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  1. Nah not with guns like that. Tomlinson for certain.
  2. Can only hope the top 5 pick we wanted for Jackson this year will be delivered next year to correct the imbalance of this trade.
  3. Can we also run a market to see if he says “good as gold” at the end of the interview?
  4. A simple one: Was the club disappointed with the draft capital we got in return from Fremantle for Jackson? Were we expecting better and if so what was the ‘worth’ we had in mind.
  5. He looks to be in pain! Can’t you take a better screenshot than that? 😂
  6. Also just realised that there’s no AFL game in Perf for round 1. Both teams in Victoria! The local radio talkback stations are going to blow up over this. 😂
  7. I would’ve rather played the Lions first up. Any venue.
  8. Fremantle supporters aren’t as mentally disturbed as Eagles supporters but by gosh, the pressure on Jackson to perform given we have their first two picks next year will be immense. If Freo fail, Jackson will enemy No.1 for the purple twits.
  9. Awesome. Initial thought that comes to mind reading that is Peter Helleir and Waleed Ali ‘The Project’ approach. I have no idea really why - just sprung to mind.
  10. Surprised Liam Stocker didn’t get rookied. Maybe something more to it than just footy IQ?
  11. Dev Robertson will be annoyed with the addition of Dunkley and Ashcroft. A WA boy he’d be a walk-up-start in the Eagles midfield right now.
  12. I’m not a Melbourne resident but by looking at the map the easy solution would be to fill in the Albert park lake or bulldoze the golf course and build there. That’s essentially what happened to Burswood resort precinct when Perth Stadium went up. Give the GP back to Radelaide. Problem solved. You’re welcome.
  13. I didn’t really hold an opinion prior to him becoming a Demon. Now it’s unequivocal YES. 😂
  14. Picture in today’s Western rag. ❤️💙💪
  15. Oh ffs. A harmless play on a name rhyming. If this is the crux of his account content being deleted I’ll bare my bum in Myers. One day we’ll all be banned from speaking.
  16. Cook was a Barry Prendergast brain fart. I can’t see how this could be any comparison whatsoever. Watts was a gifted footballer that unfortunately did lack physicality and strength in contest. Goodwin quite rightly marched him out the door. I would be absolutely gobsmacked that we would invest in Jefferson where ‘contest’ is our number 1 philosophy and didn’t think he’s got the mental attributes.
  17. Looks agile and has a leap. A few less centimetres shorter than the King twins but he’s hardly a shortarse. Best wishes young fella.
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