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  1. I reckon we have to be a good chance to make the dance. Richmond are starting to hum and have that finals experience. They'll be the toughest to beat come finals I think. With the disruption to the VFL season, I'm wondering if the Burgess factor can help us again. There's a heap of players on the fringe that we may need (Jetta, Jones, Sparrow, Brown x2 etc etc) that we need to keep match fit. We have the best in the business to help keep them super fit. It may be a real edge for us come the pointy end. Go Dees!
  2. I was thinking the same thing. Watching them hand ball to team mates standing still
  3. Found the link. Nice little video explaining the theme MFC community https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/940459/melbourne-unveils-2021-afl-indigenous-guernsey#
  4. Do you know who designed it @WalkingCivilWar? It was a cracker
  5. Nice words Mr Stafford. We are the real deal. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/demons-see-off-latest-challenger-with-come-from-behind-victory-20210604-p57yb5.html
  6. Yep, that second half was one of the best I've ever seen from a Melbourne team. Saying that, we played so poorly in the first that we should have been 6 or 7 goals down but that's not the kind of team we are anymore. In some ways that first half and only being down 20 points set us up. When we switch on, we are just unstoppable now. Just an unbelievable team when we run hard. This team is getting me so drunk this year. Thinking about an 8 hour drive to the SCG next Monday. Congrats to everyone at the ground tonight, you sounded great.
  7. Kozzie one handed mark running back with the flight one handed mark! I love you.
  8. That tackle on Koz as he was running into the forward line with a minute to go. The ball was way in front of him. So bloody obvious and no free. So much scragging of our players. no HTB calls at all against the Lions that I can recall. Yes we don't deserve to be in front but the umpiring is eye watering.
  9. A really good test for us now. No pressure anywhere across the ground. in the past we would have been down 6 goals by now. Time to start playing dees and shut that cheating bartard Hipwood down.
  10. Its coming in without enough pressure. Hipwood is pushing in the back with every contest.
  11. Lions jumper looks like the front of a pokie machine on a set of pajamas.
  12. Hope all you Sydney folks see a cracking win. Everyone there enjoy and let us hear ya! Go Dees
  13. Stoked that Sparrow finally gets a run. Hope he gets in the guts and tears it apart. Mitch Robinson was pretty good last week. He's the one we'll need to stop.
  14. Destroy them on their home turf and take the gate takings from 35000 lions fans would be sweet as bro. N.b. I live in the northern rivers and it's less than two hours drive away so I'm biased.
  15. Didn't see any injuries for the Lions. Zorko was a little proppy with a knee as well but played it out. They won well but didn't impress me that much.
  16. It's an interesting season. The lions are well in front of GWS but not really looking that fantastic either. Mitch Robinson looks like the main one to stop. No other Brisbane player seems to be dominating. GWS look bog ordinary. Haven't seen a lot of Port so far though. Dees, Dog and perhaps the Lions and daylight to the rest.
  17. Mitch Robinson ran right off his mark for that kick after the siren. How was that not play on? These rules do my head in. The ump said he was fine to do it.
  18. Remember those big Friday night games where we'd get completely thrashed? So good to see it changing.
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