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  1. King Stingray would have been awesome. Or Amyl and the Sniffers
  2. Live lead vocals, the rest is backing tracks. Gene Simmons isn't even playing the bass in rhythm to the music. Mike Brady is always great. Nice nod to RDB. Gimme the all Australian 2021 pre match anytime. Probable biased. But Kiss is so Gill and AFL bombastic BS I'm loving watching our girls play instead of this hyped up garbage
  3. Yeah, that was horrible in the last 5 mins against GWS. Just kept falling on it with the umps too ship scared to blow the whistle
  4. She seemed to lack the confidence in marking contests and shots at goal two years back. She's absolutely flying now. Great game.
  5. Great to see so many shots of the Dee Army tonight WCW. Great effort
  6. What most commentators have missed about this last quarter stat is the incredible discipline, concentration and ruthlessness this team displays. It's not just fitness. It's complete mental toughness. So many teams take their foot off the gas once they've sealed the win. Not this team. They are just something else. I've never seen a footy team push so hard right to the end. In any comp at any level. Stinnear and his team have created something quite amazing. I love the way they just swing changes and it just works. We can't ever let this bloke go. He can teach the men's team lots! Such an exciting time for this club. I hope more supporters get on this train.
  7. Another AFL conspiracy on that tin. Why do the cats players have two footys in play? Unfair advantage for sure. Is their a Melbourne Milo? Has a better ring to it.
  8. It's been the best medicine watching the women over the last few weeks. They're playing fantastic footy and their skills are better and better every year. What a team.
  9. How about the BT Brownlow medal? All votes awarded by BT during his roaming Brian segment. If BT didn't commentate the game, it's probably not worth awarding votes because it obviously isn't a BLOCKBUSTER! Has a nice ring to it. He could compare the whole night and highlights could all be him commentating passages of play. It could have you on the edge of your seat as BT often gets players names wrong. Channel 7 knows footy better than we do.
  10. He'll kick 4 in the second half as Carlton fall apart
  11. Is that 8 ARCs in a row in Carlton's favour now? How does it feel lions?
  12. Totally agree I'm finding the aflw much more relaxing and enjoyable to watch.
  13. Something really stinks. It's not completely blatant but everything seems to just stack up. Umpiring, ARC reviews (in favour of Carlton for the last 7 they've been in), fixturing, MRO. Media agendas and narratives. Umpires betting... he's back umpiring again and the narrative sounds just like Maynard's and how tough it's been for him. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/afl/article-12202689/AFL-umpire-arrested-Brownlow-Medal-betting-scandal-makes-shock-return-football.html Betting, 4 corners report on how much the AFL makes from betting agencies.... crickets. Racism allegations.... let's move on. If there's a problem, they investigate themselves and give the all clear. We blew it this year, we really did. But Maynard should not have been playing last night. The missed head high and tripping free kicks to GWS and then the last 2 minutes where 5 times Collingwood players just rolled up on the ground with the ball and waited for another ball up. Yeah something is nqr with this league.
  14. It's not just about bums on seats, it's ratings and profile all week. A GWS vs lions granny would not rate like pies vs blues. This is the tv entertainment industry.
  15. Might go fishing and get drunk on grand final day. I usually love watching it no matter who is in it. Totally soured this year. Thanks Gil
  16. Not as hard as it has been for Maynard though. Spare a thought for the poor guy.
  17. This season feels much worse than when we were complete trash. Surreal. That could have been us. So good to be in northern NSW. I just have to avoid the one magpies supporter in the village..... for about the next year at least.
  18. I counted 5 times in a row that a pies player just took the ball and fell down and curled up with it in the last two minutes. Disgraceful. Feeling for you GWS fans. Welcome to the AFL. Know your place
  19. That's how you put it in to your F50 ffs
  20. Yeah but Carlton or the lions won't beat them
  21. Love that 50metre penalty. Go feral and spit on each other you pile of black and white excrement. #notbitteratall
  22. Can I claim CTE from the AFL from watching that camera work, staring into the sun and listening to Kellie Underwood? Great win girls God I love watching this team.
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