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  1. I know people say all the time "I have a close source" but I honestly know someone close to Pat & the last time I asked the question both parties were very keen...
  2. Like some have said, 16 points up late in the last we shouldn't be losing a game from there, cant blame umpires BUT that non holding the ball on Keays & then the non deliberate call was horrendous, if that deliberate happened at another time of the game it would have been paid... Anyway may be the loss we had to have, we have played average footy for 4 weeks & found ways to win the previous 3, we didn't tonight... Onto the Dogs Friday night! Lets enjoy prime time & top of the table clash!!
  3. I wrote in one another thread a few weeks back to watch this space. Very good chance Lipinski will be at the Dees in 2021.
  4. I'll be calling tomorrow that's for sure
  5. Anyone know if the one off payment add on for a guaranteed GF ticket for Red & Blue members is still available or sold out ? (Not that I want to jinx us😬)
  6. Watch this space... Dees very interested & Lipinski exploring options with limited midfield opportunity at the Dogs
  7. Not sure how to tackle this from here on... I’ve invested in us some many times only to be crushed. Is this real ? Who knows, maybe we just embrace it and blow the lid off... Knock the hawks off and head into Anzac eve 5-0 is huge!
  8. JV7


    Cheifs 37 - Bucs 22
  9. JV7


    Packers 34 - Bucs 27 Bills 30 - Cheifs 27 (in OT, bonus point Macca ?🙊)
  10. Not sure how anyone could have any real reasonings or predictions on delisting or players to be moved on when the 2021 season is still to play out....
  11. JV7


    Rams 17 Packers 20 Ravens 30 Bills 33 Browns 18 Chiefs 33 Bucs 24 Saints 23
  12. JV7


    Bills 34 Indianapolis 24 Seattle 24 LA Rams 22 Tampa Bay 28 Washington 13 Titans 26 Baltimore 25 New Orleans 23 Bears 17 Cleveland 24 Pittsburgh 16
  13. JV7


    You'll beat Seattle Gorg chill out 🤪
  14. JV7


    Rams, Bills, Cotls... Going for broke
  15. JV7


    Philly, Steelers, Bills
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