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  1. I'm as happy as a Frenchman who has just invented a pair of self-removing trousers! Blackadder
  2. An incredibly sad day, just cant imagine the pain that his family, friends & players are going through. I also cant comprehend the pain Sean Abbott is going through. He will, however he shouldnt blame himself for what he has been taught from a young age. A freek accident that on this occasion had life threatening consequences. Phil was taken too soon but passed away doing what he loved. RIP Phil Hughes.
  3. Georgiou is definitely worth keeping. He looked really good early.He's 24, give him a solid 2 years at VFL and he could be a permanent 22. Far better to drop Tapscott, Blease, Strauss before Alex
  4. Couldn't we arrange a deal for Blease lol? Wouldn't surprise me though.
  5. When you think about it, it makes sense that Melbourne would not make a major play in 2014. This year should be about the national draft, an opportunity to draft some of the most exciting kids in the country. Granted our history however I still have faith in Roos and the Jackson admin. Imagine Brayshaw + Heeney + Goddard + Stretch this year. 2015 wont hold much in wins guys, were not climbing that quick. Not until this time next year. Then we land the big fish, Dangerfield, Shuey, Sloane....im salivating!
  6. Bahahhahahahaha. Not directly laughing at the kid, but not even Melbourne can trade for picks/players. When's garbage night?
  7. Iid prefer Tom Jonas from Port (credit to SEN)
  8. And he is still under contract so we dont have to sell him short. Even if we get nothing for him in 2015, I would prefer not to be 'rodgered' by anyone, especially collingwood
  9. I may cope some flack by asking this however Schoenmakers may be on the outers by Hawthorn. Played 79 games and averaged 14 disposals this year. I can see him as a Roos type player, aka Teddy Richards. Just a thought and may only require a 3rd rounder
  10. Um excuse me but I did not name Toumpas, he needs time. Give him a year in the gym and VFL. Soundnt play seniors at all next year. I think he will be a good player actually, regrettably perhaps not Wines quality but its early times. I do believe its time for Watts and Trengove however. Watts needs a fresh start and so does Melbourne. It needs to start over and its the best thing for the club and player. Trengove, I feel was damaged from the captaincy and I dont see anything special in this person to consider otherwise.
  11. Take it or leave it for me on Adelaide. Dangerfield is not worth overs and pick 2 + Trengove would surely be enough. If not tough luck. There is Shiel, Jack Steven, Mitchell (sydney) and Im sure others I cant think of. Might be right about Bugg though. 2nd rounder should do it though.
  12. Dangerfield + 2nd rounder in exchange for pick 2 + Trengove Adam Treloar in exchange for pick 3 (for Frawley) Tomas Bugg + 3rd rounder in exchange for 2nd rounder (obtained by Dangerfield Trade) Yarren + 2rd rounder in exchange for Jack Watts & 3rd rounder Robinson in exchange for Sam Blease Malcheski free agency Clint Jones free agency 2x second round picks in ND 3rd Round pick for ND
  13. Pick 2 is surely enough? Perhaps 2 & a second rounder. 2 & Trengove, overs even for Dangerfield quality
  14. I hear West Coast are keen to trade a player called Cale Morton. Has good speed and is a natural leader
  15. You want to be traded? Because Melbourne wont give you a game? Good riddance, don'tlet the door hit you on the way out!
  16. I would have no anger towards N.Jones should he ever leave the MFC in an attempt to win a grand final. I would thoroughly support him. Mr consistent week to week and our only midfield muscle.
  17. Really? http://www.smh.com.au/sport/beams-inks-new-collingwood-contract-20120816-249sy.html
  18. 2. Simply because if Clark doesn't want to play for the MFC then why play him? If you really want to leave then its in the best interest of both club and player, especially if its an early contract release. That goes for any player. Whilst I will be criticized for this, I truly believe the MFC are better off without Mitch. Midfield is a more pressing for the club. Anyway just my opinion
  19. Love to see: Trade: Jack Grimes in exchange for late 2rd rounder Delist: Blease (perhaps re-recruit in Rookie Draft), Strauss, Nicholson, Evans, Tapscott, Clizby, McKenzie Retire: Byrnes Free Agent: James Frawley, obtain pick 3 Pick 2: Offer to GWS for Treloar & 3rd rounder (unsigned after 2015) Pick 3: Petracca/ Brayshaw/ Heeney/ Wright Pick 22: Weller/ Duggan/ Marchbank/ Goddard Pick 35ish: Billy Sketch Pick 42: Best Key Defender Pick 60: Inside Midfielder Pick 62ish: Inside Midfielder Pick 78: Small Defender Free Agent: Malceski
  20. It's unlikely that the AFL Commission will be offering a priority pick. And whilst it disgusts me that we request handouts, the fact remains that we need more talent. Should the AFL offer Melbourne a PP, I suspect it will be a pick at the completion of the first round and to be used on an established player only. However, who would want to commit to a disgrace of a club. A club unworthy of respect. A club unable to recruit, develop and protect its junior prospects. Jack Watts is a player I would support in leaving the MFC during the trade period. Whilst only worth a 3rd rounder, I dont see any desire in this man. Never have, never will. Its a follower, devoid of any ability to go at the contest. Its in Jacks interest too. Like all players recruited at that time, Jack had no support from the club, something which can only be analyzed now. I have heard some suggesting Jack Grimes should also be 'shopped' around for a trade. I disagree however. Whilst his skills are not up to AFL standard, the club can manage this. The best clubs give its players a role and they stick to it. Melbourne doesn't have to have every player offering superior skills. It needs a majority of these however removing Grimes would expose us further, hes one who is willing to throw himself at the contest. Its time for the MFC to rebuild again so the draft must be used on young prospects. It does however need on field leadership from senior mature AFL players and therefor it would be a better option for the AFL to offer a late first round player. It would also be ideal if the AFL could help lure a big name, offering financial intensive (listed on the books of course). A Chris Judd to Carlton type of arrangement.
  21. Its time for a major cleanup. A majority of the players just dont care, they have been through season after season of being demorisised that it no longer hurts. I see a future with the following players however every other player should be traded/delisted/retired. Keep: N.Jones (heart and sole of the club, a keeper but I wouldn't blame him if he left for a premiership. He certainly deserves to play in a competitive team), Dunn, T.McDonald, Salem, Hogan, Viney, Frawley, Tyson, Michie, Vince, JKH & Howe. Every other player, including Grimes, Watts, Trengove, Toumpas etc should all be released from the club!
  22. Based on these statistics, and holding consistently over the remaining season, I would strongly consider placing a substantial bet ($10,000) on us making the finals in 2015. (I have never made a financial bet before)
  23. Dont take any odds. $1.01 wouldn't be short enough for Watts! Hang the bloke out to dry, delist him. I am over watching soft players. Terlich, Howe, Watts leave...please...for all our sake!
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