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  1. I’d pay to just forgive the run. I thought we were alright today. Bulldogs were just the better side. Our midfield was pretty good, stoppage work ok, backline solid (May Lever great), but our spread wasn’t good, and our player accountability was below average. We are struggling against these sides that can spread well. It seems to really catch us out. I thought we were ok today boys should hold their head up high, we just lacked in areas and the bullies capitalised. They are a classy side. Our goal kicking probably cost us the win today as well. Kick straight we probably win that.
  2. If I were a player and I got jumper punched I’d start unloading, it would be on like Donkey Kong. Why? Because jumper punches into the solar plexus hurt like hell, they take the wind right out of you. It’s assault. That is what it is, and if someone is assaulting you then you have the right to defend yourself, especially if the league will not look after you. You can either sit there and continue to get hit, or you can fight back.
  3. We won’t be matching that, or even nearly that amount. If it came down to that we would wish JV the very best. But I suspect Viney will remain at the club on a far lesser amount.
  4. Oliver and Petracca are two of the games top 10 midfielders. Brayshaw has had an opportunity all year to show something and hasn’t. He can wait his turn. Viney has been far better, Sparrow has even been better. Brayshaw is a turnover merchant
  5. I’d try get Watts on a low contract.
  6. We still need to fix up our disposal into the forward line. Good win but work to do. Petracca is a bona fide A grader now. Oliver once again hung onto the footy and tried to open things up for us - which he did. He is improving thankfully. Sparrow looks good enough to replace whoever we move on next year out of Brayshaw or Viney.
  7. It’s not just Goodwin. It’s a whole cast of these muppets who just think they know best. Why would you trade two first round picks for Jake Lever, an unproven key forward at the time who had an ACL history? Then back it up with trading away a top 6 pick for Steven May, who was a restricted agent who at the time we most definitely could have gotten cheaper. Now the rocket scientists have traded away yet another potentially high pick for a player who will be no better than someone we could’ve picked up like we did Garlett - who we got late. So it’s not just Goodwin that needs to be shown the door. It’s the whole cast.
  8. Carey, Ricuito, Watson and others are all pals of Goodwin, as a result he completely escapes criticim. Roos also has reasons not to bag him. Rules a lot out. Leaves Dermie and a few others - who rightfully havent missed us. We are a joke.
  9. I agree with Lyon. Last year was a fluke. Nothing to indicate it wasn't.
  10. Roos would be worth the money for Carlton. He did a hell of a job setting mfc up. Probably slipping on the last hurdle (appointment of Goodwin), but that may not have been obvious to Roos at the time. Carlton would do no better than Roos if they were serious about taking the club to sustained success. But If I were Roos I would finish what he started at Melbourne.
  11. My only gripe with Dermott is that he shouldve excluded James Harmes. Harmes is our most effective mid by ten miles, its not fair to throw him under the bus with the rest of these stat padders and handball happy panic merchants.
  12. Brayshaw was solid to good in 2018. A third in a brownlow turned what was a good year, to many calling it a great year, resulting in Brayshaw being overrated. I like the kid and wouldnt trade him, but he has a lot of ground to make up. He looks slow, weak, disinterested, lazy and has been a turn over merchant of late. Are you suggesting we overlook his deficiencies and give him leniency because he is 23 years old?
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