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  1. Really looking forward to seeing how tracc’s wet weather footy holds up today, as well as how kossie goes about it. Lever looked a little double grabby last week which had me slightly concerned but our structure has been so good that I still believe an 8 goal grinded win is on the cards. Go dees, g&d on display today!
  2. I’d only be opposed to spargo getting involved because of the risk of injuring him. I believe he’s established himself as a quality flanker, who controls that area well. Maybe in years to come, post jones’ career and possibly viney’s, he fills that top up rotation. For now I just hope he keeps owning this role and proving the game has a place for anyone.
  3. The gripe I have with a few of the naysayers in this thread is the way Clayton is painted as less than loyal. That if we aren’t getting him to finals he’d walk. He is, from all the reports/stories I’ve read, a much loved clubman who cares for the jumper. I hope we sign him soon. IMO worthy of star money because that’s what he is. Stay a dee forever Clarry, hope you make flags happen.
  4. Trading out pick 53? I guess we aren’t recruiting any more McDonalds
  5. Rumours circulating that Melbourne and Casey are planning to tank their way out of finals in order to shop hogan around sooner.
  6. Firstly, great that Casey ground out another win, and best wishes in recovery to the soldier that is cam pederson. On the topic of tommy to the backline, I had considered it at first but as it seems it needs to be a permanent solution (lever out for season) then id rather he float back and chop out when the game suits it. He covers the ground well enough and it finally feels we are a footy side with game feel to know when things need to be done. Id be content going with a smaller type (hunt Wagner smith) v the pies as I think omac covering cox is ample key defenders. Pies have more
  7. I remember strongly thinking that the quality of Petraccas highlight package was due largely to the distribution of Gus's disposals. Wrapped to see that within a few short years he's brought his body up to AFL level. Im looking forward to their cohesion and understanding of each other's game being a large thorn in the side of many opposition teams.
  8. I’m still dirty on Riewoldt for a sneaky act last year. When we played them a scuffle spilled into the bench area and he, from the interchange engaged viney and wrestled while viney was still an on field player. Richmond scored a goal straight after, while we were effectively reduced by one player. Only a fine given. If it ever happens again, I hope he cops 3 weeks minimum. I’ll be watching you, j. Riewoldt.
  9. I worry that while billy is a muscular young man, he seems too small for a halfback spot. Aerial flankers will make short work of him and I just don’t see that as a fit
  10. GREAT debut by a kid who to me looks like a footballer first, and built himself around that. Not sure if this is too relevant to the thread but just wanted to pump up jonesy for getting in on spargos scuffle. Captain who's got your back from game one.
  11. In my opinion there is a great deal of room for growth in the seniors. With a domination expected over coburg tomorrow, let's hope anyone who does put their hand up does it with a sheer force that would have got them in past any opposition. That said, hoping hunt and brayshaw go like the clappers tomorrow, wanting a spot in the seniors. Also, please, someone kick a proper bag. If pedo (or weeds) kick 6+, then he'd be hard to knock back. Also, I think lever will need to play tall next week, unless we think we will trounce the Hawks in the guts and have little need to defend. Their sm
  12. Wrapped with Omac, he's solid in build and becoming dependable The dees contested footy and hardness is being put out there as our brand (even without our champion hardnut viney) the game against a top 4 side was within our grasp with less than a minute to go. Clear signs that we can compete with the best, even though I thought many struggled
  13. My favorite player for this role was roughie at the Hawks. Was a gun at being a team first player, with taps to advantage and blocks to allow the gun mids to do their thing. When he did go back to the forward line, the mids loved getting him the goals and, he loved kicking them for the team. I think roughie was fairly selfless before this move, but I hope jesse will be moreso after his stints in there.
  14. IF he never plays again as his passionate self, I will blame co captaincy. Statistically very bad for the younger cocaptauns feet.
  15. On the topic of phantom drafts, the first I've seen has dreamy results. Brett Andersons on sen: https://www.sen.com.au/news/2017/11/20/brett-andersons-2017-afl-mock-draft/ has us netting the best ruck in the draft, Matthew Ling who I was hoping would fall to us, and Bailey Fritsch, everyone's Casey love affair. Also some other kid above all these with our first pick. Very lofty hopes for us I would think.
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