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  1. Tomlinson is a plodder, moves like Tom mcdonald. Also mid season draft is a great opportunity to take a risk to bolster up your deficiencies, instead Taylor decided to continue with the slow inside mid trend
  2. We have a plethora of slow inside mid... Taylor has not drafted one player with a solid amount of pace bar pickett. Id also argue langdon isn't quick but has great endurance
  3. Fringe= spargo, hannan, brown, Weidman, tmac, omac, anb, jones
  4. Our fringe players are the worst in the comp. Get rid of them and replace them with afl standard players and we will have a chance
  5. He was bracing. Things look worse in slow motion but there was no intent to hurt the bloke
  6. Dunkley is no different to the Wagner's, looked a mile off it
  7. Trengove was never really that good
  8. Dangerfield is still a superstar. Just had an off second half. Max gawn went completely missing in a prelim and he's still a superstar
  9. Also the fact its a 360 degree game where you have to run around 15km and are consistently abused. Without umpires there is no game, they deserve to be recognised
  10. Umpires should be recognised, one of the hardest jobs in the world bud
  11. Gysberts was brent grgic like. Absolute dud
  12. They're not going to reveal their selection strategy at draft time
  13. Its a direct quote from Francis Jackson, their recruiter
  14. But I am right. Did you think kyle was the right selection at the time? I knew he was a mistake
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