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  1. Totally agree I'm finding the aflw much more relaxing and enjoyable to watch.
  2. Something really stinks. It's not completely blatant but everything seems to just stack up. Umpiring, ARC reviews (in favour of Carlton for the last 7 they've been in), fixturing, MRO. Media agendas and narratives. Umpires betting... he's back umpiring again and the narrative sounds just like Maynard's and how tough it's been for him. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/afl/article-12202689/AFL-umpire-arrested-Brownlow-Medal-betting-scandal-makes-shock-return-football.html Betting, 4 corners report on how much the AFL makes from betting agencies.... crickets. Racism allegations.... let's move on. If there's a problem, they investigate themselves and give the all clear. We blew it this year, we really did. But Maynard should not have been playing last night. The missed head high and tripping free kicks to GWS and then the last 2 minutes where 5 times Collingwood players just rolled up on the ground with the ball and waited for another ball up. Yeah something is nqr with this league.
  3. It's not just about bums on seats, it's ratings and profile all week. A GWS vs lions granny would not rate like pies vs blues. This is the tv entertainment industry.
  4. Might go fishing and get drunk on grand final day. I usually love watching it no matter who is in it. Totally soured this year. Thanks Gil
  5. Not as hard as it has been for Maynard though. Spare a thought for the poor guy.
  6. This season feels much worse than when we were complete trash. Surreal. That could have been us. So good to be in northern NSW. I just have to avoid the one magpies supporter in the village..... for about the next year at least.
  7. I counted 5 times in a row that a pies player just took the ball and fell down and curled up with it in the last two minutes. Disgraceful. Feeling for you GWS fans. Welcome to the AFL. Know your place
  8. Yeah but Carlton or the lions won't beat them
  9. Love that 50metre penalty. Go feral and spit on each other you pile of black and white excrement. #notbitteratall
  10. Can I claim CTE from the AFL from watching that camera work, staring into the sun and listening to Kellie Underwood? Great win girls God I love watching this team.
  11. Who starts a game at 5pm on a Friday? Surely 6pm would have been better for fans to attend or tune in. Also, this means there'll also be a heaps of Hawthorn kids tune in and this may not be a (PG) result. They may get scarred, swap clubs and barrack for Melbourne and then eventually follow our men's side and be tortured for the majority of their life! Just (half) joking
  12. Gee the roar has posted some good articles of late. This one nails it again. Bulldogs V2 Goodwin is looking very Beveridge
  13. This article made me nauseous. Wish the comments were open on it. We could share our experience of being beaten and then abused by victorious pies fans. So gracious in victory. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2023/sep/19/afl-finals-series-collingwood-magpies
  14. I agree about the disservice robbing the women's team to straighten out the men. I love the way our Women's team is going, they are playing wonderful connected, attacking fluid footy. He could potentially straddle both teams in some capacity. Maybe I'm being naive but in reality, he can still coach the women's team through to a flag this year and then flip to assist the men's team to some extent for next. Team Culture? Game Day strategy and selection? Ben Brown seems to be much loved and involved with the women's team, he could help with the load more if he's retiring from AFL. Mick seems to be so good at swinging the changes quicky and responsively during games. I watched Ellie Blackburn dominate for the dogs last week and after trying Heath with a tag, he had Paxman on to her and they managed to nullify her in the second half to run away with it. The week before, once we had the game in the bag against the giants, he had Tahlia Gillard in the forward line for most of the last quarter just to mix it up and try things out. I think our boys would be really flat after the finals, their confidence shaken. If you watch that brilliant little 15 minute doco from last years AFLW flag, they all realised from previous years, they'd actually been trying too hard! I can see that in the men's team in some ways. I think if you're pushing too hard, you start to play more selfishly rather than with freedom and trust in your team mates. Our men admitted that that was the difference in 2021, playing for each other and trust in each other. The drama / improv classes was a great idea by Mick too. After losing Daisy, I'd hate to see Mick walk away for a bigger better challenge at another club. Maybe he's up for working with both teams? We're one club and we should be leveraging techniques, resources, intitiatives across all 3 teams as much as we can. I think we're mad if we don't use Stinnear more across the club.
  15. That's the bit that drives me insane. I understand the media won't highlight it but what about our president speaking out. There's so many examples of unfair treatment and rule tweaks, MRO decisions to our disadvantage yet you never hear boo from us. We're way too nice. I think that's part of the reason they're comfortable in doing it. As much as I dislike Maguire, he would not let these inconsistencies, (including Kozzies suspension for Cripps hitting the back of his head) stand. I would love to see ump 22's for and against frees for us and in particular those paid against us in our defensive 50. Maybe it's not a conspiracy (I think it probably is to have a pies vs blues granny) but this club is too soft in just copping it. I knew as soon as that bloke was appointed to umpire a major final that these type of things were just going to make it a little harder for us on the night. He is rubbish.
  16. Has anyone on here ever seen a player suspended for having an opponent run into the back of their head and just get a blood nose. Ever? Unreal that he was cited
  17. Watching the girls the last two weekends has really helped my sanity. They really play for each other. Great running and ball movement. I even loved the commentary. No blokes yelling at me through the TV. Just a couple of women calling the game fairly completely without raising their voices too much. Sat at the back of the couch with the feet up enjoying footy like we should. Loving the way this team plays.
  18. Every now again I wonder if I'm being paranoid. But dead set, Cripps ran into the back of Pickett's head. He didn't touch his shoulder. Surely we should be appealing. But, we hardly ever do.
  19. Was that for Cripps running into the back of Pickett's head?
  20. We have that culture. It's sitting in our aflw team. There's something nqr with the blokes
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