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  1. Chin is carrying a leg or ankle injury I'm pretty sure.
  2. Viney and Koz are flying. Jack got smashed hard in the neck and head. Betchya nothing happens. We need to take a breath in front of goals. Such a frenetic pace, it's making us rush up forward I think. A really fantastic game of footy. Proud of the boys so far but as @Superunknown said, it's got a bit of the last 2 years finals about it. Take a breath boys, you can do it.
  3. Vineys tackle spilling the ball to Koz. How bloody good
  4. Anyone needs a snooze before dinner and the game? just tune into north vs saints
  5. Tracc is on his way to having his best season yet. He's really busting the lines well. Just needs to take Yzes advice to ANB a year or so ago and take that breath before offloading or kicking that goal on the run. Enjoy the game tonight everyone. I've got a feeling it will be a cracker. Go Dees
  6. I think that forward entry just cost the blues the game. Horrible kick.
  7. Time for another draw! Wooot
  8. Why on earth do they wait? Just get rid of the stupid nomination stuff and just throw it up. If more than one person contests from either team, it's a free kick. Just pick the ball up and throw it up. It would speed things up.
  9. Maynard drives his head into the turf and the commentators give it the all clear. He obviously took a dive and drove his own head into the turf. Such a dog. He'll get off again.
  10. Just so I could watch Joel Selwood interview a 10 year old auskicker. He was so uncomfortable.
  11. I find the trick @The heart beats true is to not hate every team. E.g. I really really hate Carlton. But I'd don't hate Collingwood.... I despise Collingwood. Therefore I must go for Carlton while still being comfortable in my hatred for them.
  12. A lovely story and a beautiful design. Very proud of our players and club. The Hertz logo looks like dogs knackers on the back though. Imagine how much better it would look if the colours were at least matched up. On another note, being interstate, we've had foxtel for years and I've always felt a bit bad about funding the Murdoch's. We've at least dropped back to Kayo now, so less money to them. That sky news interview with the 18 year old kid that won the million bucks was one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen from that channel. And there's a lot to usually choose from. I'll find it very hard to listen to the fox footy platitudes being laid out thick for the Doug Nicholls rounds when their sister station delivers such dog whistling stereotype racist BS.
  13. I'm all for punishing them on the scoreboard too but my dream last 10 minutes once we're 10 goals up is to bring on our newly recruited rookie as the sub. His name is Tim Tszyu. I heard he's one very mean footballer who has a problem distinguishing between a sherrin and Maynard's head. Anyways, one can only dream.
  14. Just look at clubs NSW with the latest data breach. " Oh just go and replace your ID documents such as driver licences". Mmm, not so easy.
  15. Let's face it, he didn't play very well last match anyway 😜
  16. You can't deny the poos and wees effort. They're quite competitive, however they're disposal and finishing is just off compared to the Swan's and hence they're 7 goals down. Hopefully they'll keep pushing to keep Sydney's percentage down a bit.
  17. They can die next week.
  18. Was that you at the back with the Fro Binman?
  19. It's only the saints. Not Carlton or the pies
  20. They were all deep in thunk
  21. Yeah but they have to live in western Sydney! Give them a bell in early January when that big compressed heatsink of roads, industrial estates and black rooves turns it into a 50c oven
  22. I think the Lions have the wood on us a bit mentally the last few times we've played them too. Hopefully they'll crumble this season. Feel a bit sorry for Fagan though.
  23. Great to see Jesse do so well. Giants are really carving them up with their run. Watched a little of the lions cats game in really wet conditions last week and thought the lions might pull up short tonight. GWS should go pretty deep into finals again this year.
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