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  1. I saw the thread title and thought Redleg had a major problem with the umpires. In fact, I reckon he should be banned for a week for posting such a thing. Respect all umpires please!!!!
  2. Breaking news: The Brisbane Bullets have just signed the tallest player in NBL history – 226cm Chinese international centre Chuanxing Liu. Because of his size, he also looms as a potential future champion AFL ruckman and is widely expected to enter October’s power rankings at number 5.
  3. As long as Maxy delivers the goods on grand final day, I’ll be happy.
  4. Is there any chance of lightning striking at the Gabba this evening?
  5. Collingwood fans calling for Harvey to be sacked.
  6. I’ve been pouring over the weather reports in five different states to determine which of this weekend’s games is likely to be affected by adverse weather. Saturday night’s game at the Gabba is the most likely and my assessment is that Collingwood will take the money against Brisbane after an adjournment of half an hour due to tropical rainfall accompanied by hurricane force winds and a thunderstorm.
  7. Geez, I'm stoked. Just landed at Coolangatta Airport and some nice bloke sold me his 5 tickets to today's game for my entire family and even gave me a 10% discount.
  8. “This is a historic and proud day for the Collingwood Football Club.”
  9. It’s been rumoured that after Melbourne had a long, hard look at Declase over the preseason, its recruiting people wanted to make sure that he had the strength and fitness base to make it at AFL level. So he went back to Werribee, worked hard and ... as a result, at the Midseason Draft, the Demons selected Fitter and Turner!
  10. Meanwhile, what about the fans who travelled from the other side of Melbourne to see the game that never took place?
  11. Buddy should have been charged for staging.
  12. After this, Eddie must resign immediately!!!
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