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  1. Fritsch did it twice in the 3rd when we could have clawed back. It drove me insane! 2 Melbourne forwards on the lead against one pies defender. Guess where he kicked it? Why why, it drives me mad. I know we have talent problems now but this feels like we're back to looking for another Paul Roos to fix our culture and build out confidence again.
  2. He and his mates have to go. Something is rotten. Even Fritsch was turning from 60 out to a forward line with 2 free Dee's and one pies defender and kicking it straight to the pies player. Multiple times. Disco's disposal was putrid. If it isn't for JVR and Koz our forward line is non existent. He's lost the players. I'd love some insight from the poor buggers that went today. What is going on?
  3. Do we go and get that VFL plugger who's just kicked a bag against us?
  4. I'd still argue we're not terrible. We could have won pretty easily but 5 14 with about 4 on the full ain't going to keep you in a game. We played terribly, I don't think we're that poor. Not top 4 but should be in the top 8.
  5. The house? It's dark and I'm drunk.
  6. The sad thing is that if we'd kicked the last three we'd be right back init. Why was that not 50 to Pickett?
  7. He's just jogging again. Atrocious body language by Turner when side bottom took that mark, just turned his back and started walking off.
  8. Good ol days of 3 defenders up in a contest against one opponent. And a goal out the back. On the tequila now
  9. Great work by Koz to get it to him too. Why were they both sitting on the bench last qtr?
  10. Shot at goal accuracy is 20 percent. Yipyah. A goal conceded at the end of each quarter. Pizzzeng our chances away.
  11. He's been injured for weeks I reckon. He's looked proppy since the start of the season. He's cooked. Better off playing Tommo before he walks
  12. Kozzie seems to be sitting on the bench with Roo. [censored]
  13. We hit the post twice, their kicks bend back in and sneak through. And there's the chant
  14. He's a better player with broken ribs than Billings
  15. That was so good both of those goals and contest against Moore. The kid just keeps getting better
  16. How good has Laurie been? In everything pffft
  17. Exactly. Yes he flew for a speccie too but he's been our best so far.
  18. A few? Two out on the full as well. Fritsch kicking into a Howe smother with two loose forward. And then the killer rebound just before the siren So hard to watch.
  19. The inside fifty count at quarter time is going to make me cry.
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