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  1. Melksham is having a run for some extra coin. 😁
  2. What instead of Pawn Stars and Ice Truckers?
  3. That's a great point. Tom has a bigger tank and covers more ground. He provides a better marking target up the field and above all else, I still think he's a much better mark than the Weid. I'm still not sold on Weids marking ability above all else. I'm sure he'll get his chance this year in the seniors but Petty and Tmac is a better option.
  4. Watching Harmes last week in the VFL, he didn't really star in a 100 point win and I don't think he's ready yet. Sparrow is fit, fills Vineys role well and is slowly improving. Harmes needs to earn a spot and be match fit.
  5. What on earth is going on at this football club? This feels surreal. Let's go 8-0!
  6. From the vision shown posted a couple of pages back (thanks whoever put it up), it's blurry but frame by frame you can see the blokes arm swing back and connect with Fritsch's face and Fritsch goes to ground (for a while) and come up with a bloodied mouth. I'm sure the AFL could produce better vision. It's intentional (not accidental as was Fritsch's) and had the same impact. Both should be graded as low. In the end it means nothing as far as a defence goes for the later incident. I think the way out is to show vision of the North Player continuing unhindered for the rest of the ga
  7. Zeibel hit him. No commentary by the media, so no need for the MRP to review
  8. Only if you're a superstar 😜
  9. At least two to three weeks according to the club via the Fox commentary today. I suspect we'll have to manage his loads for the rest of the year.
  10. Bedford in for Melksham as well. Feel for Tomlinson. Quite worried for Viney too. I wonder if his game time might have to be managed for the rest of this season.
  11. Hawkins = Geelong superstar and gets off Fritsch = Melbourne player one week for sure. And nothing will get done about Zeibel decking Fritsch behind play. Great game by Fritta today btw. He's really straightened up his kicking.
  12. My thoughts exactly. Hope it stays dry. I wonder if we're going to have to manage Vineys load this year? Sounds like an injury that's never going to go away completely.
  13. I think they're going down on the same plane @Whispering_Jack 😁
  14. The dogs really aren't that good when the blow torch is applied
  15. Probably worthy of it's own thread. Who is replacing Burgess. We need that person recruited sooner than later to get a decent handover from him.
  16. We need sustained success to really bring the bigger crowds. If you look at Jones' win loss ratio as an example, we can't really expect large crowds and membership until we're consistently winning year in year out. It is happening now and it will be all that much sweeter for those that have endured supporting this club for the past 15 years or more.
  17. I'm 54 years old now and I don't think I've seen a Melbourne team play like they did last night. I'm still a little stunned. So good to see so much joy on this forum. So good to see the team do it for chunk and to hear him acknowledge the long suffering fans for sticking with this club. How good was it to watch Gawn sprinting through the centre as a midfielder taking handball receives. Ruckmen don't do that but our captain does. How good was it to watch Petracca reach a new level in the third. Complete beast mode. It reminded me of watching Carey turn a game through sheer will a
  18. I watched that grub Nankervis tackle Viney around the head. Then as the whistle was blown for a ball up he reached across and pinched Viney on the arm as he got up off the ground. Yeah, you just go ahead and make Viney angrier mate. Five minutes later, Viney gets tackled by Nankervis from behind and Jack just lifts the big bastard up and throws him over his head. Smart move Tobes. That scuffle at the end was just icing on the cake. We are a tough ruthless gut running and tackling machine.
  19. First holding the ball decision I've seen where Fritta had the ball in his but cheeks
  20. Totally. But Edwards is such a fair player
  21. How is that a push in the back to Fritta
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