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  1. Hibbert might not be the fastest player on the list, but he knows how to shut down a threat.
  2. I'm not opposed to ducking, except for Mathieson, who is a massive expletive.
  3. I'm almost 60, and I've always used banner.
  4. Because they think it will make them sound like an insider, or make them sound cool.
  5. Absolutely worth another year. Has enough raw material value to see what will happen if he can have an injury free run.
  6. They only play half their games at home.
  7. Jim probably copped most abuse from his coach, Slug Jordan.
  8. Glad to see Hawthorn embrace The Curse of Alistair Clarkson, but less glad to know that he will go to Carlton or Collingwood.
  9. Yet another case of late season altitude sickness near the top of the ladder.
  10. Precisely the player you need in the trenches in a final.
  11. Geelong requesting change of venue.
  12. Perhaps we can get you guys on 360 or OtC. You ask better questions than the suck-ups on the teev.
  13. Will covid cause club allocations to be reduced? It wouldn't surprise me if, in 2021, your guaranteed GF ticket is not guaranteed.
  14. If you reckon we might be jinxed by Margetts, consult a few Freo fans and have any Demon gripes put in perspective.
  15. Malcolm Blight was the last captain coach. (I think.)
  16. Good to see both coaches derate stat accumulation. Both Merrett and Parish did plenty of number collecting up the ground, but didn't hurt us.
  17. It was some sort of publicity thing. And I'm not the only beneficiary. TEN of us pocketed $2,300, so Sportsbet actually paid out $23,000. Nor am I the only one of the ten to post here on Demonland.
  18. Yep. Paid out in full. $2,300 straight into my sky rocket.
  19. I had $100 at 23/1 with Sportsbet, and they have already paid out.
  20. The current team is clearly better than 1998, 2000 and 2018 because it is able to handle the pressure game. The previous three teams looked great when allowed to run and gun but were shut down by organised oppositions, whereas this outfit is made of sterner stuff as well being liberally sprinkled with potential All-Australian guns.
  21. Sparrow may get a week, and if so, we will be forced to dig into our depth and pick Langdon. Tough choice.
  22. 6. Petracca 5. Gawn 4. Oliver 3. Petty 2. Rivers 1. McDonald
  23. Like Voss & Black, and Cousins, Judd and Kerr, you can't call it until you win a flag.
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