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  2. Thanks - I can see him kicking on the right for starters ...
  3. Is Justin Leppitsch under consideration or was he burned by his experience in Brizvegas when they had a [email protected] list?
  4. Great news ... is that state match still available anywhere for viewing?
  5. Did Taj play in the Colts last year as well and if so, how did he go?
  6. So, a minor boost for Melbourne because our first pick is linked with a second round pick traded with the Brisbane Lions last year. As it stands, our first pick in the draft is now number 33.
  7. Quite right but none of that would stop a club (including one of those 7 clubs) from selecting a young up and coming potential ruck star. The only question mark should be whether they have other needs which are more immediate and they think there are better players available.
  8. Luke Beveridge might well be a premiership coach but he’s been completely out of form recently. He would be sweating today on a West Coast revival or at least a close game to keep his team in the top four but they look mentally and physically smashed to me.
  9. Today’s number is 61 but they have a new angle. Another 16 cases were picked up using some rapid processing device and will be included in tomorrow’s figures. It’s really 77. Anyway, after today’s even harsher restrictions are announced, the media will be reporting that even harsher restrictions will be announced tomorrow. I think the AFL clubs should get out of the state by the end of the weekend because we are heading into the direction of NSW.
  10. Too right. Can’t believe that 4 of the 5 teams we play twice are in that top 6. More than a disgrace, it’s a conspiracy.
  11. Regrettably, many social media platforms have degenerated into a cesspit of hate speech and other abusive language that is rarely moderated properly. There are too many people out there who have been given the licence to stretch boundaries. This has to be stopped.
  12. There’s some interest from the Crows in South Adelaide’s Hayden Sampson, a 20 year old outside midfielder. He’s the son of Clay Sampson who played for Melbourne in the mid 90s, moved to Adelaide and played in their first premiership and finished at Richmond.
  13. Podcast discussion coming up - Who's in the mid-season draft mix? Watch LIVE from 6.10pm AEST
  14. 6. Christian Petracca 5. Ed Langdon 4. Jake Lever 3. Jack Viney 2. Clayton Oliver 1. Max Gawn
  15. We play Fremantle in Round 1. How did they go against WCE today?
  16. Disappointed that no news regarding Aaron Nietschke has come out of the club in the 24 hours since he came off the ground in yesterday’s practice match. Even if they’re waiting on the result of scans, a brief statement on the initial medical viewpoint on his situation would suffice.
  17. The best player to ever represent the club.
  18. But what of hwfua’s old man? Is he still on $100kpa as an apprentice in the recruiting department at Blacktown?
  19. Training with the Tigers according to the Herald Sun.
  20. I thought Taylor indicated Smith might be invited and that Woewodin was a likely father-son for next year. There’s a list of invitees on the Herald Sun site:-
  21. That said and in light of the fact that Tom has now shed 5kg since the end of the 2020 season and is training to lose more weight, it wouldn’t hurt to seek out a strong bodied big man among the six potential SSP invitees.
  22. Hawks fan I know reckons that they’re going to get both Phillips and Treloar.
  23. He’s the player who derailed our season before it started with his positive test. Obviously not intentional but didn’t he go out on house inspections which were disallowed?
  24. The AFL and the AFLPA both need to take a long hard look at themselves over the issue of player numbers. Their failure to agree on a formula for 2021 is having an impact on club decision making and there’s every chance that this is going to result in adverse outcomes for all of the game’s stakeholders. This was entirely foreseeable and, given the job losses already suffered on the coaching and administrative side, it’s utterly shameful.
  25. Why didn’t we think of using Kyle to recruit his brother?
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