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  1. I believe it formed part of Burgess’s method: https://www.afl.com.au/news/686425/fitness-guru-reveals-secret-to-dees-incredible-injury-free-run/amp
  2. From the footage, the way he was so confidently and casually taking it, it didn’t exactly appear that it was his first experience.
  3. If it’s any consolation DD, I too am in the over 60s bracket, just, but thankfully my symptoms were mild and I’ve had common colds that were worse! But I still appreciate the risks and that it seems to have varying effects from one person to the next, so good for you to be somewhat cautious while still attending. Monday will be my last day of isolation, so I won’t be going, so please do some of that gentlemanly MCC barracking on my behalf as well!
  4. I attended Saturday night’s game against Sydney, which included some time in what was a busy Frank Grey Smith bar. A few days later I came down with what I at first thought was a cold, then tested positive to Covid. Don’t know for sure, but my best guess is that I got it attending the football. Not meaning to put others off attending matches, but the potential to pick up covid at the footy seems a contributing factor to lower attendances.
  5. Agreed - probably needs a question mark after it. I fell for it, assuming that there actually was some news.
  6. It seems that Collingwood and Richmond have their own Aboriginal names, so no need for them to assume ‘ours’. Ten previously forgotten Aboriginal names for 19th century sites and suburbs of Melbourne have been recently unearthed at the Melbourne Museum. These include the names for Fitzroy (Ngár-go), Richmond (Quo-yung), Collingwood (Yálla-birr-ang) and Brunswick (Bulleke-bek).
  7. Maybe it’s a positive omen - that Melbourne will be anything but “pedestrian” tonight.
  8. The same in the Grand Final when Picket went down ahead of the Brayshaw goal, most were calling for a free to Pickett, taken high, but Gerard described it as “that was a serious throw from Kozzy Pickett”.
  9. I wasn’t too sure about that comment by BT - wasn’t it the Bulldogs who were drowning? - in Melbourne goals?
  10. ROUND ONE, 2022 Wednesday, March 16 Melbourne v Western Bulldogs, MCG, 7.10pm AEDT, Seven
  11. 17th placed Collingwood gets to launch with a Friday night game? 🥴
  12. They only become acronyms when the abbreviated letters or initials themselves form a word - e.g. NATO or UNESCO. The examples in the original post, i.e. “JVR, AMW” do not form a pronounceable word, so they are not acronyms, just initialisms.
  13. Correct. Except for Taj, which neither - it’s just his actual name :)
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