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  1. Time for us to prove that there’s no place for orange men in our nation’s capital.
  2. Clarko to Rutten - remember us?
  3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Demonland 'The Worm Ouroboros' location "Many-mountained Demonland" Emblem of Demonland Created by Eric Rücker Eddison Genre High fantasy Information Type Monarchy
  4. "What time does the Rooty Hill RSL open today?" "Any tips for Race 3 at Rosehill Gardens? "Could I bot a cigarette, please" ...
  5. I’m outraged and not just on behalf of women who are excluded from this particular venue, but what about the other 55 genders? Enough is enough!
  6. Proving once again that one swallow does not a sparrow make.
  7. Time to reprise that old hit song ...
  8. Wondering if we’re going to get any training reports from this track watcher?
  9. Adam Treloar throwing hat into the ring.
  10. Agree. I couldn’t stand three more weeks of endless discussion about whether Findlay Macrae or Archie Perkins can run 0.07 seconds faster over 20 metres. Just bring on the draft night.
  11. Petitions, board spills, incompetent, fugly, cancelling 3 x family memberships, Ned Guy, disgraceful, resistance, Eddie and Trump is a spot on comparison, cancelling Foxtel ...
  12. On that note, is it time to start The Will Pucovski Thread?
  13. Rubbish. We’ve been dudded by the Lions. We really need that future fourth round selection.
  14. So his main claim to fame is that he's been photographed contesting in the ruck against Goldstein?
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