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  1. JVR straight back in for BBB. Let the kid continue to show progression like the past few weeks at Casey
  2. Completely dominated across the board. Very few won their matchups tonight. Could be the last we see of Ben Brown. No excuses. WC thoroughly deserved the win and rarely looked in doubt
  3. 10 scoring shots each Freo v Swans ...45 point difference. Crazy stuff
  4. Saw that Bitter. Because Daicos never plays for a free kicks right.....
  5. That was one of the more intense games I can remember being at for a long time. Brilliant stuff. Finals atmosphere, great match and loud crowd. So many things to point out but most exciting for me was Clarry seemingly back and running the game out. Not at his best but so important. We can win the flag if he stays injury free from here. Was worth paying $13.50 for mid strength beer lol.
  6. I think we are already taking this bloke for granted such is his transition into best 22. Hard to believe he was a rookie pick. Has to be one of the great speculative recruitments we've made. Has looked like he belongs even when many of us, me included had no idea who he was and what he would bring when selected out of the blue.
  7. Rozee needs to offer up some cash. Not sure what's worse, the flop or the fact he's been fined. Staggering.
  8. How good was Rick Levers demonstrative spray to the defenders after Rozee was gifted that goal to level the score with 10 mins to go. Without knowing what was said he was demanding them to stand up and not lose this game from here. I loved it
  9. Can't remember winning a big game like that with more than half the team beaten or very quiet. Stoked with that win, great to stick it up the media.
  10. They have not beaten us since 2018. May it long continue! ❤️💙
  11. Was at game and didn't see interview but the highlight for me was seeing how happy he looks and the roar from the crowd when he ran off after setting up Roo's goal in the last. He could not wipe the smile from his face. ❤️💙
  12. Yes I did it thru the club. In your instance I think you just have to sit in any GA area where it's not reserved
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