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  1. This bloke is Melbourne's best recruit in the off season. Good on you Ben. Your videos are fantastic and you are not afraid to ask the tough questions. Keep it up
  2. I find the problem with this list is alot of them dont have that killer mentality that viney has. They seem to be okay with a loss rather than hate losing. Blokes like brayshaw fritsch melksham and harmes are big culprits.
  3. I'd argue that pickett was a perfect fit for us. Would add experience as well as a bit of pace for us. Unfortunately all our new draftees from the last 3 years are not quite ready so it would be good to have an older body in the team. I reckon Pickett is doing quite well, whilst Dunkley looks like a delist, just doesn't seem to have the pace for AFL level. I always thought the pre season draft was ideal to fill immediate needs during the season, rather than drafting a kid in the hope they make it.
  4. Lets look at our recruits since our last rising star nom and see how much they have offered since being drafted Mitch Hannan- too hot and cold Dion Johnstone-delisted Lachlan Filipovic-delisted Tim Smith-delisted Declan Kielty-delisted Charlie Spargo-no AFL traits, certain delist Bayley Fritsch-lacks defensive nous; is probably one of our most promising recruits from this list but looks like he has developed lazy traits and become Melbourne'd Harrison Petty-looks a bit off the pace and is a candidate for delisting Oskar Baker-can't make the side Tom Sparrow-is behind a long list of inside mids at melbourne, may need to reinvent position James Jordon-heard good things about VFL form but surely should be pushing for selection by now Aaron Nietschke-chronically injured, will be delisted Marty Hore-looked like a player however has drifted off-seems at odds with Goodwin and is always injured Toby Bedford-looked promising rd 1 but couldn't get another game, especially when we are crying out for forward pressure, unsure why he is not being given another crack but potential delist if he can't crack in this year Kade Chandler-too small Luke Jackson-raw but looks like he has the tools, good chance to get a nom this year Kysiah Pickett-praying that he doesn't turn out like a Mitch Hannan clone Trent Rivers-looks the goods but needs to bulk up, good chance for a nom this year Overall this list is quite poor and am surprised this has not been spoken about before. I hate seeing young kids come in like Georgiades and Rankine come in and kill it from game 1 while our kids can't even get a game. Clearly development is an issue but we also really need to consider whether our recruiting team is the right fit.
  5. Marlion Pickett is tearing it up for the tiges. Dunno what taylor saw in Dunkley to pick him ahead of pickett.
  6. Jason Taylor has a say in trading and list management; it's his job to communicate how good players are in a particular draft range. Its fair to say our trade history has been disgraceful and we seem to get screwed over every time. Not primarily Taylor's fault however I have been extremely dissapointed in his continual recruitment of average players with high picks (Weideman , Spargo)
  7. so if he is such a good recruiter; why did he pass on Georgiades twice? Why didn't he retain pick 6 which ultimately could've netted us Be King or Zak Butters? How can a recruiter be considered good based on players they didn't pick?
  8. sack Jason Taylor, spud of a recruiter
  9. Matt crouch is quite possibly the most overrated player ive ever seen. Runs one way and racks up junk touches
  10. Marc Murphy.. heppel... no way. Pendlebury absolutely but Murphy and heppel are both average
  11. He often kicks it into the man on the mark and coughs it up without pressure. Watch the Richmond game for a few examples
  12. What's the chances we lose to Adelaide?
  13. Let's have a look at our list and see how it stacks up. C grade is the bare minimum skills to play AFL IMO A: Gawn, Petracca, May B: Oliver, Viney, Salem, Langdon C :Brayshaw, Lever, Jackson, Pickett, Harmes, Rivers, Bennell, Melksham, Vandenburg D : Baker, Omac, Bedford, Hibberd, Hannan, Tomlinson, Jordan, Weideman, Hunt, ANB, Sparrow, Fritsch, Hore, Lockhart, Jetta E: Wagner's, Spargo, Chandler, Dunkley, Jones, Kolodjasnij, Preuss, Tmac, Nietzsche, Brown, Petty, Smith, Bradtke 16 players that are AFL standard IMO
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