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  1. Most Kicks: Jones Most Handballs: Davey Most Disposals: Jones Most Tackles: Trengrove Most Marks: Jamar Most Goals: Dews
  2. Poor Liam has got himself in more trouble, this time drink driving. Such a talented footballer hope he gets his act together.
  3. It's one sport that does not need bell's and Whistles. Ok the umpires need whistles. Our games not boring like Basketball and Soccer.
  4. The first 6 game will decide if we can or can't make it. The run home is tough. I say we can make it.
  5. Just watched Jeff Kennet on the News. Why doesn't he just worry about his own club. Mans a fool and a tool.
  6. A ten person meeting about the benefit of winning less then 5 games is no different then a 900 person thread doing the same thing, unless the players were told not to win.
  7. The truth about Tanking has to be how fast a club turns it around the next year. West Coast anyone.
  8. OUT. Moloney. Jurrah. Green. Rivers. Gysberts. Morton. Martin. Cook. Bate. Petterd. Bennell. Lawrence. Williams. Sheahan Sad parts that in any given week five or six of the above would have got a game. Gee we were bad.
  9. No this gives the AFL time to decided how much pain to inflict on Crows and Tippet. He's playing nowhere next year.
  10. Those in the know say we have done very well. We are trying to change culture.
  11. It's now a salary cap rorting, issue for the Crows. History says there in a lot of trouble.
  12. Just Blame the Carbon tax and move on guys.
  13. In fact The crows are not allowed to do anymore trading in this draft. AFL have raided and taken computers records etc. Don't think that has every happened before.
  14. Roos effectively trade Cam Pedersen and Aaron Edwards for Jordan Gysberts and pick 63. Paperwork lodged for both deals. Did we get Aaron Edwards as well. in this deal.
  15. Jay [email protected] Confirmation Morton will join the Eagles. Relationship with Neeld was beyond repair. WC confident he can play decent footy.
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