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  1. I think the Weid would benefit from signing a 3+ year contract to stay at Melbourne and establish his position as our key forward for the next 5 or more years. I reckon the off field pressure of his contract isn't helping his on field performance and I think he will finish alot more of his work (contested marks, goal accuracy) without this added 'off-field' pressure. I'm of the view that he's done reasonably well over the past 5 games, acknowledging he had a poor game v Collingwood, and is capable of being an excellent forward per last few home and away matches/finals in 2018.
  2. On a positive I'd rather lose to bottom 4 sides than top 4 contenders. Wins against the top sides effectively become 8 point matches when competing for a home final.
  3. Parish deserves to be in the 22 but not as a forward. It makes me furious when they put genuine midfielders as forwards to fit extra mids in the side.
  4. Weid was ok v Brisbane and I reckon internally the club would have been happy with his game. I cannot recall him being outmarked and he brought quite a few balls to ground, took a few good grabs and with improved kicking would have had 2-3 goals. He's come off an injury interrupted season last year and missed alot of the preseason and I reckon he needs a good run of a few games to clunk an extra mark or two and get his confidence back in front of goal.
  5. Spargo is so reliable that practically every time he receives the ball in our forward half it results in a decent percentage shot at goal. Between Spargo, Pickett and ANB we have a great mix of small forwards.
  6. I reckon with the big dog T-Mac in the side there is isn't room for Weid or Ben Brown. He's the alpha dog and the others know it.
  7. How good is Spargo. Everytime he has the ball in our forward half ends up with a shot on goal.
  8. Absolutely agree, it's clear as day were getting beaten around the ball and then on the spread. Even up this battle and it's game on for the second half.
  9. Re Robbo, did anyone see when he was interviewing Trent Rivers re rising star nomination on AFL 360 and asked what it was like playing forward last year before being moved forward this year mistaking him for Jayden Hunt. I genuinely don't mind Robbo but it was a bit awkward and pretty funny.
  10. It annoys me when the AA teams have star midfielders as Half Forwards. Pick the best players that play in that position rather than squeeze extra midfielders into what is a speciality position FFS.
  11. I'd support this on the basis that while lockdown restrictions will likely ease next Friday it will be at least a couple of more weeks after that before crowds will be able to attend the footy. Even swapping the bye round would likely see no crowds. SA is a great footy state and would put on a show befitting the occassion. It would also go a long way to mitigating financial losses while being a neutral ground that we play well at and therefore a suitable substitute for our home game.
  12. I'd question whether it is about having no cases or rather not having cases that cannot be linked to an existing exposure site or case. If all of the new cases are people that have been self isolating (3,000 Victorians are self isolating for 24 days and a further 12,000 until they test negative) and the whole state has been in lockdown for 5 days that should be enough for an exemption. It is also likely that other states will reopen their border within 24 hours of Vic easing restrictions which is what has happened in all of the recent circuit breaker style lockdowns.
  13. I wonder what day/time a decision needs to be made. With the 7 day "circuit-breaker" lockdown scheduled to finish midnight on Thursday, and an announcement likely on the Thursday morning on whether restrictions would ease, it is plausible that the NT Government could allow Melbourne to travel on either Thursday or Friday morning if we don't have cases that cannot be traced to an existing case.
  14. Interesting that no-one has suggested T-Mac to the wing and Ben Brown forward. What a difference 2 months makes.
  15. Good opportunity for Oscar Baker to show his wares. Langdon is among our best but with the system we have I reckon Baker can step up.
  16. Not if the break between quarters is longer to offset shorter quarters. The marketers could then play more ads during the longer breaks.
  17. What is the isolation requirement re secondary contacts? Alif it's 14 days then we have a problem but if it's self isolate until a negative test then it would have to be all clear, provided the results come back before the first bounce.
  18. I haven't bothered reading the article but this is a silly thing to say. Until we win multiple premierships with Oliver and Trac receiving Brownlow, AA and Norm Smith accolades this is very premature. Settle down fireman.
  19. Will hit 50k easy. The club will give away a Jaguar with every membership if needed.
  20. Seriously why not. We have Casey to train at while the cricket is on. We should use our relationship with the MCC to make this happen. Use the argument that Geelong train on their home ground and so should we.
  21. There is alot of excitement here about the fine, but does anyone have footage of the incident?
  22. I'd drop T-Mac, he is playing too well, we need to make sure he doesn't get ahead of himself, and it sends a message for he rest of the list that no-one is safe, not even one of the best key forwards in the competition.
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