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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Not just that. But unfortunately, with all that’s happened with Smith, Oliver, and our prior off field issues, we are now labeled as a dysfunctional football club (off field). It’s a ‘free hit’ to say we’ll struggle.
  2. It’s all smoke and mirrors, and nothing to see here.
  3. Salem can’t play in the midfield as he is too undisciplined with tackling. He gives away too many frees due to dumping he opposing players. I do understand the method of the Oliver pairing though. Theoretically it has merit, But Salem is a nightmare to have in the middle, as every free kick he gives away halts our momentum.
  4. They arent worth the coin it would cost. Neither are 50 goal a year fowards either.
  5. Lloyd in recent times has been in our corner. Probably too much off field noise to back us in now.
  6. Whoever is number 10. Thankfully wasn’t Gus then.
  7. Oliver only doesn’t win those if he gets injured again. However, if Oliver went amiss, Viney will win the bluey. Smokey for Charlie.
  8. Viney should have the best year of his career.
  9. Liked. Rivers sat 3 wide under a hold, and was eased down the last 50. Petracca was better for the run, Sat midfield and was eased to the line. Windsor jumped the gates, got In a nice position early, checked off of heels, and had solid finishing sectionals. GOAT came off of a 50m handicap and still went to the post under double wraps, close to the place getters. Bowey came out sharp, sat up on the pace, and shown a nice turn of foot, a black booker. Negatives. May looked as though he needed the run. Brayshaw came out the gates slow, and stayed slow - despite looking good in the yard. Schache might be looking for a picnic circuit. ANB, despite looking fit for a first up run, doesn’t look to have come back well.
  10. You need to take time out and watch the game.
  11. Take aways from the game. Petracca is Kouta the second coming, and absolutely flying. Yet still, will play second fiddle to the GOAT, who clearly has been training hard by himself. Viney looks in sharp touch Windsor is already elite (well done JT). Bowey has lifted another level. JVR could benefit from our long history of bombing the ball inside 50 Rivers is an A grade footballer. Kozi is in rare air. He could be the most talented player in the league. GOAT will win his 5th Bluey. Now to the negatives. May has lost a yard or ten. Langdon is finished. ANB is a bigger liability than ever now he’s fitter than ever - and the ball is in his hands more as a result (he’s a butcher). Brayshaw doesn’t look up to it. Salem isn’t a mid, or even nearly a mid. Schache isn’t up to VFL standard.
  12. Fantastic. I was hoping this happened. In all his interviews on 360 I was thoroughly impressed with his reasoning and ability to see the game. IMO he compliments Goodwin. Great fit.
  13. I given up on the AFL a long time ago now. The death of Australian Rules, under the AFL banner, died when they banned sliding in. Ever since that they have tried to manipulate the rules to decrease the likelihood of head knocks, only to have the opposite effect. We now have players leading into a contest head first, with absolute disregard for their well-being, but with the intention of receiving a free kick. With the impending payouts the AFL know they have coming their way, I am just really surprised they didn’t manipulate a Collingwood vs Carlton grand final.
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