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  1. Thanks for your incredible contribution to our club Ron. A true legend of the game. RIP.
  2. Agreed, a complete train wreck and waste of a season. Despite injury to key players towards the end of season we completely dominated both finals opponents and butchered it. I can't see it any other way than a monumental choke and a premiership gone begging. They'll get harder to win in the next 2 years before our window is shut for who knows how long
  3. Our window is closing before our eyes. May, Max, Salem, Langdon and Viney as good as they are have likely played their best footy. We need to figure out who takes their spots when they decline which will come very quickly .Grundy anyone lol. Teams are going to go past us very quickly unless we get some dare back. We played predictable, safe boring footy a lot this year Need some pace, clean ball use and a complete overhaul on F50 entries.
  4. 2.6 in last quarter. All over a team 2 weeks in a row and choke. You get what you deserve. Pizzweak fellas. Bloody disappointed
  5. Snap... beaten to the scoop by Lord T ✌️
  6. Yeah even after last night I was thinking we are the team they would least like to meet in a GF. Just feel it's a bit too far from us now. They'll have NDaicos primed and ready to go too
  7. 32 more inside 50s. We owned them for 2nd half and didn't capitalise. We blew it.
  8. I'm a late exclusion with a shocking virus. Ripper premium member seat in M50 row U. Happy to give to any regulars or you can donate towards my meds!
  9. All the key metrics for the season point us out as Premiership material. In a dead rubber match, that was damn impressive and showed all the hallmarks of a premiership team.
  10. Weather forecast may have a bit to do with it too. I suspect if top 4 were riding on this game we'd be favourites though.
  11. Agree DD. Just heartbreaking. Life is just so damn unfair and cruel at times. RIP beautiful boy.
  12. Because it was called a behind, as a result it doesn't get reviewed.
  13. There was plenty of noise about our non goal but last night's is farcical and disgraceful. I'm almost at the point where I'm losing interest in our great game due to officiating. Credit to Nicks and Adelaide's response which has been first class. They are probably fuming internally.
  14. Someone needs to go on bomberblitz and say they are currently still a mathematical chance of making finals 😁
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