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  1. Amazing to see Geelong in third place. They really don't deserve to be there, but on the other hand, I'd love to see us destroy them in a final again.
  2. Yep, saw him lots of times just trying to get a run at the ball and just being scragged. He did alright last week and he'll learn to beat those tags. He's just too good
  3. Curly from the Three Stooges I think. That's where all of their ideas and decisions come from.
  4. With Tmacs tank and marking, I think he's better to move up the ground and help Max I was worried about BBs defensive pressure but he seemed to chase pretty hard against the Swans even if he didn't lay too many direct tackles. I'm sure he's with the program on defensive pressure. I'd say it's Weid in for Jackson. Still not fussed on Melksham. If it's wet I'd prefer Jones, Sparrow or Chandler in for him but I doubt it will happen.
  5. Hopefully we'll snag a premiership cup this year. In which case being showered with beer will probably be the commencement of a really big night for us all. Fingers crossed
  6. Exactly, it's the inconsistency that makes it all bs. This will count against May if he is cited (by football commentators) again this season I would assume. I doubt it's worth pursuing an appeal but I can just see another borderline widely talked about infringment at the end of the season against May coming back to haunt us.
  7. They mentioned it three times on the tv coverage after it happened. I knew he'd at least get a fine because that's the way the tribunal works. The commentators cite the players. Just ridiculous. There was nothing in it. How much did Hawkins pay for breaking May's eye socket?
  8. Classic Selwood duck then for that goal. Blues starting to panic a bit now.
  9. Carlton win by a point would be good for us. Silvagni maybe concussed. Any other injuries? I've just tuned in.
  10. Yeah I wonder if Sparrow standing in for Viney might have helped last night. I do wonder if Petracca will pull up ok or it they'll rest him next week. If so, Sparrow should have his chance but Yze has some work ahead of him this week.
  11. There was a moment in the third I think through the centre corridor where Salem was almost caught but spun out of the tackle and in the same movement delivered a stab pass straight down a team mate's throat. Awesome
  12. One of the best things about this start is watching Tom sticking it the doubters. It's also worth mentioning that our kicking for goal across the board has really improved. Makes a huge difference.
  13. How often do we just give it straight back?
  14. We're starting to run hard now.
  15. He only needs one to stay in the side
  16. Max spoils Petty, goal for Swans ffs
  17. He had some brilliant little passages but he's been tagged quite hard now.
  18. Yes, he put it straight down aSwans players throat right in front of goal in demontime lucky it was touched off the boot
  19. And click goes our forward line
  20. Geez Harmes just loves to stand in those tackles but then does nothing with it Swans are all around the ball Lucky we're kicking straight. Makes a huge difference.
  21. The last couple of trips down south to the G, I've worn skins under my jeans. Much warmer! I'm Just another soft qlder
  22. Melksham is having a run for some extra coin. 😁
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