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  1. Ben Brown is 100% in next week imo. He didn't play against Port due to logistics after coming out of H&S protocols and today would have just been a light hit out for him. It's just a matter of who comes out for him, and I'd comfortably take TMac over Weid.
  2. Terrible first quarter, and should be down by more, yet the only goal came from a bit of poor discipline.
  3. The only thing I’m interested in out of all that is the bullying, but that could very easily be a beat up. But the stuff about having a few drinks and a punt with some of the players! Please, give me a spell. Who cares.
  4. Bit of a scrap, but a very good last quarter. Hanks is a very natural footballer with a very fluid kicking action. I also love the physicality of Harris, Zanka and Scott in particular.
  5. Unable to attend, but followed on Facebook all day and it looked like a great day. I hope everyone had a ball. I will see you all Round 1 at the G. Oh, and quick question, I saw a photo with Jonesy and Nev, but were they presented in any special way on stage or anything like that? Edit: saw a couple of posts saying Jonesy and Nev were well involved, so that is good to hear
  6. I know the panel is generally positive, but that sounded particularly good. Seems somewhat similar to Rosman from the description, so will be interesting to see how they both develop.
  7. Thought the same thing. Goody out for 4-6 with a dislocated shoulder!
  8. A young side winning a flag will definitely mean there are younger players who have risen quickly, and will need a big upgraded deal. Although as AF says, winning a flag is the ultimate confirmation that we are on the right track to some sustained success, and that will hopefully mean they will do what is needed to keep the core together.
  9. A lot of unknowns, but we shouldn’t forget Rosman or Laurie, and also the prospect of Bowey and Rivers playing further up the ground at some point. I think a couple of project talls could be on the cards, both in the ruck and up forward in particular.
  10. That leaves us in the exact same situation though doesn’t it? Macrae would have had the advantage of extra game, effectively being able to discard his worst game, which was the GF. I personally would have had Bailey Smith ahead of him across the first 3 finals anyway. Macrae doesn’t excite me much at all.
  11. It’s like picking your favourite child, but the Clayton Oliver goal gets me going. BANG! BANG BANG BANG! We maybe didn’t know it at the the time, but that broke the bulldogs.
  12. I would have said no chance a couple of years back, but you can tell he has matured so much in that time. He has done a lot more media this year as well, and while he isn't as polished as some others, he has improved out of sight. So who knows, but he's definitely a chance.
  13. I was thinking similar earlier. First home game next year will be massive for the flag and giving Jonesy a farewell.
  14. He did a lot of good stuff off the ball, a couple of which led directly to goals such as that Petracca goal and also the Spargo goal. Certainly not his best game, but he did all the team things that you want from a small forward. [censored] me when I read comments on social giving him stick. The kid was a massive contributor to a premiership season.
  15. I sat on the couch yesterday next to my wife, cracked a beer, and we had a good laugh talking about how we can start actually living a normal life now. I know it sounds ridiculous, but feels like I’ve been on a journey since I was a kid waiting for this day, and now it’s come. There’s definitely the carrot of winning a premiership at the G though.
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