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  1. No that’s it, but I hope Bailey Laurie gets a good run injury wise, imagine if he comes in and impacts the same way Bowser has. Still 19 years old so could be another to the list. Petty was superb but I’d argue he has another level to go to like Dogga and Kozzie. Hard to believe he’s only played 30 games, plays like he belongs and even starting to show a bit of swagger which I love. Tough nut !
  2. Watch again. Harmes had an even more obvious high free kick ignored immediately before this incident. Couldn't believe it, then they got a softer free given straight after Kozzies
  3. Agree 666% And remember…. There is a apparently a “ nasty” rivalry between the club
  4. I’m sure this has been discussed before but one thing that really stood out for me and gives me enormous pride, was how all the playing list celebrated the victory on the field straight after siren and in the rooms afterwards. It was pure elation from every single one of them and I really feel this is because of the way group all year long spoke of unselfishness, team first etc. Maybe it’s because the entire list was there and I might have the blinkers on but I can’t remember seeing such unbridled joy from the non playing group after a Premiership! They are such a close unit and it’s awesome to see.
  5. From whipping boy to a brilliant role player in the blink of an eye. Has become someone you love having the ball in his hands as he often creates something from nothing!
  6. Have you met him PF? He’s a quality young bloke, goes to his local junior footy club which my boys play at on a regular basis in his own time and has even run water for junior matches. He’s very approachable to the young kids. Bailey Smith is a perfect example of not judging a book by its cover. No doubt his looks will attract the attention of nuffies trying to make a name for themselves out and about in offseason
  7. Hard to argue with your top 3 Picket but I think you’ve undersold Viney. The Brisbane QF match was a fair while ago now so it’s easy to forget but he was enormous in that game. Even in the GF it’s not until I’ve watched the replay 3 or 4 times lol that you realise how pivotal he was.
  8. I’ve watched it 3 times. MMM Perth with Denis Cometti is the best I’ve heard. Crowd noise is better than some of the other calls too You’ll find the link to all the calls pinned on Demonland
  9. 1 Brownlow vote… what a dud! Could not be happier for this bloke. He’s got the flag he’s craved and was a massive reason we were so hard to beat all year. Oozes leadership.
  10. From memory wasn't Schwab supposedly sacked or fell on his sword in the week leading up to this match then miraculously kept his job days before. I could be wrong but that was my understanding. Was 186 some sort of player protest?? We sure were a Jeckyl and Hyde team, we played some scintillating footy amongst downright embarrassingly putrid in that era. The treatment of Bailey still doesn't sit well with me. We are completely unrecognisable as a club now thankfully.
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