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  1. It's channel 7 and fox technology as per the broadcast contract with the AFL and even BT Complained aBout it. BT also complai Ed about the disappointing crowd numbers for a Melbourne home game (which it wasn't)
  2. So, what are you all going to do about it? Don't rely on the club, they obviously won't. They never have. How about giving some feedback to the AFL yourselves. Seriously, if we want change, we need to take action ourselves. (Booing like Carlton fans doesn't count ) Anyone want to drag up the email address for the head of umpiring and the AFL ceo? I'm happy to give direct feedback. We didn't deserve to win but... we would have with effective umpiring DM me, their email address. They are politicians. 200 demonlanders lodging their feedback directly might make them do something about the woeful standards of umps and cryptos.
  3. Yep May's touched that ball. Listening to BT complain about how hard it is to tell from the vision WHEN HE WORKS FOR THE NETWORK THAT THE AFL RELIES UPON TO ADJUDICATE GOAL REVIEWS. JVRs legitimate tackle and ultimate disallowed goal. Umpire 22 paying a htb kick against Petracca dead in front with less than a minute to go. Of course it was him ump 22. However.... We missed some sitters. We were horrible in the first qtr. How does Walsh keep getting it so easy by us. Congrats to Michael Voss. He has them playing like triple premiership lions. So tough through the midfield and the equivalent of Brown and Lepptich up forward. God help us if he gets hold of an akermanis. The silver lining. That second defeat may sting more than last year's final. We came back a long way under greasy conditions. We had them. We know we can smash them and underneath it all, Carlton knows it too. Christian Petracca almost single handedly won us the game. A whole new level for him.
  4. BT crowd only 58 thousand. Slightly disappointing for a Melbourne home game.
  5. Don't forget it's so we never have to play in the wet!
  6. Took it through the behinds under no pressure.
  7. C'mon I saw him kick it to a team mate who marked it. What more do you want?
  8. We should be 3 to 4 goals down. Umpiring is disgraceful. I still think we're in this. It will get close and then the maggots will kick in to get the baggers home.
  9. Walsh dropped it like a school bag... Play on
  10. Grind away dees. You can dot it
  11. Just brilliant defence by the blues.
  12. We seemed really Fritsch focussed in our entries in the first.
  13. The question is @Jaded No More Will Frittas hair be able to stand up through the downpour?
  14. I'd also add that I reckon that was Ed Langdon's best game in a couple of years. Great to see him galloping up and down that wing in free space again. Both Petty and Lingers really seemed to hit some serious form and rhythm last week. Enjoy the game tonight folks. Spending the day listening Steve Albini's incredible work and one of the best rock and roll bands I've ever seen, six ft hick have lost their drummer Fred to cancer. Bring the white light white heat tonight Dees Safe travels Fred and Steve. https://youtu.be/poc6x0EiFfQ?si=31wLOYHk6HEGq3x2
  15. Totally @leave it to deever You could probably say we're missing Bowey, Salon and Gus as well for that matter. Full credit to Troy Chaplin and the coaching team for the system he's built back there. Maysie and Lever as the generals for us as well. I swear after the siren blew those two were still arguing with each other. If anyone watches the replay have a look, it was hilarious. They're totally like a married couple at times. Remember when we were piling on Steven May for the way he was abusing team mates in his early days with us? But they've obviously set a standard back there. No-one seems in doubt of their role in that brick wall. Bronze and Iron indeed
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