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  1. This outbreak started in hotel quarantine in Adelaide
  2. There are always inherent health risks when going to a pies game.
  3. I wonder if we are coached to just put our heads down and suck up the umpires decision.
  4. Yeah, a draw would have really helped last night just to stay clear
  5. What's better than beating the pies by ten goals? Beating them by a point!
  6. Chandler is going to be allright. Great goal
  7. I gotta have a vent about Sparrow. With 8 minutes to go, we're sixteen points up and Melksham is off with a sore foot and his boot off. Why wouldn't you put a fresh player like Sparrow on? Goodwin was right there on the bench. At a bigger picture, everyone is lamenting Viney not being back. Sparrow has been the obvious replacement for him and I don't know why we're not putting games into him. He's been performing really well at VFL level and this week he just sat in his tracky dacks. We had the opportunity to play him for a couple of weeks and with Viney being a load manage
  8. As mentioned above, umpires need to be held accountable and their performance reviewed. Rules are already there for ducking and staging. They're not enforced. This whole interepative rule of the week to be enforced swill is making the game look as stupid as Rugby Union. The fact Selwood has got away for it for so many years is not Selwoods fault.
  9. Commentators declare high shot is worth a fine. MRP take note (and it's Richmond $1k should do)
  10. I think he was head knocked at birth
  11. Top of the ladder and no telecast again.
  12. Yeah @praha, our forward line was interesting last weekend for sure. Pretty clunky. Another reason to dominate against the Crows to see if those three can click into place or not. I thought we got pretty lazy at times with our forward entries. A fair bit of the old "bomb it long" crept in again. Yes, we have three tall forwards to mark it but that should mean we have to take extra care and lower our eyes. I'm still on the fence and hope we get a bit more clarity this weekend. It's going to be important for Chandler to find his feet quickly too.
  13. We should win but Adelaide at home is always a bit feral. We'd be 50/50 against the Doggies, so potentially we could drop the next two if we don't keep the foot down. We don't need a tough match before the dogs either. So yes it's a danger game. Would be good to jump out of the gates and hit the Chris Sullivan line by half time. I like getting off the edge of the couch, sitting back, putting my feet up and laughing at crappy umpiring.
  14. I reckon it's worth sending an email to Kate giving her your feedback about the Guantanamo match day experience. Maybe even suggest that it's included in the next members survey to see what everyone thinks. I haven't been to live game for about two years. So, I'm not sure if I can comment on the latest "activation techniques". I'm sure things haven't improved. The noise is just over the top. I.e. Yes I know it's a goal and I'd prefer to talk to my family and friends about it rather than being belted by some sort of audible and visual torture.
  15. Wow. That's 1.2 extra free kicks for each of the nine wins we've had. You'd think it would reflect the ladder in some fashion. Have Richmond players been spitting on umps or keying their cars?
  16. Haha, I'm not too sure. I renewed membership last week and my wife signed up for the first time. Ended up talking to JV on the phone. He said he was hoping to be back next week and was on the mend. I normally just renew automatically but cracked the s**ts last year after the Port Adelaide and Cairns debacle. Sent Pert an email stating I wouldn't renew until the club pulled it's finger out and started performing. I think they're performing.! Probably owe Gary an email this week. Watching both the blokes and the women this year and the way they play for each other and the clu
  17. Completely agree, racking up wins in third gear. We are going to be scary good when we finally clunk into overdrive. I thought we slipped into some old bad habits with bombing it into our f50 just because of our tall forwards but I'm sure we'll sort it out. Highlights Tmac is just so steady. Kossie. His one handed pick up at full tilt in the wet on the outer wing. He is a pure joy to watch. The Wall of Demons. There were a couple of times where I watched Carlton try to transition across and we just ran so hard to form a wall of players and block their options.
  18. As compared to the play on call in the first when the Carlton player missed it completely during a tackle. Fmd
  19. I can't wait to watch this team when we finally get into gear. We will be unstoppable. Still nervous
  20. Yep, close to BOG. Jetta and Mitch Brown up there as well. Brown probably won it for us with goals late in the game. Beat Geelong by a point. They steadied it really well late in the game to get the win. Poor kicking at goal almost cost us. So Sparrow won't be playing today and Petracca ran through a full session yesterday with no problems evidently. The one thing I want from this home and away season is to never have to worry about percentage at all for once. Just keep banking the points boys.
  21. Don't forget the amount of times the ball is pinned in by the tackler when the player is trying to get rid of it. The tackler gets rewarded for HTB when they're the ones slowing play down. The spirit of the game has always been to protect and reward the player going for the ball. As mentioned above, the umpires need to be professionals if they're serious about it. Umpires should also be dropped if they've had a poor game. It is a very hard game to adjudicate and the AFL needs to invest in umpiring as a career of sorts if they want a good standard of game. I watched a Norf p
  22. We get boxes of Tahbilk. Awesome stuff.
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