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  1. Hi All. I am a part owner of Main Stage who has been nominated for the All Star Mile on March 16, run this year at Flemington. Ten of the fourteen runners will be selected by a public vote. Those who vote will be in the mix to win some of the prizemoney As a passionate Demon, I'm asking for you to vote for Main Stage via the link below. Voting closes Monday February 18. Main Stage was one of the favourites for the Victoria Derby 14 months ago, and came 5th. Feel free to forward the link to anyone you think would be interested to vote. Many Thanks Mollydee https://allstarmile.com.au/profiles.html#/
  2. I ,for one, will be contacting Foxtel, The AFL, and the MFC tomorrow to complain. It is offensive that every replay of the game this week has this rubbish as commentary. Imagine if this was done to Collingwood on one of their wins
  3. From the 60's,70's. Can't remember the player or the commentator, but in essence: "If that player had Jack Viney's head on his shoulders, he'd look just like Jack Viney"
  4. The legendary Norman May at the opening ceremony for the 1972 Munich Olympics: " And here comes Sri Lanka----which is West German for Ceylon".
  5. Imelda Marcos to oversee player footwear -- a vital asset on game day
  6. Unfortunately , I can't be there in body because of work , but I'm definitely there in spirit . GO DEES !!!
  7. Yes . I could be wrong , but I think he may have had 2 nasty concussions not far apart in the middle of the season . Took him a long time , but I thought his last games were excellent .
  8. Hmmm . ".. good authority.. " . Has your "authority " given you names ? Has your " authority " given you their individual reasons for " investigating their options to leave " ? Are they , perchance , ones who can't hack the pace ? Rumour , rumour , rumour .
  9. Sensational "separated at birth " !!!
  10. The Essendon "supporters " sitting directly in front of us disappeared before half time
  11. I don't think the conclusion is at all errant . If you watch the replay, Grimes is tackling straight on , trying to push Jackson over the boundary line . All of his effort is in tackling and pushing forward . He does not move sideways or make any rotating moves . Jackson , however , while being pushed backwards , wraps his left arm around Grimes' torso , lifts him off the ground , then rotates his body backwards and down onto Grimes . If you watch the replay , and just keep your eyes on Grimes' feet , you will see he is lifted off the ground . He makes no effort to launch himself off the ground . BTW , how is Lachie Henderson's tackle not a sling tackle ?
  12. Caroline Wilson said this on Footy Classified on Monday when she was talking of Ablett having made a big mistake by going to Gold Coast . Yes , she said , he can sit and count his money , but he now has regrets , particularly watching Geelong play without being there himself .
  13. The last game Col played last year was an absolute blinder . He had the ball on a string , and seemed unable to do anything wrong . As I watched his game , I sighed with pleasure for its poetry in motion , but I also sighed wistfully for the "why don't we see this more often "
  14. Moi aussi . AND Hawthorn , AND Collingwood ,AND Essendon , AND Richmond , AND ....................
  15. If you go to this link , ignore the article and scroll below it , there is an absolutely magnificent "Jim Stynes . Life in pictures " to scroll through . It would be great to some how link it here on Demonland --on a different thread , of course . [ way beyond my abilities , I'm afraid ] .
  16. Farewell , and fare thee well , Jimmy . Your ability to love and your capacity for life was amazing . Our world is better because you engaged it fully . Thank you for being a part of us all . Rest in Peace , Jim Stynes .
  17. Politics is the last thing we need here ! [ Think you meant secretary Jim Cardwell ? ]
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