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  1. Mate, I have not read further past your OP. You have absolutely ****canned this bloke over the years but now this! I’m having a bit of crack here bro because I’d like to read your reasoning for this considerable about-face.
  2. Confirmed that he was spoken to about not playing selfless team first footy. Did say that the last incident (think it was where he handballed to Spargo) and it didn’t result in a goal was in fact the correct thing to do which Bayley was praised for.
  3. So a quick round up of last Friday mornings Brekky. Jackson will go in my opinion. Goodwin stated “Fremantle will pay a lot for Jacko.” Wasn’t a definite he’s going but I can’t recall Goodwin saying ‘if’. spoke glowingly about the group when Karl Langdon who was MC asked about. Goodwin spoke about the conversations he has with certain players. The below is paraphrased but accurate. Petracca - he has a father son relationship with where CP needs varying levels of feedback at times to suit his personality. Gus needs cuddles. Viney just wants to be hit between the eyes with any feedback regardless of praise or criticism. Max - “you just can’t have a sensible conversation with Max”. 😂 His first slide of his 2021 pre season ppt presentation was “Grand Final Day, how are we going to play” He wouldn’t disclose what this years is but reading between the lines I think it aligns to the ‘dynasty’ chain of thought and what the team can sustain and achieve if they stay together. Hes really happy with the development of the young blokes and mentioned that they could all play in the team atm if injuries dictated it. Bluntly admitted his relationship with Bartlett was poor. Addressed Fritsch over the last couple weeks incidents. Lots of other things reviewed that we’ve already seen in the media such as his own revival and his mentors etc that he connected with. But the thing that made me the most pleased was his utmost confidence that the team issues had been addressed and that we would see that tonight (Friday). Also picked myself up a WEG framed premiership poster signed by Goody for $225 in the auction.
  4. Quite simply I think it’s time to blood JVR who has gathered some real consistency in the twos and might even provide more headaches than BBB given his ground level ability. ANB might need a spell as well so is it time to give Chin a full game? in: JVR, Chandler/Laurie Out: Weideman, ANB
  5. I was at just below ground level which was a rather weird viewing point and the first time I’ve been at that level - usually watching from above. But watching at ground level and with the contest only 2 metres away, to hear not only Viney and Petracca and co’ in those whack and smack duels along with Jordan and many more Everyone was just cracking in hard and it was superb to watch and the different perspective was pretty neat for a change.
  6. Where are my Demonlanders at? I owe you some beers. @Ethan Tremblay @McStaff Hey Andy @Demonland Shoulda told me you were in town. I was in a ground level suite just beside the Dee’s bench dining on beef cheeks, roasted pumpkin and puréed spuds whilst demolishing a good ~12 single fin stubbies. just got home and having dessert. 🍃 ❤️💙😂💪
  7. Atmosphere is great here at Optus right now.
  8. Weather is turning absolutely feral here in Perf.
  9. If you’ve travelled that far why the [censored] hell didn’t you just travel straight to Perth bro? I’ve got beds, guests, entertainment and just plain weird [censored] going on. sing out if any questions.
  10. You have spelt all of these guys names incorrectly. shame on you! Jack Trengrove would be furious!!
  11. 🤘this emoji has already been taken Goody.
  12. I’m just gonna go with wtf I want him to do. next Flag bagged
  13. So looks like this has gathered a fair crowd so far. For those WA ‘landers, I’ll be there and you won’t know me. What would you ask Goodwin if you have the chance? Anyone wherever can pose a question. What might it be?
  14. Thanks, just managed to dig it up online.
  15. The most pathetic umpiring display recorded for fu*king ever.
  16. How boring. Like clockwork, you run out the defend Weideman diatribe at every opportunity. You are no better than the other commentary your crusade against. I hope Sam has a great game because my faith in Brown is almost comparatively low.
  17. I think we’re in for a touch up today. Power by 38.
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