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  1. Watched it today with a Swans mate, he was joking about his margin ticket at the start of the game (it was 79) and then at least had something to watch for in the last quarter and then that didn't go well. It was all about working out how to beat us in coming up to the big dance, teams did that, then the best general football performance won it. P.S. I would love to see what our small forwards could do with a couple of KPFs running around next year so they can do their work not around 12 blokes in a pocket. Not entirely relevant, but it is a bit :)
  2. I reckon Bowey will come out snorting fire. Not that anyone will notice once it gets to his hairline.
  3. I reckon Hibberd should get another run around next year. Gus in the midfield let's Salem do his job too (as the half back link up). If we absolutely have to wouldn't mind him going back to a defensive wing position. We have the cattle it's just putting them in the right paddock.
  4. Gus in the guts. Sure it was because of Harmes not being available but there were a few other tweaks tonight as well. Kick in's were not as predictable for one.
  5. Forget science. Nothing truer has ever been said haha.
  6. I reckon Dunstan goes alright. But I wouldn't mind his number either. I'm after some lamb chops, some nice eye fillet, rump steak and chuck steak for my casseroles.* *seriously hope he can fix up his disposal.
  7. Loading. I'm a believer* *not entirely taking the pizzle but might be as well. I'm confused.
  8. That was hard to watch I spent more time trying to figure out who was on what team rather than watch the flow of play.
  9. We worked ourselves into the game tonight... and did Dee things. Even tho we were 3 goals up in our losses, I don't think we were really building at any stage of those games. A couple of players did good things (how good is Brayshaw btw?) but with injuries in our KPD stocks, we ended up cooked. Hard, creative and ran the pants off Brisbane tonight. We looked fit again. Long may it continue.
  10. I find this talk of "loading" relevant to my interests. Please tell me moar
  11. Plus I think Eddie is very sad that his "lateral" thinking about Norf being the Tassie team didn't go anywhere except to derision land.
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