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  1. Listening to Gil on AFL 360 the other night saying the league does whatever it wants is enough for me. Arrogant [censored] of a man. ed: and I’d also like to raise the fact that this site is caving into censorship ridiculousness. How the hell can fl_og be censored? Please provide a vocabulary for me. Fair dinkum. Loosen the [censored] up.
  2. I knew it was a terrible mistake letting go of Mitch Brown.
  3. Very very poor game by Berry.
  4. Daniher for Norm??? 😬😬😬
  5. Even letting the Daicos boys kick it OOTF.
  6. Nicky is allowed to suck without infringing.
  7. No way Murphy isn’t concussed.
  8. Pies by 24 First goal - Zac Bailey Norm - Pendles
  9. Quite the dichotomy this… Head injuries are generally bad, concussions end careers and affect the long term quality of life of some players. However, on this occasion, it would be cathartic to see that bozo knocked the [censored] out in the first quarter - if not the first five minutes.
  10. Hahaha. Chris Scott having a whinge about the AFL draft concessions and manipulation. Was more than happy to accept Jack Bowes and pick 7 from their little toy project club GCS last year. Don’t speak with your mouth is full, Chris.
  11. No worries mate. If you’d like to private message me your bank account details including your pin code that would be wonderful. I’ll deposit funds. Thanks rgds MqClown
  12. To be fair, you’ve essentially only listed 3 players in your list being Harmes, Laurie and Brown given the others have retired or want to go elsewhere. So who are the other 5?
  13. It’s a little ambiguous the article. No caveats on the picks (but the 2024 picks will be under review from the AFL) post 2024 season based on finishing position? What have I missed here or has the report missed context?
  14. Up to 8 changes? Known out the door for unknown?
  15. Should the replacement come from within and be Chaplin? Surely the next step for him would be a Senior Assistant role?
  16. McStay leaving the Lions for the Pies, blows up his quad in the Preliminary, potentially missing the GF against his old club. Karma bus at work.
  17. Grigg for me. Tiges Cats Dees a fair onboarding.
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