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  1. Rubbish. The reason people like @CHF have to hold back is because a small minority of posters on here are threatened by posters with information, for whatever reason. So they create a standard where everyone but them must have every bit of intel they post come through. I’ve spoken to 10 plus posters with information that used to post it but don’t anymore and they always name the same few posters as the reason.
  2. I swear all of my critics sound the same, i wonder if there is some multiple account type things going on there. appreciate the feedback as always.
  3. Definitely understand why that's not an appealing thing for you, but don't let it deter you from posting in the future, your contribution is valuable and appreciated.
  4. Updated info for those interested :) if not please ignore. A few clubs have come knocking about Angus Brayshaw again, nothing doing at this stage, but watch this space. they've also asked about Christian Salem and been told a flat no. there will be a few players in brand new roles in 2020, one in particular is James harmes who will have a role imv much more suited to him I still believe Tom McDonald will end up at Essendon for 2021 as a key defender. several clubs in addition to those reported are interested in Neville Jetta. as mentioned by others there are several mature age players that are being shopped around to other clubs, there is a clearing of the decks going on. Brayden Ham is a player of interest for us and has been for a while Nathan Jones has been told there is a real possibility he won't play a game in 2021. he's essentially been retained as an assistant coach, and to also provide some depth in case of an injury. my information is he won't play unless required to play as a midfielder.
  5. correct :) now lets not derail another thread? PM is open if you feel like a chat :)
  6. Oh god, it's incredible isn't it. i guess the difference is my information doesn't come from facebook and bigfooty for whatever difference that makes.
  7. It’s silly season. There is plenty happening. I’m sure there will be surprises
  8. His management are telling teams he's staying at North Melbourne. not sure what the hold up is on his extension but he's not gettable at this stage.
  9. The situation is a disgrace on collingwoods part
  10. For those interested I am hearing that we’d be very keen to have a chat to Adam treloar. If the pies are willing to pay a decent chunk of his salary we’d see him as a fit on the opposite wing to Langdon.
  11. ??? Mate. A lot of my posts were jokes with other posters. I posted info I was very confident in and I’ll cop criticism for it and have been via this and via pm. I even went as far as apologising at one point. So definitely taking the criticism on board. All people who have been having a crack at me have really achieved is made other posters who have information feel the need to be ultra cautious about posting it which is pretty horrible on a fan forum.
  12. Jeremy Cameron will get to the cats. The giants in my opinion have weighed the situation up and decided two later first rounders is a better net return than the compo pick. It’ll get done Ben brown will 100% be a demon. 100% there is absolutely no doubt. to be clear. Because clearly not everyone gets it.. I AM JOKING
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