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  1. Not just 3 ACLs, but all in the pre-seasons of his first 3 seasons as a pro. Poor guy only got a chance to play a quarter of a scratch match in his time in the AFL, that’s awful luck. Good luck to him, whether that’s another crack at it, or something else post playing footy.
  2. The wheels have fallen off the last fortnight sadly. Collingwood are on another level today.
  3. My favourite from just about his first game. Absolute gun, and I honestly believe he has another level in him as well.
  4. McGowan won’t be able to resist the power trip of derailing the season, especially after the verbal barbs last season. The AFL might have to tell Freo and WC to hub somewhere else, and if they don’t like it, talk to their premier.
  5. I can only judge from the early 90s onwards, and while we’ve had some very good players, it’s a pretty low bar compared to most other clubs. I have no doubt there are 3 guys in this current side that will be top 5 players of my time watching if they continue.
  6. The team looked poor, hopefully there are some VFL reinforcements coming in to top that side up, otherwise it could be a long year. On a positive note, the young draftees looked good, Bowey and Laurie more than Rosman. And Petty played well, and will be required in the seniors sooner rather than later imo.
  7. Farmer is very springy and is one touch below his knees.
  8. Umpiring is a bit biased 😂 Choco is only paying our free kicks and gave us 50 for a man on the mark infringement. And is that Goodwin goal umpiring who tried to wipe off one of their goals as touched?
  9. I’m liking Laurie’s sidestep, looks to be very agile and classy with the ball.
  10. 2021 Priority 1 - win games Priority 2 - re-sign Oliver asap
  11. Spargo might not be able to roost it 60m, but his kicks are flat and get where they are going nice and quick.
  12. I read the other day they are the oldest list in the competition, even older than Geelong. They have certainly primed themselves for an immediate crack at it. I also rate Ratten very highly. I personally would have loved him to take over post Roos, but it wasn't to be.
  13. I am actually all for rule changes. But I am talking more large sweeping changes that will simplify the game and fundamentally get it back on the right track and showcase what makes the game so great and unique. But I hate these stupid little alterations and additions that only add to the confusion. It will no doubt create other side effects, leaving us in a bigger mess than before the rule was introduced.
  14. Poor guy, especially after missing all of last year. Mature age out of the VFL, no football in over 2 years by the time he is back, it’s going to make it very hard for him.
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