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  1. Will it be available at Dan Murphys?
  2. Just come to realise that I haven’t received this years pre season Hearbeat magazine. has the club decided to drop the mag forever or I did I just miss out?
  3. Should always be forward!
  4. unpaid tax bill hidden in accountants draw
  5. I would like to know if members ticket get us in to Jack
  6. Club to fold.........who stated that? YOU
  7. The only hope I see for the rest of this year is a totally new way of thinking. It's obvious the players are not getting the Neeld message and have not understood what the new game plan is - was. As a spectator I can't see any form of game plan either. Sack the new coaches and save some dough. Tell the players to forget all the b......t about stats, just go out and play football, enjoy it and have some fun. I reckon that's a game plan they and us might like, it cannot be worse than what we are seeing at the moment. I am sick of hearing every week we were better in this area this week and we can see improvement long term, I mean what's a ten goal defeat when the improvement is there for all to see. Cut out the crap boys, just go out and play footy and enjoy it, I am sure the results could not be worse than the rubbish being dished up at the moment. GO DEES
  8. jarrah out, Cook in, Russian one game at Casey before he comes in at expense of Gawn and that is a pity.
  9. I agree and bring in Lucas Cook for a game, he could not have done worse than Jarrah today
  10. If it's boring to you, go to bed, this is a serious issue not likely to go away soon, we need change and we need it now. How were you feeling on Monday if you were there?
  11. The question now that must be asked ... how long before we decide we need a new coach. If we wait until season is over, I believe would be a mistake I reckon most good (proven) coaches will be already taken by years end. Malthouse will not stick around at the filth and must be considered. Eade is not an option, has left Dogs as he left Sydney, in disaray. It is something that the club must consider now, wait until seasons end when the good coaches are already signed would leave us with the situation we now are in, next best option please. Time we stopped ovoiding the enevitable, the football dept needs a whole new stucture, we have the players, though young, but not the leadership on or off the playing field.
  12. My point is, having wiped out $5 million debt, do we do this without any form of consultation or business plan presented to the MFC members? Or do we buy broken businesses like collingwood did with their pubs to build equity and risk losing millions, thus placing the club back where we were before Jimmy. Think carefully before casting your vote. I, for one, say NO, CONSOLIDATION FIRST\
  13. Letter today from Bentleigh Club to all members re merger at special AGM on 23 May
  14. I can not believe the MFC is considering merging with the Bentleigh Club. After finally clearing the $5 million debt, they are now proposing to take on Bentleigh Clubs $1.8 million bank debt, the Clubs EGM's entitements $1.2 million and an obligation to pay all existing trade creditors. In the proposed merger MFC takes responsability for Bentleigh Clubs employees and their accrued entitlements. MFC also obtains an old building badly in need of renovations, an ageing membership and declining business and turnover. All this at a time when the club should be concentrating on consolidating our core business, bloody football! Buggered if I want any part of the failed Bentleigh Club.
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