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  1. I feel pretty ordinary admitting that I’m hoping the Pies win this such is the level of my disdain with Geelong and Chris Scott.
  2. Just have to play women-on-women for that Adelaide goal kicker. She’s the key. Take her out.
  3. Harry was mature enough to leave it on the field. I trust our boys will take it back up with Zorko when we next meet on the field.
  4. What a half of footy!!! Unbelievable.
  5. Surely the board and CEO can’t remain Teflon coated and unscathed. The whole club needs a fresh start.
  6. Don’t change mate. We all support our club but still have varying opinions. Nothing wrong with that. ❤️💙💪
  7. It was only a couple of years ago that you thought Viney was an absolute crab and shouldn’t play. it’s okay to rip into players when they’re playing like 💩 but fail to acknowledge that you’re wrong when they become a serious player.
  8. I thought we did. I can’t even have enough LSD to create a picture of how the game plan would in any way benefit the skills our forwards have - it’s being wasted. I cringe when we go inside 50, 40 or even 30. It’s just plain dysfunctional and very fugly. Got some work in front of ourselves.
  9. Don’t expect a response any time soon Nashy. Called @dazzledavey36 out last week and have been ear-bashed by crickets since. 🤣 c’mon Dazz…. You know I’m not having a crack but rather curiosity about how you answer this. Viney should’ve been traded a few years ago though hey?
  10. We are so lucky to have Jack Viney in this team. The bloke is a beast that scares the absolute s**t out of the opposition. ❤️💙🥰
  11. Far out Brussel sprout! ❤️💙💪
  12. We just aren’t quite there this year. Fishing rods here I come.
  13. I can also confirm that information as I was driving the furniture removal truck. I cannot disclose the contents of the truck because Luke made me sign an NDA.
  14. I know for a fact that WCE are heavily into Naughton to replace Kennedy.
  15. Just because ‘at this rate’ we won’t make top 4 doesn’t mean we still can’t win it. Lots of work to do but I still reckon we’ve got the team to do it! 💪👍
  16. Can we trade Mason Cox for Ben Brown? Brown is in horrible touch
  17. 12 beers and a couple of spliffs helps mate.
  18. If we could fix our forward half game we’d be unstoppable! Just so much wasted effort for such a poor return. Work it out Footy Department!!
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