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  1. Alright normal programming has resumed. What's going on in the most important part of the year? :)
  2. The contested grind game with superior fitness in the 4th quarter to run over seems to be the game plan. Stops us losing by much, but every kick at goal is so important and mentally we seem turn to water if it's not going well from the start. No dynamism, winning through flashes of brilliance to get us over the line against good teams. But it just turns into a toss up. Goal kicking has been a problem for a few years (even including 2021), don't know if it's the entries or whatever but yuck. Turned off the after game commentary against the Pies and Blues, praising the teams who won (I get that's what they need to do) for toughness, their "will to win" etc. makes me sick when we just pooped the bed. Pedestrian, boring, foreseable and a waste of our list. Still think we have a list that can win another flag , but things have to change.
  3. It's bloody obvious, especially after he turned his body to get the shoulder in the head and off the ground, shouldn't matter if it was the front.... so that won't mean anthing and he might get off. I just hope Gus is alright.
  4. We are not going to play two dedicated rucks. Sad to say I'm off the Grawndy experiment, just halves Maxxy and slows us down :(
  5. Agreed. All week the media talk was about port winning and us resting players and not caring. We're not that kind of team and I love it. Well done to the coaching staff and the players.
  6. If he's g2g Fritta in. Out: Laurie Sub: Smith. Not sure the wing positions have been talked about enough this year and I feel like a bit of a goose saying it, but wouldn't mind seeing Brayshaw play the defensive wing position again before finals with a view to making the magic happen again. Not sure who we would bring in for Hunter tho, so probably keep it the way it is.
  7. Rivers is becoming a really impressive player.
  8. Talking to a Carlton mate of mine and he's stirring me up (used my Maximus Max meme against me on FB too), he didn't reckon it was touched. The umpire for mine guessed, because they didn't want to make a call like that and then put it to the review. Wrong, but I get it. Happens every game, just sucks that it was wot wud have one it. Ahh well, should have kicked more goals.
  9. Haha, what is the "Binmans PA" about?
  10. Grundy forward is all about patterns and if he can do that all good IMO. Goals aren't as important from him. If he can do that and make it hard for the defenders with Roo being the other competing mobile tall I think that might be what the coaches have been trying instead of.... "Grundy was just made a forward in the medjah and no one talked to him and now he's cooked as a Demon", which never happened but El' Floggo Barrett for some reason has kept saying it. I'm expecting Max to float back more over the next few games. And we'll see if I'm wrong, but I think that's been the plan the whole year, but Goodwin has not given away our finals plan, he's just been focussed on getting there so we can't be cut apart like we were last season.
  11. And on the AA selection. Maximus Decimus Gawnicus? He's the best the ruck in the game. Does a club trying something override the best position player overall stop the nod?
  12. Anyone think Jack Viney is a cheeky chance of at least the AA squad?
  13. I'm a local and hate Bellerive Oval. Saw Gilchrist's 172 against Zimbabwe about 20 years ago. Chris Gayle knocking stuff out of the ground (or at least on the roof of the stands). Tassie winning the Shield. Okay for cricket. Terrible for AFL tho, rug up even if the forecast is decent weather. The wind is chilly fresh and doesn't help for a good game of football.
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