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  1. Do "The North Smith curse is broken" "Max Gawn to give premiership medal to Nathan Jones" Dont "Bailey Smith kicks 5 in Dogs win in a day of Demon hell" "No Brownlow? No worries. Bont wins Norm to go with second premiership medal"
  2. Oh ... Also, forgot Paul Chapman 2009 Grand Final V St Kilda
  3. Three ones i'll never forget: 1. Jack Watts 2017 R12 V Coll 2. Liam Jurrah 2009 R12 V Ess 3. Jordan McMahon 2009 Final Round V Tigers
  4. ... forgive us for losing in Adelaide earlier in the year
  5. ... be certain that we wont make it past the prelim
  6. Gawn - showed great leadership Petracca - impossible to stop Oliver - damaging as usual McDonald - excellent second half Sparrow - great role game May - great contested marks Neal-Bullen - hard at it Brayshaw - much more reliable Harmes - damaging at times Spargo - another great game Pickett - shoulda kicked 5 Jordon - solid Langdon replacement Salem - came back well Fritsch - didnt do much Rivers - career best form Jackson - good young player Hunt - did just enough Petty - career best game Weideman - can only improve Hibberd - destroyed charlie cameron Lever - quieter than usual Melksham - great tagging game
  7. Adelaide - Ferocious all day Oliver - carried the team Langdon - good first quarter Gawn - very costly errorrs McDonald - must take chances Weideman - would prefer Brown Fritsch - kick in-air please Harmes - tried all day Petracca - handled the pressure Spargo - did just enough Rivers - agree with Joeboy Pickett - one good play Melksham - back to Casey Neal-Bullen - couldnt find space May - beaten by Tex Jackson - tried but limited Lever - saved many goals Brayshaw - continued poor season Hibberd - probably broke even Jordon - season worst game Hunt - some bad turnovers Petty - some good contests Jetta - back to Casey
  8. Gawn - held some marks Oliver - more clearances please Jordon - provides good pressure Salem - continues impressive season Langdon - always an asset McDonald - excellent kicking accuracy Harmes - holds his spot Neal- Bullen - solid and reliable Brayshaw - kicking is appauling Petracca - learning his limits Hunt - was better today Lever - our most important Fritsch - one important goal May - beaten by McKay Pickett - provides incredible run Rivers - holds his own Spargo - better each game Hibberd - solid all game Weideman - should kick those Petty - covering Tomlinson nicely Brown - provided a target Chandler - is on notice
  9. Oliver - Important 4th quarter Sparrow - Intimidates the opposition McDonald - Impressed Sydney supporters Pickett - Conditions didnt suit Petty - Will get better ANB - Applies critical pressure Langdon - Always careful disposal May - Leads by example Harmes - Better than Jones Brown - Took his chances Fritch - Season worst game Jackson - An elite athlete Hibberd - Steady and reliable Hunt - Not much involvement Salem - Continues AA form
  10. ... name my first born Stephen. Even if female.
  11. ... tick off the hoodoo that the Dees have never won a final outside of Melbs
  12. .... rock back and forth on the verandah with my cheese and cutting board
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