think it was commentating who talked about how good the forwards were at stretching the Lions defence. Mitch Brown or TMAC would lead up on to the wing, mark and wheel around fast to kick to JVR etc. This high up the ground leading created space for the Dees forwards to lead into. We tried it in the seniors with Gawn and LJ and it failed pretty miserably. I'm not sure how Grundy is going to fix it next year. Also, for most of the season I heard players kept talking about the game plan being to get it in to the forwards fast and lock it in. It didn't work and they kept doing the same thing for the whole season. I don't really believe we tried to adjust our game style too much at all. It just wasn't evident onfield. I can't help but think he's stubborn or fearful of making dramatic changes to game style or personnel. Petty forward with five minutes left in the season is a classic example. Geez, how many games did we not even use the Sub when we were being overrun?
  12. Via 7mate on demand or AFL website. Google "watch vfl Casey" you should find a replay. Worth a watch to see a cohesive 4 quarter team performance (as compared to Friday's hot mess)
  13. Totally agree. On form (and today's performance), there were a handful of players that should have been the sub ahead of Smith too. Geez I enjoyed watching Casey today. A high performing, cohesive team. Bittersweet
  14. Gus came to life as soon as he was released from Tagging Neale which was handed to Sparrow IN THE LAST QUARTER. Goody seems stubborn or too scared to make the changes when he should. Probably both I guess
  15. There was a point about 14 mins to go in the third and May was kicking in. He had the courage to drill it hard down the centre corridor to a one on one and back Rivers to beat his opponent. It was great to see him try something different. The problem was that Rivers next closest team mate was Hunt out on the wing. He was at least 5m outside of his opponent on the far wing. He has the pace. He was supposed to have the hunger? Remember he was supposed to have the HUNGER! But he just was jogging behind his opponent outside of the kick. Was he coached to stay out wide? Or was he just dumb or lazy? He had the opportunity to make the dash into the corridor to help his team mate but he didn't. Result.... Rivers lost the contest, turn over and then goal to the lions I think. It's just so frustrating and excruciating to watch us slowly die over three quarters in a final.
  16. There were at least 5 out on the full. Disgraceful entries into F50 and totally dysfunctional forward line. I know BBB has been poor but try having two opponents and the ball bombed in on your head all day. He's great as a second tall forward with lots of room to lead into one on one. Where did our kicking skills go over summer. We were laser like last year and all applauding Chocco for his skills coaching. So many stupid kicks in the air to team mates instead of flat fast passes.
  17. We can all sit back and watch JVR, Chandler, Dunstan. And Bowie carve it up in the VFL tomorrow. It's criminal to not have given them a better run at seniors based on their form and the lack of form and fitness of others. Wat does it say to these young blokes and subs who sit there all game watching injured team mates run out of legs in the second half. Insanity indeed
  18. Just like days of old. Numerous goals in deetime in numerous quarters. No mental or physical stamina
  19. There's about six out there that are going to be dubious by the last. Should be aN interesting finish if we don't bury them in the third
  20. Crazy odds with our form in the last ten weeks
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