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  1. Home games against Richmond, Collingwood, hawthorn, Carlton plus round 1 is better than we normally get. Home games against Sydney, north and Adelaide are better than the usual gws and Gold Coast
  2. It’s an awesome fixture for us financially and who we play. ignore geelong in geelong which was always gonna happen. 13 games at the g is one more than it’s been for the past few years. Double ups against north and hawthorn are a huge win. Double ups against Richmond Carlton will give us greater crowd averages big run of games at the g at the end of the year is great too.
  3. I am sorry, that is just a really bad name. It isn't inspiring, its cringeworthy and sounds so bad off the tongue. Surely someone in the AFL thought twice about this one?
  4. Yup was a zoo in the Afl both games. But a good part of our profit is because 50000 Collingwood paid for tickets at our home game. Also think they just as likely to be a poor team next season so playing them twice won't be too bad. Can already see our double ups coming against low drawing Vic teams and interstate teams. Some [censored] like Freo, Port, WB, geelong, Brisbane and Sydney
  5. Dont be too cynical, they might come up with more groundbreaking news like Collingwood might play Essendon on Anzac Day :)
  6. Does the article say that we will play them again in the last few rounds?
  7. Yep was meant to be. So far three games were reported by channel 9 apparently. Adelaide v Carlton on Thursday Port v Dogs Sat Night Brisbane v North regional game
  8. Take your condescension away thanks. Playing a team in round 1 who we just played in a GF and with the AFL trying to build rivalries leads to a fair chance that we will play them twice. Take it to the bank that we will have the cats in Geelong and west coast in Perth as your morsels clever man.
  9. Melbourne V Ducking Dogs Rd1 MCG Sat 7:25pm. Looks like we gonna be playing them twice a year like we did with the Saints 2015-2019. Not 100% but pretty sure it will be the case.
  10. Never said I'm happy to go there. I just know we will be there. So my hopes/expectations have to take that into account. Praying we get them in magic round and its their "home game"
  11. Think it is more than likely that we will be playing on the Sunday given Anzac Eve is the following Monday. Make it slightly easier to book flights. Im going up on the Friday morning and back Monday at 6am so am home for work lol. Can't see us having an 11 day break and playing the Thursday night.
  12. It's almost guaranteed that we play them there. We will most likely play them twice and they won't have a home game against us at the G because we are a small club. It will also be the usually late in the season game against them because their pub ground is unavailable until round 10. Only chance of us not going there is if the AFL sends one of essendon or Hawthorn down there.
  13. Our home crowds are equally inflated by the North game which was before the mens QF. Afl claimed that 17.8k were there watching the women's.
  14. I like robbo, he's passionate about the game and clearly loves football. But twice a year he releases his top 50 and reminds us that he's a dumb [censored]
  15. So the usual complains that we pray to not have are Geelong at their pub ground and west coast in Perth. However, it is almost guaranteed we are gonna get the Cats twice and they wont both be at the G. Even if we have a home game against West Coast it will probably end up being in Alice so it will be 9 years where we don't get them at the G. My hopes are: 2 games at Adelaide Oval - we play that ground better than any other and its one of, if not, the best interstate trip Sydney at the SCG - Only played them there twice since 2013 and we need to learn how to beat them up there in case we get a final at the SCG (also last proper ground I haven't seen Melbourne play at) 15 MCG/Marvel + plus 1 in Geelong rather than the 14, 1 and 7 interstate trips we normally have. Breakdown on that being 3 MCG away games (13 in total) and 2 at Marvel. More Saturday 2:10 games - did not have a single Saturday red ball game at the G this year (only Sunday 1:10 against the Saints). QB/KB and Anzac Eve are our home games so hoping for double ups agianst the Pies and Tigers on Friday nights for exposure. Not [censored] North in Hobart with a ten goal breeze but that is also wishful thinking. Round 1 home game on a Saturday arvo against Essendon/Carlton/Hawthorn.
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