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  1. At this point in time he isn’t top 100, but he was top 22 2 years ago at the age of 20/21 when he was AA. Im still convinced this year will be a step backwards to take 2 forwards. He’s trying to hold onto the ball and take it on a bit more. He has lost confidence in his kicking, which has been nowhere near this bad in previous years, so I’m confident it will come.
  2. Surprised by the support for Oscar. He was bad against Brisbane and then diabolical against Port. Tomlinson will slot in there which means we don’t lose much from a structure point of view.
  3. I’m thinking Tomlinson might play back. I would personally leave out one of Jones or Sparrow in favour of another more suited to playing on the outside, but we know by now that isn’t Goodwin’s go.
  4. Interesting that the other 3 teams playing tomorrow have loads of players “managed”. We actually have the least changes out of any of them. Adelaide have a good 7/8 changes.
  5. Usually yes, but I’m personally loving hearing any noise at the footy this year
  6. In the space of 7 games since the restart, we have played with 1 tall, 2 talls and now 3 talls, which does give the impression goodwin is just throwing darts and hoping something works at this stage.
  7. I assumed he would play half forward or half back, but to get lots of centre bounces was an odd decision. As the OP mentioned, he wasn’t bad, but not sure he improves the team at all playing in the guts.
  8. I really like Garry in the media. He clearly understands and articulates our problems on field, whereas I listened to some absolute dribble from Derm today that made me think he hasn’t watched a single Melbourne game all year. But there is no chance he is coaching Melbourne.
  9. This really feels like it could go either way, and I don’t know the dynamics of the playing group and coaching staff to know which way it will go. Massive fork in the road moment coming up.
  10. If I had to make a prediction, I think we will 1) Smash Adelaide - we will be fuming and they are rubbish 2) There will be plenty of back slapping and comments about how that was our brand etc etc 3) Get rolled by North
  11. Genuinely shocked tbh. Bartlett has always been very quiet and measured with his public comments. I hope this was a measured attack that will get the right reactions from the right people, rather than emotional comments that are going to alienate people.
  12. To me he is being coached to expand his game, and has lost a bit of confidence. When he started, yes he handballed a lot, but he was such a creative handballer in traffic. He often was compared to Greg Williams, and for good reason. I'm still convinced it will turn for him. It might be a case of a step back to take a couple of steps forward in the future.
  13. I honestly couldn't find 6 players who held their own last night. One of the worst performances I have seen, an absolute train wreck.
  14. He was [censored] last night, but he has been good. I was at the game on Sunday vs Brisbane and genuinely noticed how important he was in blocking space on the wing and stopping that easy transition we have been so susceptible to in the past.
  15. I’m clearly not a Goodwin fan, but I’m less inclined to blame him for last night. We were trending on the right direction in terms of fixing our forward entries, the team selections were fine, but last night was just a pathetic performance and I think the playing group have to take most of the heat for that. Obviously you can blame him for the lack of effort and intensity, I get that, but imo the players are mostly responsible for bringing that part of the game.
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