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Whispering Jack  returns to the MCG in the present time ...

A HIGHWAY OF DEMONS by Whispering Jack


“Time it was
And what a time it was
It was . . .
A time of innocence
A time of confidences” ~ Paul Simon

On the Friday afternoon before I left to go to the semi final, I read that Paul Simon, now in his late 70s, has just released his latest album. While waiting for the train to arrive, I saw a Facebook post of Simon’s performance of “Sound of Silence” at Ground Zero on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. 

In the carriage on the way to the ground, I noticed Bruce Woodley of Seekers fame sporting a red and blue scarf identical to the one I was wearing. I recalled his band first came under notice in 1964 (for those who don’t know, the year of our last premiership), and then came the memory that Woodley had written songs with some old favourites like Tom Springfield (Dusty’s brother - no, not that Dusty) and ... Paul Simon. 

I was crossing into the twilight zone, brushing by so many degrees of separation that it wasn’t funny. 

The train reached Richmond Station, we wished each other luck and made our separate ways down the platform through the tunnel's stony womb and onward to the G. 

In the night, after I reached home, I played this chilling You Tube of a song I first heard in 1964 when I lived in a time of innocence and confidence. I was 15 then - the same age as my granddaughter with who I shared the ride to the ground. 

How terribly strange it is to still be waiting after all these years.


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    TROUBLE by The Oracle

    Situated roughly in Australia's geographic centre, Alice Springs has for many years been a troubled town suffering from intermittent crime waves, particularly among its younger residents. There was a time a little while ago when things were so bad that some even doubted the annual AFL game in the town would proceed.  Now, the hope is that this Sunday’s Melbourne vs Fremantle encounter will bring joy to the residents of the town and that through the sport and the example of the participants,

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    Welcome to Demonland: Luker Kentfield

    With the Melbourne Football Club's first pick in the 2024 AFL Mid-Season Draft and pick number 11 overall the Demon's selected Western Australian key forward Luker Kentfield from Subiaco.

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    TRAINING: Tuesday 28th May 2024

    Veteran Demonland Trackwatcher Kev Martin returned to the training track to bring you the following observations from Gosch's Paddock this morning. Beautiful morning for training. The dew has dried, out from AAMI, quiet chatting. Maysie does his heart symbol. 7 in rehab, Turner, Hore, Sestan, BBB, Petty, Spargo and Schache. All in runners. Melky weighted and change of angles work. Salem has his individual program. White cap (no contact), Howes, Woewodin and Sparrow

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    GALLANT by KC from Casey

    The world “gallant” is not one that is readily acceptable to losing teams in our game of football so when it was used in the context of the Casey Demons’ loss to Sandringham in yesterday’s match at Casey Fields, it left a bitter taste in the mouth.  The Demons went into the game against the St Kilda affiliated Zebras with the advantage of playing on their home turf (not that this has been a major asset in 2024) and with very little else going in their favour. The Saints have close to a full

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    MEANWHILE by Whispering Jack

    … meanwhile, at about the same time that Narrm was putting its feet on the accelerator to obliterate the long-suffering Euro-Yroke combination, I heard someone mention in passing that Kuwarna was leading Waalitj Marawar by a whopping 46 to 1 halfway through the second quarter of their game over in Adelaide. “What is football coming to?” I asked myself.  In front of my eyes, the Demons were smashing it through the midfield, forcing turnovers and getting the footy to their forwards who w

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    PREGAME: Rd 12 vs Fremantle

    The Demons head back on the road for the fourth time this season as the travel to Alice Springs to take on the Fremantle Dockers at Treager Park on Sunday afternoon. Who comes in and who goes out?

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    PODCAST: Rd 11 vs St. Kilda

    The Demonland Podcast will air LIVE on Monday, 27th May @ 8:30pm. Join George, Binman & I as we analyse the Demons victory at the MCG over the Saints in the Round 11. You questions and comments are a huge part of our podcast so please post anything you want to ask or say below and we'll give you a shout out on the show. If you would like to leave us a voicemail please call 03 9016 3666 and don't worry no body answers so you don't have to talk to a human. Listen & Chat LIVE

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    VOTES: Rd 11 vs St. Kilda

    Captain Max Gawn has a considerable lead over reigning champion Christian Petracca in the Demonland Player of the Year Award. Steven May, Alex Neal-Bullen & Jake Lever make up the Top 5. Your votes for the win against the Saints. 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

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    POSTGAME: Rd 11 vs St. Kilda

    After a very wasteful first half of footy the Demons ended up cruising to a clinical victory over the Saints by 38 points at the MCG and ultimately reclaimed a coveted spot in the Top 4.

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    Melbourne Demons 401
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