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  1. They've hardly shot themselves in the foot, all the games are sold out and nearly every hotel is full.
  2. Booked our hotel the day they announced the dates and will be driving so dont need to deal with airfares
  3. Hello all, I have 4 extra tickets for Gather Round for the Adelaide v Melbourne game. They are in bay 302, category 1 seats with a cost price of $160 each as part of the 4 day pass. I ended up getting seats in Melbourne bay as well so am looking to offload the 4 seats in 302. Happy to discuss pricing but would like to try and get around $100 per ticket to try and recoup some losses. Would very much prefer they go to A Melbourne supporter before I got to an Adelaide forum. The game is sold out.
  4. Doubt we would miss the 8, but if we can't win a final the coach can go.
  5. Every single one of those areas Malvern, Caulfield, Brighton, Toorak, Sandy etc all still voted liberal last year. The teals are a different matter at the federal level because Goldstein and Kooyong both include much lower income areas.
  6. Our actual base of supporters still make up the highest percentage in the MCC and the least in the AFL reserve and that should tell you enough.
  7. Governments give money to areas where their voters reside. We are the most labor state in the country and our club is the most liberal (from a supporter base) in the state. So, it makes sense that labor governments throw money at the likes of Hawthorn and areas like Geelong for funding.
  8. Good to see the club is consistent across the board.
  9. Its becuse the club havent loaded it in, its in the AFL fixture
  10. Richmond and Hawthorn going down to the Cattery
  11. 14 games at the G, most we have had there in forever. Double ups are fine, Port and the Dogs to slide hopefully, Freo and West coast are good and then need to match it with Collingwood and Brisbane.
  12. It’s so disappointing that all our fans seem to do is complain about the fixture on here. when we were getting Saturday and Sunday games in the arvo or twighligjt all people would do is cry for more Friday night exposure. Now that we get Thursday/Fridays/opening games/ multiple public holidays, all people seem to do is complain. We should be happy our team has success and is put in prime time slots. We should not be finding excuses to not watch the team we’ve all waited for decades to become good. Bring on March 7.
  13. Stop winging, we open the season and open gather round (that Adelaide-Carlton game was electric last year). Its great exposure for the club. I have already booked my tickets for both. And we absolutely want west coast in Perth again because why would you want to waste home ground advantage on them? Being dudded is all relative based on who is actually good during the season as opposed to who you think will be good 5 months before the season starts.
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