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  1. Buddy is the replacement to be fair
  2. I reckon Jones might be the sub quite often. He doesn’t really need week in week out football in the VFL and is an experienced head to steady things if we cop an injury. This week may be the exception though, as it’s not the like Chandler or Sparrow are going to miss a VFL hit out if they are the sub.
  3. I have zero inside info, but this is the only logical explanation in my opinion. How else could they find themselves in such a mess, and still be under cap pressure after ditching those 3 contracts. Either that or someone stuffed up the formula on the excel spreadsheet.
  4. I thought our best bet was to get the impact downgraded from medium to low, meaning just a fine. But to get off altogether genuinely surprised me. No complaints though, you take the breaks when they come.
  5. Well there you go. Thought it was 50/50 at best to get overturned. Good result.
  6. It's only minor but that is a nice bit of (rare) common sense from the AFL. And agree on the above re music at the ground. I think a survey on that would yield very similar results. But I assume that may be on the home club as much as it is on the AFL?
  7. I backed him a week or two ago at $15. The only 2 currently ahead of him him in the betting are Scholl (Ade) and Warner (Syd), with Cox (Ess) at the same odds.
  8. Gutted for Tommo, he was playing great footy. As for next steps, I think TMac goes back and we bring Weideman in up forward. I would also play Majak in defence in the VFL to be ready to go. Petty also, but he is injured atm I believe?
  9. Baker as a late in for Viney wasn’t ideal. I think Sparrow would have been the preferred option but he was getting needed minutes in the VFL before they knew Viney was going to come out. Sparrow in for Baker Weid for Tomlinson (TMac back) Chandler and Bedford also right around the mark, but Melk seems a protected species, and ANB deserves a mulligan after a good start to the year. Harmes a no from me. Doesn’t currently have that bit of strength and spring he used to, and looked to be just going at VFL level imo.
  10. There were two main changes that got us back into it in the second half: 1 - a clear lift in pressure and intensity 2 - the move of TMac back to defence which allowed our usual defensive shape to get setup in Tomlinson’s absence It wasn’t great, but we move on and use it as a reminder that you have to be on your game pressure wise or you will pay, regardless of the opponent. Also to the supporters writing off the doggies because of a bad half against the reigning premiers. Today shows no team should be judged on their worst half. No team is perfect.
  11. They are out working us, pure and simple. Every time it hits the deck they are outnumbering us. They have been able to get heaps of uncontested possessions, just like teams traditionally have against us. They aren’t going anywhere, and this is going to be a massive scrap to try and get out of here with the points. So filthy.
  12. I can’t believe I want Essendon to win (🤮), but it would be pretty funny if Carlton lose this one. Collingwood and Carlton in the gun all week, while we hopefully sit on top of the ladder.
  13. He’s a gun. I still cringe at some comments, even by some of our own supporters, who don’t quite understand what a player he is. It seems he takes his time a little more in traffic now, allowing him to be more damaging with his already elite contested game. His kicking has improved out of sight, likely because of the above adjustment. If he could nail those goals we are talking about him in the absolute top bracket of players in the comp. But even now, he is comfortably a top 10 mid in the competition.
  14. Win and we are 2 games and percentage clear of 3rd.
  15. You’ve got to love how knee jerk footy fans are with their comments! Doggies are rubbish now according to the masses. We will lose a game soon too you realise?
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