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  1. Did we not play him on the wing early days? I thought the knock was ‘too slow’ back then so I’m assuming any HHF role would negate any requirement to steam back and defend when needed - endurance aside.
  2. I’ll feel left out otherwise.
  3. Well I’m totally sure you struggle with having a sense of humour.
  4. They’re having punch ups at Essendon. That’s intense. Culture going to a new level there. 😂
  5. Thanks for that. Being over from Perth, if a drive out Casey results in no access I’ll be [censored] [censored] off!
  6. I emailed the club today and they stated in their response that Wednesday was the only ‘open’ session next week. From this vague communication, I will assume that both Monday and Friday will be at Casey and are classified as ‘closed’ sessions. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. How many pints did you manage afterwards mate? Sounds like an exhausting morning.
  8. Once they find out who I am I’m sure the club will pull out all stops to provide me with every detail and a cheese platter for my visit.
  9. Hmm… I was planning on hitting Gosch’s next Monday thinking that Casey was a Friday training. Where do I find the most accurate source of information apart from calling the club?
  10. I arrived in Vic yesterday and here until 24th. Hope to get to Melbs for a look before returning home. 🔴🔵 Appreciate any insights from todays attendees. 💪
  11. This thread will become another self-fulfilling prophecy just like the Jackson one. If I was admin, I would put it in the [censored] bin right now.
  12. 1: Dangerfield retires due to his guernsey not pulling over his head. 2: North have a worse year under Clarkson than Noble. (If that’s even possible) 3: Fremantle finish 19th.
  13. On average you drink and drive ~70 times before you’re caught.
  14. Clearly another flag is a given so let’s try to avoid the flaming obvious. Mine: 1) JVR to announce himself as an upcoming power forward. 2) Inside 50 function to he overhauled In considerable change to that phase of our game. 3) Gawn and Grundy take the dual All Australian team spots after an epic season of dominance.
  15. “Clarry Undergoes Surgery on Thumb” “Repaired thumb will be good to reattach in two days.”
  16. After reading todays training reports I’ve booked the whole of September 2023 off. 🔴🔵💥🔥
  17. You’ve made a few comments on Schache that read as you have some intel or a connection? Can you share anything else? Cheers
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