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  1. And still be Premiers that year :)
  2. And players don’t seem to kick the ball in that goal kicking process anymore according to today’s commentators: “he hit it well”, “he struck it well”…
  3. And Dangerfield’s blatant one was supportively described by commentator as a “little shovel” rather than calling it what it was - a throw
  4. Perhaps the grumpy Essendon fans should watch the AFL site’s post game highlights video - shows 7 of Essendon’s goals, to just 5 of Melbourne’s goals. Watching those highlights they’d think that Essendon actually won the game, humouring their delusional mindset.
  5. The ‘mass-debates’ are getting off topic...
  6. Not sure if the prospect of playing finals was a reason for him moving to Collingwood, but the way things are looking he won’t be far ahead, if at all, during his time at Collingwood on that front either. Melbourne having played finals in 2018 and likely this year as well, compared to Collingwood in 2018 and 2019, and he missed their brief final appearance last year.
  7. Didn’t know he was that way inclined.
  8. Hogan 4 goals and in a losing side Hannan 3
  9. How would the Melbourne Demons react to a team called the Tassie Devils coming into the competition?
  10. Two goals to half time in a so far losing side that is...
  11. Perhaps it should be eternal membership.
  12. I gave up my Redlegs membership a few years ago for a different membership, out of frustration that someone else would almost always be sitting in my reserved seat - now I know who the culprit was! Not sure how the seat allocations might go if there’s a larger crowd expected, but I assume premium members would be given priority. Beyond that, perhaps some sort of ballot.
  13. I thought this year’s draft is considered to be compromised because of various academy, father-son and the like that mean that a number of this year’s draft prospects are already locked in? The suggestion being that 2021 will be less compromised in that regard, so not Covid or vaccine related.
  14. But are skills something that can just be “fixed up” or do skills = say natural ability that can’t be improved?
  15. Opens the way for Adam Goodes to make a comeback.
  16. It would also seem unfortunate for some current players if they were to be delisted at the end of this year to make way for new draftees, when they haven’t even had a chance to play or prove themselves this season, if it’s reduced/cancelled.
  17. Thankfully his trophy cabinet is as bereft of premiership medals as he suggests the MCG was of crowds during his Melbourne playing days.
  18. So it’s good then that he got injured, so he doesn’t get injured?
  19. Gawn’s already been making his ongoing contribution, so he’s perhaps not really seen as a reason that they’d ‘spring back in 2020’, unless he takes his game to an even higher level this year, if that’s possible.
  20. Thanks - sounds encouraging. About a quarter of those drafted this year seem to have come from WA. Even if we accept the strength of the “go home factor” that so many seem concerned about, I don’t see how the two WA clubs can accommodate all of this year’s WA draftees supposedly wanting to return home from their respective non WA clubs in a couple of years or so. Player list number restrictions, salary cap, trade requirements - don’t see how West Coast and Freo can pull off bringing all those players - and that’s just from this year‘s draft - back to WA.
  21. 4. Greater Western Sydney (received from Adelaide as part of a pick swap; originally received from Carlton in 2018)
  22. The 9 news item also mentioned Oliver and showed footage of him going down. Also mentioned and showed Melksham nursing a hand injury, but suggested that it was minor.
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