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  1. I saw Dunny in the Dees members area even when he was playing for Collingwood a few times. Think his heart never left The Dees.
  2. Except it's chicks for free....have you been singing Alex the Seal whenever our lips are sealed comes on for 40 years too Bin??
  3. Agree totally. Was at the game and one instance Sparrow was completely on his own 20 m clear of anyone at CHB and didn't even think of calling for it, let alone May looking for him. It is frustrating. Petty on his own on the right side in the last but again no call and no look from May. Plan B is not an option for kick outs.
  4. We should win this comfortably but we are teetering on the edge. A loss today will see my confidence in defending the flag in tatters. Trac to run riot tonight.
  5. I commented earlier this year when we were winning home games how eerily quiet our crowd was. Can't recall us ever being as quiet in 50 plus years of supporting
  6. Shame we didn't play more games away from the G. Apart from Brisbane and maybe GWS we have not played great footy there at all even when we've won. 6-0 interstate. Strange but maybe we are better off playing finals interstate!?
  7. Overreaction. We just played in the match of the season and fell short by a kick to a team in red hot form. If we kicked straight it would have been game over at half-time and the footy world would be saying it's ours to lose. We have another gear in us for finals, Pies are playing in overdrive and about to blow a gasket.
  8. Reckon our best result will be to finish 4th and play Cats at the G. Both Swans n Pies have troubled us for years and they will both fancy their chances against us.
  9. Yep never happened again. I remember this day well because 5 mins after the siren I stepped into a lift with a bunch of Dees fans and there was Eddie. I asked him how the call went and all I got in return was hmmmmpph. I responded with I knew I should have pressed red and got another hmmmmpph. Made my day!
  10. Great team....Only 2 missing from our premiership side. Melk n Hunt replacing TMac n Harmes.
  11. Hope so! Big for us! They'll be 2 men down.
  12. How long ago did you meet him? He is built like a brick outhouse and over 6 foot. I couldn't believe the size of him when I walked past him locally last year.
  13. 1 disposal that almost fell in his lap. I like Weid, one of the nicest young fellas you'll ever meet, but this was as poor a performance as you could ever expect for a bloke gifted another opportunity to cement a spot leading into finals. Gutted for him but I don't expect to see him play again this season.
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