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  1. When I was much younger my uncle took me to see the boys train. Once training was over the great Allen Jakovich stayed behind to work on his goal kicking. He was my favourite player so I was eager to get behind the goals and mark some of his kicks. After I caught 3 or 4 he then invited me to jump over the fence for some kick to kick. It only lasted probably less than 5 min but that was one of the greatest moments of my life, it cemented my love for Jako and the club.
  2. What is the point of even rocking up when we can't execute the simple task of kicking the footy through the big sticks? UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
  3. LOL fortunately not. I'm in the south east. I do feel sorry for your neighbour however.
  4. [censored] on my neighbours lawn. I suspect his dog is doing the same to mine.
  5. I'm not confident with his foot skills or his set shots. Love the endeavour of the bloke but he lacks quality.
  6. I thought it was pretty evident watching on TV that the wind was blowing Adelaide's way.
  7. - Petty looked like a lost child - How many time are our forwards going to fly for the same ball?? FFS
  8. Supporting this team is dead set like being in an abusive relationship. You want to believe they've changed, you want to trust them, you convince yourself that the worst is behind you. Really you're just an effing idiot and deserve all the abuse that's comes your way.
  9. Granted Trac had a decent 2017. His conversion rate in 2016 was 35% and he's currently sitting at 21% (dead last out of all players on our list) for 2018. Those are terrible numbers. He clearly has conversion issues.
  10. Another Difference between the two is Gus can nail set shots. Until Trac can be consistent in that department he'll always remain just a good footballer.
  11. Glad to see Jones play the majority of the game in the midfield. Goodwin needs to stop swapping and changing positions of players so often. Tom McDonald even started on the wing a few times at centre bounces ffs.
  12. Looking for some advice peeps. The wife is a Richmond AFL Gold Member and I'm a Melbourne Gold member. Tickets for participating teams go on sale 10am tomorrow, non-participating teams go on sale at 2pm. Obviously I'm keen to sit with my wife so ideally I'd grab 2 tickets at 2pm. On the flip side I'd feel terrible if my wife misses out on a ticket. Do I run the gauntlet and grab 2 tickets at 2pm? Or just buy separate and sit separately? Haven't bought tickets to a Granny before so not sure how to play it.
  13. Just didn't have the soldiers to pull that one off. Although, Harmes kicks that soda in the 3rd and we'd be down by only 1 goal. Players could have found some belief after that.
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