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  1. Laurie easily looks the best out of the 3. Just looks like a natural footballer
  2. Yep. Shows they accept mediocrity
  3. More excuses... Cairns travel. Absolute bs, last year it was lots of pre season surgeries and this year it's travel for a Cairns game. Sick of this. Should be a no excuses culture
  4. Sorry but no chance. Jamarra is absolutely dominant and will be a very very good player. The total opposite to jack watts really
  5. Yep. Taylor seems to have a fascination for slow inside mids or midget small forwards, has bucked that trend this year thank god
  6. Hasn't gotten picked up yet. Not a surprise in my eyes
  7. yep. gus can't kick. silly people on here don't understand that
  8. Highlights are really impressive however kicking needs to be fixed up. Can't be optimistic/pessimistic simply from 1 minute of highlights however
  9. Everyone said that about spargo when he was drafted... look how he turned out
  10. Mahoney was rubbish. Thank God he's gone. Instigator of the lever disaster trade
  11. Dees supporters froth over lever. Think he's captain material.... the bloke has been average his whole career, spends more time guarding grass and all he can do is punch the ball
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