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  1. 6. Nobody 5. Nobody 4. Nobody 3. Nobody 2. Nobody 1. Jayden Hunt
  2. As ****ty as it is (and a lot of us still remember the days where we played in front of 19k at the g against interstate sides and a max of 45k against bigger Melbourne teams) it is the price we have to pay of being involved in a game that is on track to draw 88k+ people. It does also say in the terms and conditions: Additional fees and charges may apply with match access. Entry is subject to capacity and may not be guaranteed.
  3. So wait for all seats to sell out. Will be end of the week and then they will put restricted view seats on sale. Buy one of those (will be very cheap) and just stand
  4. If anyone needs help with tickets and would like MCC visitor tickets or AFL guest passes (would highly recommend you dont go in the AFL for this game) DM me and I'd be happy to help out.
  5. Well not the Essendon and other Collingwood game because they are our home games and if you have premium membership I assume you have a reserved seat.
  6. Can’t wait to get roasted when we draw “disappointing Crowds” against GWS and Port on Saturday nights which are dreadful for drawing big crowds. Massive bonus to have the Suns game as a day game and avoid the dewy slippery games we normally have up there.
  7. There’s no level 1 availability, those two bays have wheelchair accessibility which is why they show up as available. a thread was made weeks ago that this game was going to be sold out shortly.
  8. Fixture has been loaded into The Age early again: Round 16: Brisbane V Melbourne, Friday 28 June, 7:40pm, GABBA Round 17: Melbourne v West Coast, Sunday 7 July, 1:10pm, MCG (WOO A RED BALL GAME AT THE G) Round 18: Melbourne v Essendon, Saturday 13 July, 7:30pm MCG Round 19: Fremantle v Melbourne, Sunday 21 July, 1:20pm Perth time (3:20pm AEDT), Optus Round 20: Melbourne v GWS, Saturday 27 July, 7:30pm, MCG Round 21: Western Bulldogs v Melbourne, Friday 2 August, 7:15pm, Marvel Round 22: Melbourne v Port Adelaide, Saturday 10 August, 7:30pm MCG Round 23: Gold Coast v Melbourne, Saturday 17 August, 1:45pm, HB WTF Saturday nights against interstate sides.
  9. I was very much under the impression that it is still 2 for this year.
  10. We’ve had 2, can’t have any more.
  11. Normally I would say that the Pies would get the Friday night slot, but I suspect it may be given the Saturday 4:35 because that's the new AFL favourite slot (after 1 game fml) and allows people from Geelong to get to the game.
  12. Yep but he has gone the early crow with tomorrow, other sources are saying the fixture won't be out before Thursday. One other thing that is almost certain is that the Dogs game at Marvel in round 21 will be a Friday night because there are three marvel games that week and the other two involve st kilda and brisbane and Richmond and north. Expect the pies game in round 24 to be a Friday night but only released in July. Hoping that the games against West Coast, Ports and GWS at the G are a Saturday 2:10 or Sunday 1:10 so that we finally get some red ball footy at the G.
  13. Love how he goes on AFL360 and tells us how hard his job is and then pleads for umpires to not be abused, yet is absolutely derelict in his duty when he has to make any important calls.
  14. Ye, I think its a dangerous thing to say "if JVR isn't penalised we win the game," we would still be 2 goals down and it negates anything that actually happened after.
  15. Umpiring was seriously poor but it has no bearing on the game. We win the game 76-41 after giving up a 36-point Head Start. Don't give them the head start and you win by 6 goals and aren't blowing up over the umpiring.
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