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  1. BT crowd only 58 thousand. Slightly disappointing for a Melbourne home game.
  2. Don't forget it's so we never have to play in the wet!
  3. Took it through the behinds under no pressure.
  4. C'mon I saw him kick it to a team mate who marked it. What more do you want?
  5. We should be 3 to 4 goals down. Umpiring is disgraceful. I still think we're in this. It will get close and then the maggots will kick in to get the baggers home.
  6. Walsh dropped it like a school bag... Play on
  7. Grind away dees. You can dot it
  8. Just brilliant defence by the blues.
  9. We seemed really Fritsch focussed in our entries in the first.
  10. The question is @Jaded No More Will Frittas hair be able to stand up through the downpour?
  11. I'd also add that I reckon that was Ed Langdon's best game in a couple of years. Great to see him galloping up and down that wing in free space again. Both Petty and Lingers really seemed to hit some serious form and rhythm last week. Enjoy the game tonight folks. Spending the day listening Steve Albini's incredible work and one of the best rock and roll bands I've ever seen, six ft hick have lost their drummer Fred to cancer. Bring the white light white heat tonight Dees Safe travels Fred and Steve. https://youtu.be/poc6x0EiFfQ?si=31wLOYHk6HEGq3x2
  12. Totally @leave it to deever You could probably say we're missing Bowey, Salon and Gus as well for that matter. Full credit to Troy Chaplin and the coaching team for the system he's built back there. Maysie and Lever as the generals for us as well. I swear after the siren blew those two were still arguing with each other. If anyone watches the replay have a look, it was hilarious. They're totally like a married couple at times. Remember when we were piling on Steven May for the way he was abusing team mates in his early days with us? But they've obviously set a standard back there. No-one seems in doubt of their role in that brick wall. Bronze and Iron indeed
  13. The Roar article and to some extent the guardian articles as well listed earlier in this thread banged on about how boring the game was for the first three quarters. I may be a bit biased but I found the whole contest quite riveting. It was a wonderful arm wrestle all night. It wasn't just boring stoic defence from us. The cats got out on numerous occasions but our defence was frenetic on scrambling back to stop them. I find that really entertaining to watch. 14 behinds in a row, not as much but I think that reflected the pressure of the game on both sides. I loved every minute of it, not just the last quarter.
  14. Yeah, unfortunately the goty awards are usually just viewed as small clips. But if you look at the context of the game and the pressure he was under with 3 mins on the clock, it was an unbelievable piece of footy. Loved the way he just caressed it off the boot and kicked it with just the right amount of pace for it to curl around and through.
  15. I'm with you @Sydee and as @Binmans PA has stated, the context is that JVR has had to cut his teeth in a decimated forward line which has constantly had changed in personnel and very ordinary delivery. Goody alluded to it in his presser, our forward line is getting better delivery now and just as important, some stability with our personnel and structure. They're finding their rhythm and JVR is too.
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