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  1. If you’ve travelled that far why the [censored] hell didn’t you just travel straight to Perth bro? I’ve got beds, guests, entertainment and just plain weird [censored] going on. sing out if any questions.
  2. You have spelt all of these guys names incorrectly. shame on you! Jack Trengrove would be furious!!
  3. this emoji has already been taken Goody.
  4. I’m just gonna go with wtf I want him to do. next Flag bagged
  5. So looks like this has gathered a fair crowd so far. For those WA ‘landers, I’ll be there and you won’t know me. What would you ask Goodwin if you have the chance? Anyone wherever can pose a question. What might it be?
  6. Thanks, just managed to dig it up online.
  7. The most pathetic umpiring display recorded for fu*king ever.
  8. How boring. Like clockwork, you run out the defend Weideman diatribe at every opportunity. You are no better than the other commentary your crusade against. I hope Sam has a great game because my faith in Brown is almost comparatively low.
  9. I think we’re in for a touch up today. Power by 38.
  10. Looking for a market to bet on Melksham getting <5 touches and 1 tackle. Too short.
  11. I laughed when Noble gave praise to Armarfio but appeared to make sure he sounded choked as he got it out of his mouth.
  12. Flogged by the super seniors!!
  13. That development end has worse lights than the Piiron Yallock cricket ground.
  14. I’m feeling pretty confident that the whole team will play out of their skins tonight and meet Geelongs ferocity with some Demon brutality. Us by 15 points.
  15. Neeldy should make a call to Noble and tell him to prep.
  16. In: how to kick to forwards and better forward line movement Out:High and long bombs into the hot spot.
  17. I love our ferocious and tough midfield.
  18. Fizzing Fritta had destroyed my multi on this game. Hardly a way to celebrate 100 games.
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